Bars in Laganas

Sally H  (31 May 2009)        9/10

Loved this place, great music and always busy.

Charlie D  (24 September 2006)         

christine....as in scottish chrissy? if so, hey babe!! its charlie, amy's room mate i worked at wild coyote. how r ya honey?? wen did u get home? u comin to the reunion? xxxx

Sophie W  (16 September 2006)         

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THE END BAR!!!! always a gd thing 2 have a bar 2 crawl into ryt at d end of tht nyt! n me n the girls wld stay ther alll nyt till they chucked us out!! RICH i gta sexy pic of u wif all of us girlies outside the end but sum random fellas jumped in!!oh well the more the merrier!

I know u rememba us...hard not too lol ill scan d pic n put it on ere soon but we were d girls wit "good girls go heaven bad girls go zante" on our tops rememba!! neways char sed shes erd frm u so all us girlies say HI!! eres a pic of all of us n a pic of me char n lauren on the bar in the end afta ud charmed us into comin in !
The end was wicked by the way and ryt near the taxi bay which helped cos us girls couldnt walk ome afta all our cocktails and dancin lol!!!!!
Lotsa love Sophie and the girls xxxx

Rose D  (22 August 2006)         

AHERM richard!

Are you home?

Tony M  (18 August 2006)         

Can someone please tell me the name of the pr for end, all i kno is she was 18 and blonde. Any replies would be v.helpful. x

Chrissy   (15 August 2006)         

Aww Craig n Rich were great.. they got us dancing on the bar in there every night.. lmao at the tea parties in the middle of the road and the bar.. people were lookin at us funny =p

Got a big bucket full of sex of the beach for like 20 (or 25click to enlarge) euros fclick to enlargeor 6 of us.. well good! <

Polly G  (10 August 2006)         

END!!!! u gotta love it! rich was a little angel to me this year, wen i fell off the bar and busted my ankle lol! thanx for carrying me to the taxi craig ur a sweetie! seriously if anyones headin out there ends the place to be! i miss zante so much cant wait to go back!!

lotsa love polly little miss princess!!!!

Rose D  (31 July 2006)         

Craig and Rich, miss you dudes! Still laughing after you told my mate Bad Boys fell in a hole and she believed you! Hysterical!

Great bar, open til 6 on weekdays, the only one that does, so get your asses in there for the after party!! Guaranteed to find at least one group of workers getting drunkard!
Be back out soon, miss you all.
Rose x
Ps Rich Ill only come in if you show us your willy!  Mwah x

Jessica R  (19 July 2006)         

Wahey! love your bar thought it was fab, maybe abit to much air con tho ! but loved it!! jess xxxx

Alex C  (15 July 2006)         

Rich....Unlucky mate....thought you were the king of  Turbo drinking.....then i came in....damn fast but i still beat you....you made up for it with the insane card tricks....still haven't figured out how you got the card in your mouth!!

The "essex champ"

Kirsty B  (15 July 2006)         

Prestige was well good, surprised my friend didnt get barred seen as tho she kept goin in the dj box and...broke a light on the bar! whoops! and im always the 1 whos drunk!! the dj that works from 3am onwards is nice, we wud go in every night n ask 4 shakira-hips don't lie (lurve that song!) and he told us he hadnt gt it bt 4 sum reason we still kept askin4 it, he told us2 take the cd 2 him n hed play it, so, on our last night (dressed as bunnies-i no, original!!)we took the cd, he played it n EVERY1 was dancin, hope hes brought the cd nw 4 nxt time we come! altho we'll prob b buggin him 4 anuva tune!

i gota apologise 4 the night i was VERY drunk n layin on the bar-sam gave me a lovely repeat of what i was like-classy!! loved the guys, sam n marios are wicked and very sexy! loved the ice!

Staci   (10 April 2006)         

hey rich its staci mad murphys have u got craigs number or email i said id drop him a "hello" n lost his number along with my fone in zante.... be good if the troublesum 2 wer to return to the litlle island ov zante!!! be good to see u both!!!hope ur ok email his details if u want zantestaci@hotmail.co.uk spk soon dude

love staci xxxx

Magical C  (10 April 2006)         

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ABRACADABRA!!!

