Zakantha Hotel - (Accommodation in Argassi)

Nigel C           

Spent 2 weeks early June here. Loved it. On the quiet end of Argassi. Walking distance from everything. Rooms cleaned daily. Our room had safe & fridge (cost extra 78 euro for both for 2 weeks). We had room over entrance - could see Zante town from balcony. Had great time. Spiridoula (evening receptionist) was very friendly and sent us to a good family taverna (Granada) other end of town. Will definitely go again.

Granada - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Nigel C           

We were sent here by Spiridoula at Zakantha Beach Hotel. Walked to the other end of Argassi to get here. Our favourite place in Argassi (we spent 2 weeks there and ate at 10 different places). Food is the best. Entertainment is better than the "professional" stuff we saw in Athens. Went there 3 times for Greek night and Music nights. You've got to go there. It's past the end of town, just past the "Green Frog" - opposite end from Zante town.

Island Tour by Coach - (Zante Excursions)

Nigel C           

Booked this through Smile tours in Argassi. Guide was Kostas - he was great. We stopped at a roadside "shop" for home made wine & honey. Warning - this place was very expensive for other goods (lace/mats). Save your money and buy in Volimes instead. We paid 3.50 for a turtle mat there instead of 6 at the roadside shop. There is a lot to cram in but do as we did, have a day to chill between each trip. This trip is well worth the money.

Airtours (MyTravel) - (Tour Operators in Zante)

Nigel C  (10 July 2004)         

Where was our rep? We went to Argassi for 2 weeks early June. Were dumped at the roadside by the coach rep and told to check the board in the hotel to see when our welcome meeting was. At the other hotels, she went in with the guests.
To cut a very long story short, we never saw or heard from Airtours for the whole 2 weeks. There was a rep around as a notice went on the board to go to another hotel but there was no rep there either. We're supposed to be "guaranteed" a welcome meeting as part of our holiday package (what we paid for) but never heard a thing.
Disgusted with Airtours service - we had to ask reps from other operators about locations of cash machines, etc.

Zante Town - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Nigel C           

We were staying in Argassi and got the "train" for 4 return. It runs on the road and leaves Argassi at 10:30 - returns at 2pm. Also runs at 2:30 - 6pm and 6:30 - 9:45pm. We got the morning "train" (I called it the choo-choo) so that we then had the afternoon/evening to chill out. Zante town doesn't have much to shout about shop-wise. We went for a walk up the hill to the old venetian castle (was closed so we sat at a taverna overlooking the town - was beautiful there).

Argassi Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Nigel C           

We went for 2 weeks early June. Loved every minute of it. Stayed at the Zakantha Beach with it's own bit of beach (probably the only decent stretch of beach there). Ate out at different places most nights. Had to fight off the people trying to entice you into their restaurants every night but a simple "not tonight" seemed to work ok. You've got to try "Granada" out the end of town (opposite end to zante town). It's a family run taverna with great food and entertainment (music on Sat/Tue, greek night on Thursdays). For a trip into zante town, catch the "choo-choo" (road train) for 4 return. Much more entertaining than a bus or taxi. We're definitely coming back some time soon.

Weekend trip to Athens by coach - (Zante Excursions)

Nigel C           

We also booked this with local agent (Smile) for 89. As for the trip - the ferry tickets showed 5 each way, there's a 5 hour trip on the coach with 2 stops at places similar to motorway services (would you get any better in England?) - the views of the mountains are great from here. There's a stop at the Corinth canal (walk over it).
We got to Athens at about 3pm. Fortunately, we were at the Athens Gate Hotel sandwiched between the Temple of Zeus and the Acropolis (much more comfort than the Candia and closer to the Acropolis too).
We had until 6:30 before we were going into old Athens so we walked across the road (taking our lives in our hands) to the Temple of Zeus - it was amazing. Went into Athens with Kostas on the evening and paid an extra 26 for a meal/wine and music/dancing on stage.
Up early next morning for trip to Acropolis. Our guide took us up to the top and gave us a long history speech then left us to do our own stuff for 30 minutes or so. We walked around, went to the museum and walked around again.
Then it was back on the coach for the return journey. Stopped at the entrance to the Corinth Canal for lunch. Then stopped again at Patras for a break. Got back to Zakynthos at about 7pm.
If you do this trip, make sure you leave the following day free as you'll need a rest.
We will be going back to Athens but maybe not this excursion. We got engaged on the Acropolis so will want to spend a bit more time there next time.
Well worth a visit though. It's a lifetime event going to Athens. I don't know many people who've been but know lots who'd love to go.