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Paul R  (11 September 2007)        10/10

Only really ate there for lunch but i will give it top marks especially for Irvin, true legend & what a nutter where he gets his energy from I dont know, we ate there on several occasions especially as we were staying at the Canadian (next door!!) Cheers Irvin!!!!

Andy   (03 June 2006)         

Just got back from 2 weeks in Laganas, and after one night eating here, we couldnt go away, Dmitri and the other chap are excellent hosts, the food is lush and very very reasonably priced.

Tracey G  (26 September 2005)         

Discovered this place 8 years ago on our first visit to the Island and fell in love with the pancakes and maple syrup and the ham and pineapple pizzas!!!!!!! - No one does a Hawian pizza like Dennis :-)
This is a brilliant restaurant with great food and it is excellent value for money, the staff are wonderful and the family that own and run the place are the best.
See you all in 2006 - get that pizza ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate G  (19 September 2005)         

When they say best breakfasts in laganas they mean it! There are so many different options to choose from. we came here a few mornings on our holiday even tho we were bed and breakfast. The waiters are very friendly. Definitely recommended.

Rachel   (07 August 2005)         

awww we loved mary's place went there 23rd july 4 two weeks only been back afew days. Leo, Leonardo + Kereece (Probably spelt that wrong) were amazing!! Gringo!! We came with my brother and 2 of his mates my mate sarah and MAMMY as you would know her!Food amazing, People amazing, I miss it so much I'm coming back end of august hopefully with a different mate x x x

Jade H  (03 June 2005)         

hey eveyone!!! marys place is da best place to go 4 ya breakfast after an al night session!! all da staff are great!!! especially leo who always says hiiiiiiiiyyyyyaaaaa!!!! and leonardo wo lovely to always made na effort to chat 2 us!!! misss ya ladz cya sn!!!! lv jade!!!

Rhea A  (27 October 2004)         

oh my god we love marys place! we went 2 zante at the end of august n i went last year aswell we love it here! ervin is our little babe!cnt w8 2 go back n the food we ate had was klass. we love all the boys that work there and in the canadian.cant wait 2 c u all soon luv u all loads!!!xx

Peter F  (08 October 2004)         

99% GB-custumers especially during football on tv
anyway -food, price and service (funny) very well
at last we like the "britts" LAGANAS would be a death town
without them

Mel H (04 October 2004)

Can some plz tell me if a gud lookin chap still works ' marys place he wos about 18-19 nd really gud lookin can some plz tell me nd i wil love them 4eva ( in a jokey way ) thank u

Donna   (01 August 2004)         

i went to marys place every morning and evening, what a welcoming from the staff, very fast and friendly service, excellent food and ervin was a total gem with a great sense of humour. u really felt at home.

Kelly   (14 May 2004)         

Had breakfast here most mornings really friendly staff and excellent food.

Desire   (21 March 2004)         

Great place to be, best coffee and aussie burger on the Eiland.
Greatings to Denis and his family, and see you the end of may

Laura   (09 March 2004)         

We came here for breakfast nearly every morning. The waiter made the place! He was hilarious and definitely woke me up first thing in the morning!

London G  (27 August 2003)         

Cheers boss, cheers ma man, cheers uh! Abramovich and yakup is a legend! Quality movies and food, especially chicken fillet and the pies with the bad boy gravy! Two ice cubes stirred anti clockwise!

Marie C  (08 January 2003)         

We came here for our evening meal nearly every night on our two week honeymoon, the food was excellent, the waiters were very welcoming and became very good friends of ours by the end of the holiday. I would definately recommend a visit here for breakfast if anything else.

Clive B  (02 September 2002)         

This Place made us very welcolm, the food was fast, very hot (great pizza) great prices. Also showing DVD's of currant cinama films we could not fault it

Alex & Chez  (15 August 2002)         

We rolled into Mary's Place every morning before we went to bed, after a hectic night at Ghetto, breakfast was great for hangovers and a very reasonable price. We visited the morning of my birthday and they even put a sparkler in my sausage (yes because i am grown up now). the youngest waiter had a lovely smile! thanks all for making us feel welcome, see you in June. Chez & Alex

Nicky S  (03 July 2002)         

Really good breakfast

Pippa B  (18 October 2001)         

Definitley the best breakfast we had. Not greasy at all like all the others

Maria J  (29 September 2001)         

The full english breakfast was good. Burger and chips were good. I had a spagetti bolognese for dinner one night and it was MANKY it did not taste like spagetti bolognese it had a funny taste and luckily I only ate a little bit but that was enough to give me an upset stomache and I felt very sick all night. We also found eyelashes in the food a couple of times. One other comment (maybe this is a bit mean) one of the girls serving us was very very spotty and a Bit Juicy White Head on her chin just puts you off your food.

Muffycat   (27 June 2001)         

Best english breakfast in Lagana. Sets you up for a day on the beach.

Paul M  (15 June 2001)         

We used Mary's most days for a decent breakfast. I can't really fault it. Very clean, and the people there are very friendly. For a change from the local food we tried it one evening, and had a great pie chips and mushy peas ( just like being at home).

Steve F  (08 June 2001)         


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