DRINK DRINK DRINK DRINK sleeeeeeep Zzzzzzz!
The magic man is ready to party again baby!!! This winter's taken a lot outta me, reeeally need to lay on the beach for a few months and have some fun.  So the cards will be returning, wooohooo!
Me and Craig are catching a plane mid june i think, and the chances are we'll come to Zante, but I dunno!
Stevie, I've emailed you my number.
Sam.  Big hug my man, wanna crack my spine? Mate, gimme a ring, you live in enfield for god sake, i can drive to you in 5 mins.!

Les   (14 March 2006)         

Shorty, dont u just hate this? smilie Hahaha!!!

Emma P  (09 February 2006)         

Hate this place my boyfriend has a 6 - 7 inch scar on his back from gettin sliced in here.....not nice!!

Scrotum H  (10 January 2006)         

rock on 2005

Tel B  (07 January 2006)         

Sorry to say it guys but the Big Bad Banham isnt coming back now for the 3rd year workers magic :'(

Sorry guys! May come out for a holiday with Vik (yeah still toghther) :D
But hope this next season is as good as the last two I have wroked out their! Enjoy it guys :)
Getting a proper career now in Web design :P And moving to london and sorting my self out! But i bet another year I will be back on the summer workers scene!

Geoff S  (11 December 2005)         

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hello to sam and the lads who i worked with this year in prestige had a great summer this year will be returning 2006 to shake and make them cocktails, sorry to say i may not be a prestige this summer as iwant to move on to bigger things ie RESCUE OR MEDOUSA if possisble, you never know what will happen though, prestige was quite a fun place to work, always a litre of red vodka every nite always leave work stumbling.

Magical C  (05 December 2005)         

Allo peeeeeps!

Good to see you all on here again!  I won't be going back to zante this year, but I will definitely be on the islands working somewhere for the FIFTH year in a row wooohooo! :D
Have no idea where's gona be big yet, but wherever the sun is hot and the booze is flowing, you'll find me with a pack of cards and a biiiig cheesy grin! :D :D :D

Sam H  (02 December 2005)         

me n my mate came in ere nearly every nite for 2wks in july05 it was a laugh. got loadsa memeries from prestige this yr that i wont b able to forget, like doin stuff wiv ice cubes!! n it well lukd like that greek bar guy ad bout 2 pairs of socks shuvd down his pants cos his bulge lukd massive! prestige was well better last yr tho wen jimbo n jay workd ther  but still ad a mint time n il b bk agen in aug06 for 2wks for my 4th yr in a row to do it all ova agen. cant wait!!! i luv it !!!!

    sam from manchester xxxx     

Tel B  (01 December 2005)         

Ye I'm coming back.... But worried about getting job back at Prestige :S Me leaving him like I did last year ????


Wonder if Costa Da Bosta comes on here and checks :S

Kate   (01 December 2005)         

Wheres Josh????????????????? Cant believe he wasnt there this year!

Sam X  (24 November 2005)         

alrite every1, who's lookin forward to zante 06, whoever i know whos reading this, email me and tell me if your c*min back next year. tell,geoff,craig,rich,jack,sammi,dan,spence,ben,fernon,joe, dave!dave,bustaclut,matty,riccccccky!!!!!callum, and whoever else knows me,

much love sam

Tel B  (16 November 2005)         

alrite :d:d:d:d

sam you dickhead where were you at the reunion. rescues <- that way isnt it mate :s lol :d
reunion was s**t! dont care what anyone says it was cack! mmmmmmm am going back next year yo zante :s :p lol 3rd year, bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!
geoff you pedophile contact me and you sam :p
didnt see rich at reunion the magically c**t probably disapeared or something, craig the legend was their :) had abit of a recap he was steaming again with his wine!!! :p
ye contact me!

Sammi P  (03 November 2005)         

ssssaaaaammmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so guna chip pan ya 4 not c*ming sunday!!!!
hope ur ok dickhead!!!

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