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Carol W (07 January 2013)

Spoke to a friend of Lambros in August.  He has not visited Kalamaki for 2 years and is living in Athens. I think it is something to do with the general situation in Greece.

Sharon E  (21 November 2012)        10/10

Hi, does anyone have any news of Lambros?

Would love to get in touch with him.

Eveline M  (26 May 2008)        10/10

 spoke to lambros today (26th may ) he is back in kalamaki working in the panorama we are going there on 12th june and are looking forward to seeing him there

Sharon E  (26 August 2007)        10/10

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Oh I do hope Lambros does open a new bar in Kalamaki, it won't be the same there without him and his shot's!!!         

Danny M  (18 July 2007)        10/10

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We met Lambros in the Panorama and he's hoping to open a new bar, possibly next year. Let's hope so. Being mine host suits him better than working in the Panorama.

Eveline M  (22 June 2007)        10/10

came back from kalamaki yesterday 21st june lambros arrived in kalamaki on 20th june and is now working at panorama he expects to be there until end of sept then he will be back in athens .he sends his best wishes to all his friends

Lynne H  (17 June 2007)        10/10

In Zante for 1 week and really missed Lambro, Panorama was not opened so couldn,t visit him.  Just read on the message board he will not be there this season. Still in Athens

Nicola B (02 June 2007)

Just got back from Zante, really upset not to see Lambros but went to the Panarama restaurante and he wasn't there. We asked the waiter and he didn't seem to know who we where even talking about let alone if he was going to be working there??. Hope Lambros is ok and all goes to plan for him. Must say are Holiday wasnt the same without him.

Brian A (10 May 2007)

 Lambros has closed the Savoy  He can now be found at Panorama opposite the taxi rank     He hopes all his friends will come and see him there (from the end of May)

Danny M (21 February 2007)

Really sorry to hear about Lambros. If anybody knows of his whereabouts this summer will they please post it here.

It'll be good to see him wherever he is.

Jayne S  (04 January 2007)         

  Sad to hear about Lambros.  Spoke to Philip and Janice over the Christmas and they too had received a phone call from Lambros saying that he was not going to be at the Savoy this season but hoped to be in Kalamaki either at another bar or working for someone.  Kalamaki will not be the same. 

Message to Brian  Lemmon:  Babes are surely excellent when I'm there aren't they??  Ha Ha! Careful with your reply too Brian, especially with a surname like that!!  Geordie Jayne here in case you're mind's not in gear!!  

Teri-ann W  (13 September 2006)         

  Lambros is the perfect gentleman, and host that Zante has. I have been to Zante - Kalamaki ,many a time. And am going back on 11th October 2006. And i cant wait to see him, and show him my photo's of my two beautiful son's. and His friend Ashlee's son's also.

If you do go to Kalamaki, i highly recommend that you try, The Savoy bar, because you will remember lambros Tois, months after you arrive home. He's Gr8!!!!!
See you soon Lambros.
Lot's of Love
(Terry, June, Terri-ann, Keely & Ashlee)

Susan G  (17 August 2006)         

What a brilliant bar run by a brilliant man,the one and only Lambros.From the moment you enter he treats you like one of the family,not a customer,no wonder so many people return year after year.

Not the poshest bar in Kalamaki but if you are just after a relaxed drink and a chat,with Greek lessons thrown in it's the place to be.
And if you are staying at The Cavo Doro it's not far to wobble back across the road 
Will definitely return,if only to see if Lambros's" Rolls Royce" is still on the road!!!!!

Danny M  (13 July 2006)         

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Kalispera Lambros. I hope you've received our photograph by now, and I hope my little bit of Greek made sense to you.

Still the best bar in town with the friendliest host. See you soon.

Lawrence &  (17 February 2006)         

What a great place and Lambros is a perfect gentleman. When you go in to this bar, Lambros welcomes you like one of his family, and he teaches very good Greek.  Cant wait to see him again this year, third year in a row for us.
See you in June Lambros, Yamas!!!!
Lawrence (Olivier of Arabia) and Shirley (Valentine)

Danny M  (14 October 2005)         

click to enlargeKalispera Lambro, or is it Kalimera. We had a great time at the Savoy, again, and thanks very much for the lifts back to the Hotel. Particularly the night it was raining so heavy. Here's a picture for you to remember us by. See you in June.  Danny and Barbara McAlinden

Bradley G  (10 September 2005)         

Yasu Everyone! Savoy is great! Well worth a visit. Its a great chill out place, with a tremendous owner - Lambros. Yasu and Yammas Lambros. Thanks a bunch for befriending me and my mum this year down at good old savoy...we'll be back next year hopefully, and mayhaps this time we can see some turtles! Keep the good work going mate...yasu - Brad

Steven L  (07 September 2005)         

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We have visited Lambros for many years (even before he had this bar) and everytime he welcomes us and anybody else as a member of his own family. He is a genuine Greek who will help you out with anyhting you ask him to. Nothing is too much trouble for him. This place is a nice bar to chill out at before or after your evening meal. Well worth a visit!  Well done Lambros Zois, keep up the good work and see you in May next year!

Terri-ann W  (10 July 2005)         

Me and my family have been to Zante every year, since 1996. And we always end up spending all our time at Lamros Tios bar, he is a very close family friend. We always get christmas cards off him, and he always recieve's one off us. I'll be back out there next year. Lambros everybody wants to say hello, Terry, June, Terri-ann, Keely and your favourite little friend Ashlee. The three girls all have babie's now, Keely's got a boy Jordan, Terri-ann has a boy who was born 8 weeks ago, his name's John-Terry, and your little Ashlee has a baby too, his name is Alex. Terry's back out there in september.
Hope your well Lambros, see you soon.
Terri-ann x x

Sharon E  (01 July 2005)         

All I have to say is, this man is an absolute LEGEND!!!!

Love him, the bar and Zakynthos more and more with each visit. 

Rod S  (15 June 2005)         

For those yet to visit this year, don't fear, the MAN is back! A great fortnight with Lambros, pity it is all over now...

Rod Stewart and Cindy Crawford!

Barry W  (30 April 2005)         

So Glad to hear the best  Greek bar manager  is going to be there this year again.  We look forward to business as usual then for the best holidays you could have.  You won't regret a night spent in this bar.  Hoping to see all our friends and aquaintances (and make new ones) on June 19th.  Can't wait.

Well we are all excellent babes & hunks.  We think so!
Barry & Caroline Wilcock  (Barry White according to Lambro).

Danny M  (23 April 2005)         

Will be back to see Lambro in September. Alan and June, thanks for the Xmas card. We lost your address and couldn't send one back. Enjoy Zante again. Yammas.

June & Alan  (18 April 2005)         

Pleased to hear Lambros is back in Kalamaki for 2005 season we are looking forward to meeting him and all his friends again.

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