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Conner B  (25 January 2010)        10/10

my name is conner blakemoreand i am 14 years old and i went in zante in may and i absolutely loved it.

amanda clarkson was a big part in this she was absolutely fantastic she helped us with everything, she was just wonderful !   

Palmer S  (08 August 2008)        10/10

Just got back from 2 weeks @ Denny's Inn. We had a great time!! Just to say that Claire was really helpful and friendly. She is a really good rep!!!
Simon, Sarah & Charlotte

Bev K (02 August 2008)

It has come to the attention of the management of Hotel Dennys Inn that since the merger with Thomas Cook and My Travel there has been some confusion between our hotel and Dennys Apartments.   PLEASE NOTE that Dennys Apartments has no relationship with our hotel.   Please ensure when booking for our hotel that it is in fact Dennys Inn which is bed and breakfast (which is in the Thomas Cook website as a Thomas Cook Hotel) and not self catering which would be Dennys Apartments (which is on the website as a Direct Holidays property).   

Rachael W (12 July 2008)

The rep at our hotel, Francis, was awful. He is only interested in groups of young girls. He could often be found eyeing or chatting them up round the pool area. He was an absolute waste of time. We booked two excursions through him. The first was a greek night and he said that it would take half an hour on the coach to get to the location when in fact it took an hour. He also said that our drinks would be free and they were not!

When it was time to come home the airport pick up times were wrong on the notice board. The time on the board was 5.45-6.15 am. At 4.45 am we received a call from Pamela (another Thomas Cook rep) who was very rude to us. She told us we had 5 minutes to get ready and get on the coach to the airport!
Apart from the above we had a fab holiday, would go back to Kalamaki but maybe not book through Thomas Cook again.

Gary B  (26 October 2007)        10/10

 thomas cook were brilliantly thanks very much for a remarkable holiday will definately book with them again and what can you say about Kirsty a little treasure this girl deserves a medal and worked her socks off i hope thomas cook hold on 2 her looked after me throughout my stay was my 1st holiday abroad on my own but nothing was 2 much trouble thanx once again Kirsty

Helen B  (22 October 2007)        1/10

have just returned yesterday from a great holiday although this was not helped by thomas cook. we were transferred on to a my travel flight which was fine although it meant we flew an hour earlier so we had to be at gatwick at 3.30 in the morning!!! arrived at zante, met by kirsty who was great, we were taken to drop people off in tsilivi prior to going to argassi, not a problem although it meant nearly an hour on the coach for what should have been a 10 minute transfer.

lynsey then held a welcome meeting at which we booked an island tour for the tuesday which was very good apart from the weather which could not be helped.
we decided to try another trip to kefalonia for the friday which was a lot more than with the local agents but thought would go with thomas cook as more reliable. hahahaha. we waited from 7.25 to 9.00 and the coach never turned up!!! should have been there at 7.40.
when lynsey was in the hotel later in the day we got our money back as this has happened to my parents in spain with thomas cook as well. we then went and booked with a local agent for later in the holiday and there coach turned up no problems!! i will never do another trip with thomas cook in resort.
lynsey was great, very friendly and often around the hotel outside of her visiting hours, also would stp and speak in the street if she saw you. kirsty was based at one of the sister hotels and we saw a lot of her as well, just as friendly. thanks girls you were a credit to the company, sorry we did not get to say goodbye.
just to top it all off, sunday morning we were due to be picked up at 8.40 for 11.55 departure. we were down at reception ready for 8.20 but there was no sign of a coach, we were the only two checking out for that flight. the receptionist tried to call the contact number he had to find out what was going on and no answer, eventually we got through to the out of hours number where a very helpful lady went off to find out what had happened. she called back and said a taxi would be there within 10 minutes. after a further 30 minutes we were still waiting and the next flights transfer was getting close. eventually at 10.20 after a few more phone calls, a taxi turned up and sped us to the airport. we were then faced with no thomas cook staff visible only first choice, their rep was extremely helpful and told us where to go and described the thomas cook sup**visor to us. he was great once we found him and eventually we were checked in. flight back was ok and early arriving into england.
i will think long and hard before booking another holiday with thomas cooks.

Hayden S  (12 October 2007)        8/10

Great, the rep at out resort was great

Christine M  (27 July 2007)        9/10

We have just come back from Zante. The Thomas Cook reps were brilliant.

When we were being transferred from Zante airport to our hotel, we were told all about the island which was really interesting.
We had a really nice rep at our hotel called Tom. He was amazing! He was always there to help if you needed it and he had brilliant knowlege of the island. We wanted to go into Zante town one day, and Tom got us a map labelled it with places of interest etc. Thanks tom!

