Bars in Laganas

Bob M (14 November 2014)

i was there in august 2002 and s**gged 8 birds

Gareth E  (23 June 2003)         

its the best place to go its now the balck n white night club and its the best thing on the island if u dont belive me go n c

Phillippa L  (04 December 2002)         

Carwash was ok but it depended what night you went on and what event was on. They had some pretty good garage acts on while we were there but i only went there once. I wouldn't really recommend people to go there. Its not that near to the town and if your hammered (which you usually are!) its a bit of a mission. Its best to stay on the strip and go to Zero's, Rescues, Cherry Bay, Bad Boys etc, you will have a much better night!!!!!

Vikki W  (25 November 2002)         

Went there on a Thursday night in July and it was cack. It was a foam party and we were all dressed up in our school uniforms (it was a school disco type thing) and we were really up for a laugh. It was half empty all night, upstairs was closed, the foam choked everyone and people were coughing and spluttering all over the place and the drinks were expensive. Really below average. Only good thing was that we were staying at the Olympia which was just across the road and down a bit from it so we could get wrecked and walk the two minutes home. Music was bad, foam was bad and there was no talent there.

Paula (04 November 2002)

Was anyone in Zante from 4/8/02 up until 18/8/02 and did you meet up with a lad during this time called Paul, I think he would have been staying at the Savvas apartments, if anyone knows who I mean please reply.

I C  (24 October 2002)         

What a joke man ! Carwash in Zante what a waste of space , time , money and effort it is a blatant joke !!!! I worked out in zante all last year and this year and i aint being funny but why they brought car wash to zante is beyond me mate . dont go there ! its sh**e !!!!1 cheers for the free tickets to so solid crew though george xxx

Toni C  (14 October 2002)         

Belevie us is was and still is that bad. Like i said it needs a lot of work to make it anything. Unless some reps get something organised next year ill be amazed if it last another season.

Kate (23 September 2002)

Where abouts is Carwash? Is it on the corner on a road that leads down to the beach and Supermarket Fanari (very geographical I know)? ... On the Kalamaki Road? Just coz I'm sure there was a bar opening there in June when I was there but it opened on my last night I think? Used to be a car/bike hire place? Might have to pay a visit there, everyone seems to say its in the middle of nowhere, but is that becasue you have to walk a little way out of the main strip?!! I'm sure its not that bad!!

Natalie C  (17 September 2002)         

Basically follow the majority of comments here - it was dreadful n in the middle of no where - if people ask u to buy a ticket dfo yourself a favour n say no!!!! ... n save yaself 15

Toni C  (15 September 2002)         

Nightmare place...too far away from anywhere and when we went only 6 other people in there. If this place wants to survive then its gotta do a lot of hard work to get a name. It needs cheap drinks good music and a bus from laganus town and other resorts to even try and be something. The actual place looks ok once ya inside but lack of people really dont help. It put on a couple of "theme" nights ie school disco and foanm party but gotta say it was CLOSED on the Saturday night so it must say something.....

Emma M  (09 September 2002)         

it was the worst place i've ever been , full of f**king idiots, all ten of them

Donna R  (06 September 2002)         

This place is awful!!! We paid 15 euros for tickets, and when we got there. there was about 10 - 15 people there!! The drinks were really expensive, and the music was crap!! There was meant to be a free bus to take us there as its quite a walk from the main strip, but the bus never showed up!!! STAY AWAY!!!!

Ross A  (06 September 2002)         

Expensive! A very long walk from anywhere! Crap! Foam was only redeeming factor! Watch out for barman shooting you with a water pistol!

Claire D  (20 August 2002)         

ABSOLUTELY CRAP!!! Thats all i have to say about this place ......... oh and my advice.......... STAY AWAY!!!

Kieron D  (20 August 2002)         

the foam party was tone of my first nights and i was gagging for it, unfortuntly for a crowd that goes to a foam they were the tightest f**king birds. wore to much clothing and were either in couples or scared s**tless virgins. one of the workers though gazza was quite funny, gets it gagging though.

Sean   (19 August 2002)         

foam party was quite good. also a worker there called gazza is a LEGEND.

Allan H  (07 August 2002)         


Pauline S  (29 July 2002)         

Brand new in Laganas, open June 2002 !! Wicked place to go, R&B nights with Top DJ's, Foam Parties, Dj's from Cream and Miss Moneypennys. Open very late every night of the week!!!! Dont go to Laganas without a trip to Carwash, Outside Bar, 3 inside Bars and A Chill Out zone too!!!!!!! the cool place to be in Laganas, Zakynthos

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