Restaurants in Laganas

Olala B  (09 November 2005)         

hi to all. at estia i had the best meal ever . been there about 10 times and always was geat ,specialy the steak was huge . wish a good winter to all.

Jayne S  (29 June 2004)         

Certainly different menu to other restaurants. The food actually came served in a different fashion too.

Overall the food was okay, but could have had another helping and the prices were slightly more than other places.

Ian A  (25 May 2004)         

The only restaurant in Laganas with waiters who couldnt care less, what a lazy bunch. Better to give your Euros to people who are prepared to work hard.

All the courses on the over-priced menu have names linked to juvenile lavatory humour which was pretty pathetic.

Would you like to eat "Napoleon's Dick" for dessert? Nuff said.

Elsa N  (21 May 2003)         

The best Restaurant that i have ever been.The service it was excellent.See you again Antonis

Charalambos R  (19 May 2003)         

It was a great Mousaka

Matt N  (26 September 2002)         

Food was pretty good, but we were left hanging around quite a bit waiting for the waiter to notice us. The Estia is also the most expensive place we've eaten so far this week.

Gillian B  (24 July 2002)         

Looked like a really nice restaurant but we were very disappointed with it. Service was extremely slow - pizza's were horrible, i found a hair in mine. They should take a leaf out of La Bella Napoli's book.

Chris G  (14 June 2002)         

The food was ok, however the chicken on the special board was very dry.

Michael   (08 October 2001)         

I had the lamb kleftico which was very nice but there didn't seem to be aloyt of it, my girlfriend had the stuffed burgers as recommended earlier and the were absoutly fantastic. Its not as good value as some of the other resturants but well worth the visit especially if something on the specials board takes your fancy as specials usually have a good discount.

Stuart T  (15 September 2001)         

Best meal of the holiday !!!.

Chris M  (20 July 2001)         

Great service from the staff. We ate here very often because it is the best Greek restaurant in Laganas. Food is delicous, especially the stuffed burgers, kebabs, steak and bolognese. Very good prices too.

Lindsey   (14 July 2001)         

Definitely one of the better restaurants in Laganas. If you order a steak they ask how you want it cooked and most other places don't bother to ask.

Matt B  (16 June 2001)         

The food is really nice here. Well worth a visit and the price is really good!

Byrony F  (04 March 2001)         

We ate out here a lot of the time - u have to try the burger that has cheese and bacon in it, it is sooooo yummy!

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