Lynn W  (04 June 2007)        10/10

Another great holiday booked through Thomas Cook, everything went very smoothly, rep in resorts were excellent, saw quite alot of them.  Plano Beach Apartments are great - staff very friendly and helpful, going back again in October 2007 (again booked with Thomas Cook).

Best wishes
Frank, Lynn and Lisa White 

Carol H  (28 February 2007)        8/10

Thomas Cook were fantastic..check in was excellent...........airport buzzing, boarding was really quick, flight excellent, rep brilliant & helpful............made the most of this holiday. Couldn't fault it  

Mel & Neil  (18 October 2006)         

Thomas Cook are pathetic.  Everything was going fine - except we asked Scot a question on our first day and he never ever came back to us with an answer! - but everything was ok, until one night me and my boyfriend were walking down laganas strip and 6/7 children aged between 3 & 7 came up to us and started jumping around our necks while one of them went in my bag and stole my purse!!  We went back to the hotel and tried to call the emergancy number - which acording to Thomas Cook it is a 24/7 emergancy line and you can always get through.  I tried this 3 times from 3 different phones and someone else tried this too and it rang and rang and rang.  Eventually after 15 mins (which is a long time for 'an emergancy line') I got through and the rep said that there is nothing I can do without paying more money?? I had to pay for a taxi to the police station, pay 50 for a translater and then pay for a taxi back to the hotel!! she then went on to say that someone from the UK can transfer money over to me from a Thomas Cook shop but the nearest to where i stay is 103 miles away!!!  I kept telling her this but she kept saying 'well someone could have done it for you' - thats no use!!! 
Also, a load of new people arrived to the hotel on 2nd of October for 2 weeks and the reps had a note up saying our last visit is the 2nd of October! So the rep came and did the welcome meeting, gave everybody their tickets for their trips and went, never to come back which is ridiculous - leaving people for 2 weeks and for the rep to foff after he sells them tickets for things
They were so bad, like i said at the beginning, we asked Scot about the trip to athens on our first day and he said he would look into it and never did!!
Oh and on the flight we were sitting near the back, I think 4 rows down and all I could here was the cabin crew speaking about their night out and cackling away to themselves - ridiculous!

Joanne C  (10 October 2006)         

I would like to say that I had an excellent holiday , and found thomas cook reps and staff brillant. In response to that girls comment below - it is not a reps repsonsibilty to carry your cases cos u bring to much and you normally get what u pay for and people who complain are normally the stupid ones who dont even look at a brochure before they go on holiday!!!  so i apluade the reps and  to thick holiday makers!! dont forget your brain when you go on holiday x

Martin C  (06 October 2006)         

No problems at all, saw our rep everyday - very helpfull (thanks jamie)

just watch out for the airport - complete chaos!

Vikki W  (03 October 2006)         

Flights and transfers were ok.  Took a while for our luggage to arrive at Zante airport but to be fair they were working to Greek time as usual, it just happens to be noticed more at 6am than it would at 2pm!!  We managed to get on the right coach and the rep (Steve) was Scottish and we couldn't understand a word he was saying.  We got to our hotel and we had to struggle to get our cases out of the coach (two girls with no hint of a muscle between us!) and drag them into the hotel foyer with no held from our muscular rep (cheers Steve!).  That was the last time we saw our rep all holiday.  Our hotel was so far away from the main strip and other hotels that I guess the cheeky beggar couldn't be bothered to make the walk to our hotel (not that I blame him, I wouldn't either!). 

The coach was driven by a speed freak on the way back to the airport and I was sure we would all die on the trip, but having been to many Greek islands, I should have been used to that by now!  I was also used to the airport so the less said about that the better!  Although the staff were next to useless.  They didn't know what was going on.  They sent through 5 flights at 5am in the morning with no airport staff actually working at that time.  They basically had no organisational skills.
The flight on the way home was ok though and the staff on the plane were very efficient.  10/10 for them, shame the reps let Thomas Cook down.   If you look closely that is a very slow sarcastic hand clap for you all!!

Sarah B  (18 July 2006)         

Be careful if flying with TC, went at end of May with them and every flight was delayed either going or coming back and staff were useless (except for one guy, but he was new, think thats only reason).

Will never fly with TC again and urge everyone to think twice beofre booking, plenty of other operators, why not try them :)

Skye M  (11 July 2006)         

Just come back from laganas yesterday with thomas cook!  Everything about thew holiday was fantastic, a big thanks to all of the reps on our holiday Richy, Ian, Steve, Leggy and many many more they were all a fantastic laugh!! Great thanks to richy, when my friends drink got spiked not many reps would have helped you at 3am when you go banging on there door for help! They were fantastic on the bar crawl and i would recommend them to any1!

Skye xx

Nicole   (11 November 2005)         

The flight was fine and the staff. We also enjoyed the food during the flight there and back.

