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Sinbad (08 January 2009)

tring to get in touch with mark its sinbad email is

Joanne L  (07 November 2007)        5/10

I know that end of season, when Zante is slowing down, the bar persons can get a bit fed up, but we tried the Sunburnt Arms twice, once to try it out and the other to check it was as awfully as uncomfortable as the first time.  In mid season, it probably is a lot better, but the two that were working the bar had faces like smacked butts and we felt really uncomfortable in there, like they wanted us out cos they could,t be bothered.  The second time we were in, the owner who I think is called Mark, now he really makes an effort, really bubbly and chatty, that was a welcome relief, but the other two are spoiling it for him.

Mick N  (28 October 2007)        10/10

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hi we arrived home safe, back at work worse luck . luved the sunburnt arms and the staff hope to come back next year to see you all .

Alison W  (12 October 2007)        1/10

After reading the reviews thought we would try the Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap, was not impressed, just a few strips of chicken in a wrap with shop bought sweet chilli sauce poured over, not very imaginative!

The bar lacked atmosphere and will not be returning again next year.

Gary B  (11 October 2007)        5/10

 just got back from argassi the place was quiet just how i wanted it but disappointed in this place was lacking any life at all

Larney H  (09 October 2007)        10/10

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hiya mark memba us!

can u still memba our order?haha
you ok?sorry its taken awhile to write to u, but we did say we would!
hows th cafe goin?were all comin back next year so i hope to c u and ur eggs beans and chips again xxxx lv larney n th gurks x

Ray S (25 September 2007)

Hi Mark,Lee & Kirsty

Thanks for the good nights at your place.
Only wish we had come in at the start of our holiday.
You're all so friendly & such a great bunch
Coming back next year for 2 weeks so will be coming in everyday
Was a shock winning the quiz (Alan Buckleys black & white army - Up the Mariners)
Was fun doing the wheel of misfortune.Wasn't great kissing all the men but it's all fun.
Think u was all shocked that Gem got the free shot from another bar
Hope the brown dog who had the puppies (my fiancee Gem named her Chocolate lol) is ok.
Ray,Gem & Gemma  from Grimsby

Robyn M  (17 September 2007)        10/10

Hey all at the Sunny, back home in Scotland, bloody freezing something made like 8 degrees. Had a fantastic holiday and really enjoyed our time with you guys made us feel very welcome despite our pathetic attempt at the quiz. Mark thank you for the movies all fantastic just ashame have to go to the pics now. LOL! Food, drink atmosphere excellent, its a shame we didnt start going until tail end of our first week but went there almost every night therafter. Makes a fantastic cuppa and a mean full english. Helped us through our darkest hour after the mad bender with Juggy and Stacie.

Off to catch some rays.

Speak soon and take care.

Dave and Robyn The Scots from Scotlish on Tour

Lauren G  (29 August 2007)        10/10

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Hey Mark, Lee and Angela

I know i been back nearly a month but havent had time to come on here!!!! From me and the girlies we had a wiicked hol n we miss u 3 lots espically the yummy food!!!
How u lot been?? Found any new puppies??
Hope you arent missing us 2 much
Lots of love
Lauren x

Joanne T  (14 August 2007)        10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeJust got back from a 2 week holiday in Argassi, had a brilliant time, made all the better by the guys (and girl,sorry) at the Sunburnt Arms.  We were made to feel very welcome and ended up there every night, watching BB with other 'regulars' (it was the same faces every night for BB).  Never got to have any food, but it looked great.  The strawberry alcoholic milkshake became my tipple, they went down a treat and are a must try for anyone going (although they are a bit of a pain to prepare by all accounts!!).  All in all this bar had everything you need: great staff, great atmosphere, great entertainment (sometimes provided by the dogs, max, chocolate & pals, ha ha, you know what I mean Lee!!  Keep that cold water at the ready!!!. 

Thanks Mark & Co, we had a great time. 
Joanne & Paul

De G  (14 August 2007)        10/10

Loved the sun burnt arms nothin like a bacon bap after a nyte ou,gr8 food gr8 staff

Vicki F  (11 August 2007)        10/10

Hey Mark and Co! Hope you are all alright!

Thanks for showing the BB evictions! it made my holiday!!! And i'm missing the sweet chili chicken wraps! I think we will be back next year so will hopefully see you then!

Sher Z  (30 July 2007)        10/10

helllooooweeee to mark, lee, ange, max and bud!

landed last night still flooded wish we were back there, anyway better start the ass kissin now then.....
the sunburnt arms is an english/ irish bar that serves proper alcohol, none o' that crap u get in greek bars (word of warning if u ask for an english drink in a greek bar u still wont get it even if they say they got it) it also has its own trademark shot- which even though i'm a shot hater, i loved it. now on to the important bit....
they play big brother in there every night, if ur like us u get to another country and search for anything english u can find or anything ur used to in england, e.g. indian food and japanese tv's! seriously we missed tv and found nirvana in bb and the films they show aswell.
more importantly, we completely missed out on the greasy greek p**vy barman and got to know some sound people that served our drinks not planning on makin us pass out so we'd go home with them. but if u do get to know them u will probably be eating burger & cheesy chips with a pizza and chilli sauce at 24/7 with them at 8am and then, say goodnight, stroll off home to sleep, ready for another night out!
that is unless u are already full from eatin at the sunburnt arms, 4 words "sweet chilli chicken wrap"- o yes, now im hungry.
lastly, for those who just wanna chill in a bar it's still perfect for you, some nights when feeling rough i just sat watching tv, listenin to a bit of their music, doing crosswords, in their papers.
guys have a good season, give bud love, but me and nat gotta go cus the airport lost her suitcase so we're off to manchester to find it!! haha sher & nat xxx     clap

Carrie   (23 July 2007)        10/10

Hey to you all at the Sunburnt Arms!  We're gutted to be back in not-so-sunny Wales, depression rules here !!  If you're lucky enough to be going to Argassi pop in and say hello to Mark & co., you'll have a great welcome and will be really looked after.  The food is great too (although we always missed the breakfasts - we'll try again next time!) and the atmosphere is lovely - also if you're a BB fan (addict?!) it's the only place in Argassi where you can have uninterrupted eviction night  - the other bars tend to keep the kareoke going whilst it's on - sacrilege!


It's the guys' first season in Argassi so pop in and say hello, you won't be disappointed.


P.S Mark - thanks for trying to save my sister's life (mobile phone charger!) much appreciated!  Saw the 'kareoke' comment on here too, ha!


All the best for a great season, we'll be back sometime (hopefully sooner rather than later!) and promise to try a breakfast!!  Keep up the good work!


Carrie , Rhiannon  & Michele (the quiet Welsh girls!)



Katie P  (21 July 2007)        10/10

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Hi Mark, Lee, Ang and of course MAX!

We got back safe last Friday. We miss Argassi, including your place so so much. Big Brother eviction nights were a good laugh, great atmosphere. We always had lovely cocktails and great food whenever we visited! 
You always commented on our tans..well it hasnt stopped raining over here and I fear they will wash off soon!
Mark, will def remember you to the staff, if I work at Shrewsbury Hospital again soon.
Everyone who visits Argassi, make this bar your 1st point of call. The staff are lovely.
You will recognise it by Lee carrying Max the dog out onto the pavement from out the bar!!
I dont know when we will return to Argassi, but we plan to.
Wanted to wish you guys all the luck in the world with the bar for your first season and many more to come.
Neil and Katie

Craig A  (20 July 2007)        10/10

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Hi Mark, Lee and Ang thanks for some great cocktails and even though I hate it the Big Brother nights you put on were extremely good and busy with a great atmosphere.  Happy b-day again to Lee we could see on the morning of our departure from the glasses left out overnight you had a good time!  Anyway we all hope to come back again and enjoy your hospitality as it was a holiday most memorable for the nice people and places in Argassi!!! 

Kerry H  (17 July 2007)        10/10

What with the friendly staff, delicious food and not to forget its nightly screenings of Big Brother the Sun Burnt Arms has to be the best bar that we had visited whilst in Argassi. Its friendly atmosphere could be enjoyed by all with its screenings of films such as Shrek for the Kids and Films such as Die hard for the adults and not to mention the cheep drinks during happy hour. Good Luck and thanks for all you help Mark and we hope to see you again.       


      Love Kerry and Darren

  (Sick Note)


Emma O  (07 July 2007)        10/10

Hiya Mark, Lee & Ang! Hope you all o.k. Got back this morning at 1am after spending the afternoon at The Sunburnt! Lee, hope the trainers are comfy and maybe the old ones will make a comeback at some point! Had a fantastic time there. Atmosphere great & commentary from 'FRANK' very amusing!! Made to feel very welcome from the minute we walked in. Thanks for that. Food gorge and cocktails a must. Can't wait to come back next year. All the best to you all and see you soon. Em, Rich, Jay & SOT x x x

Alison W (03 July 2007)

Hi Mark, Lee, Angela Angelika and Tony

Thanks I know where you are now, I am not arriving until 18th September but will drop by and say hello with my friends then, in the meantime have a good season.
Best wishes

Sonya P  (30 June 2007)        10/10

hi great bar loved the karoke

just like to say  hi to lee im back in 4 weeks and carnt wait to meet u again u really r one for the girls  

Chris K  (29 June 2007)        10/10

Hi Mark and co, CK here from up north.

We had a really great time, karaoke was great fun (still can't believe you got me singing )
Great place, great atmosphere, really looking forward to coming back next year.
Take care guys n gals

Mark   (29 June 2007)        10/10

 We are where the agra chinese/indian rest. used to be. Just opposite new crazy golf place. Come and say hi! Mark, Lee, Angela Angelika and Tony.

Mike J  (23 June 2007)        10/10

New on the scene this year, but run by people who know the area well. Despite an apparent slow start to the season, this place was buzzing, and it was easy to see why. Make sure you do not miss out on the best bar on the island.

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