The holiday rep was brill and alot of help!
Hi megan your a brill hol rep
Highly reccomend THOMASCOOK!

Tiffany H  (24 October 2005)         


   ive jst c*m bck frm zante 17th oct, i booked my holiday with sunset they r very gud and i ave booked with em next yr .... it was my first time flown with thomas cook and they were very gud! i stayed at the helen aprtments n our rep was lovely .. n nice lookin too unfortantly he wont be their nxt cos he is finishin his reppin. i cant wait to go bck with thomas cook.

Chris C  (09 October 2005)         

used TC twice this year, flights on time on all 4 flights, transfer reps excellent, Cabin Crew a good laugh and friendly, cannot fault them in any way this year!

Grahame G  (17 September 2005)         

I would just like to say that the flights were excellent, they were on time and the crews were excellent also.  I can't really comment on the resort rep as we only saw her once during the welcome meeting, whenever we've been away before the rep has walked round the pool chatting with people to see if everything was ok but we never saw her once.  The worst fault I would like to comment on was the way we were treated at the airport on our return home.  The rep was late picking us up and he should have warned us to carry water with us as the amount of time we had to queue at the airport was horrendous, we queued for two hours outside in the stifling heat watching the reps walking around with drinks in their hands without even a thought for us.  The final straw was when we got through to departure, there must have been three hundred people waiting for their flights but only seating for about a hundred with the result that a large proportion of people had to sit on the floor for a further hour until our flight departed, I think when the Yanks decided to build camp xray at Guantanamo Bay they went to Zante airport to get ideas for the design.

Julie I  (21 June 2005)         

Just to say....we went with Sunset to Argassi in 2003!! They were brill....and not just for so called "Poor people who cant afford a proper holiday"! Never had any need to bother the rep...and why oh why do people insist on blaming the rep for everything like the weather....the airport, not any tour ops fault..although think they could put the heat on a bit to get the blooming thing finished, the fact that this ot that restaurant was rubbish etc etc!! In my opinion the reps are there to make sure that you get from Airport to Resort safely....are there in case of emergencies...illness, crimes against their clients, accidents and trouble with the law!! 
Of course they should try and sort out any greivances which arise at accomodations...but generally I have found that by approaching the management and asking nicely things do get done...eventually!! Remeber this is Greece and things get done on Greek time!!! These are just my opinions and in no way am I saying that anyone else'e are wrong!! We have travelled to Zante on 4 occasions...using First Choice twice, Unijet(part of First Choice), SUNSET, part of Thos Cook as is JMC...and this year we are using Kosmar!!
   I cannot say that one is better or worse than another....but thats is because we have never really had any major catastrophe!! The only time any of our holidays were spoilt was in 2003 when hubby got salmonella (not tour ops fault) and he was ill for 14 days...was only confirmed as salmonella on our return to UK....and we had an earth quake (not tour ops fault) ..but that really didn't spoil our hols!!
   All in all I would say that the reps do a stirling job under difficult circumstances...and lets be fair us Brits as a nation do like to complain!!! Its in our blood!!! I am sorry if some of you have had a rotten holiday...but you cannot blame every single thing on the reps!!!  Courtesy works both ways....if you approach them with the right attitude...then you will get the help you require!! Go in all guns blazing...then I myself would not want to help!!! I know it is their job, but they must really get ticked off with people just moaning for the sake!!!
   Me and my family , and my in-laws and my freinds...would like to thank all the reps who have ever had to look after us all!!! And we are eternally grateful to the powers that be that our holiday has never needed the service of the reps.....well not emergency service anyhow!!!!
     THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Joanne C  (08 May 2005)         

I have worked for this company now for four years and i can not belive that staff is using this very important site to slag people off,this site is for customers to find out inforamtion regarding there forthcoming holiday in zante.

I repped in zante before coming home to work in retail in the u.k. i did leave in the middle of the season after working far to hard.....
But heh thats what i was paid for and that is why we are called  Thomas Cook representative and to be honest i do belive we all knew what the job entailed when we all applied for six months in the sun with not the best of money and not much sleep.
For all the reps out there in zante working this season....or anywhere
Have a great season...
I am sending plenty of well advised customers your way..

Amy T  (05 March 2005)         

Can anyone tell me if Mark,Helen and Ben are still working here?They was working in Laganas in May 2004!if anyone can help,Thanks!

Chris C  (12 January 2005)         

The rep last year in my apartments (Antonis) was Kate, and she was excellent.

Another .  (07 January 2005)         

ok joanne you keep telling yourself that your this 'top rep' and then one day maybe someone other than yourself will belive it!!!!! just to also say hi to the reps out in goa hope everything is going well !

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