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Leon P (15 November 2009)

good music but pricey....

Zoe W  (30 June 2006)         

The only rock club in Laganas and it's Class!!

The first time we went here they opened up for us!  Then they let us bring our own music to be played!  Told us it was cheaper to buy cocktails than just Vodka and lemonade, when they could have made a mint!  And on top of all that they played the muppets song!
All the staff here are great, and we couldn't stay away!  The place is a little quiet early on, but if you wanna escape all the dance music everywhere else, this is the place to be!
Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Selina K  (18 February 2006)         

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Hi Jimmy!!

I see you have still the bar! I am thinking to come in June this year to Zante again!! For me, it is a while ago,.....and I still miss you guys. I miss you, I miss Manos, I miss Nastasia,....Do you still see Alex sometimes? I have also been keeping in contact with Neal and Jody. There where also planning to come in June to Zante again. It seem nice to me, that we are all toghetter again. In the mean time I am devorced with Samuel, so I am single again. A single mom at the moment, I have a little daughter now, not from Samuel, but another man. I don't see that man anymore, and I don't mind! My daughter's name is Ayla, it is Turkisch for Moonlight. Also I have a dog, his name is Snuf, and he is very "sympatico" and easy going. I shall putt some pictures with this message. I have send also a birhtcard to Nastasia, I don't know if you have already seen the card. I hope you read this, and send me a message back if you want. Give my love to Nastasia, Manos, and yourself. Well, for now, see you in June and Yammas!
Lots of Love, Selina

Mark   (05 September 2005)         

If you like rock music and want to get a way from the R&B kiddlies bars then pop in here.  Bar staff were great and Jimmy is more than willing to play most requests.  It looks deserted from the outside and is frequented mostly by locals

Claire Y  (27 July 2005)         

The only rock music they played was 'One' by metallica, drinks were really expensive compared to all the bars next door to them. The guy who worked there was really sullen and never smiled. Could be a really nice place and an asset to laganas but the only thing it has going for it is a modified harley davidson which doesnt look like its ever been ridden - poor thing. The place was dead - everywhere around it was packed - probably due to the overinflated drinks prices. :(

Jess,rach A  (13 January 2005)         

we worked here for a few months in 04. we worked with some wicked people hi to stacie, kerry, lindsey, becky, leona, george, atkis, jimmy and last but not least manos,u were a really nice person to work for and we hope to see you this year.stacie and kerry remember the days wen we were on an alcohol ban and we used to sneak over to the shop and buy the amstells they were the days! miss u 2 loads! and hi to the arti regulars u know who u r! lots of love the tripletsxxxx

Ratty, M  (12 November 2004)         

WE visited Laganas late october so this was one of the few places still open and although it was quite quiet we had a great time with timmy, or is it jimmy?? and his chopper! One of our group is now scared for life, lierally after having a ride on his chopper and more than one of us had a smooch with the man himself!!!!!!!!!!!bleurgh!!!! Cant really remember the music but the drum kit provided us with hours of entertainment! Free drinks all round and dancing on the bar coyote style, what more can you ask for on a night out??!!

Ratty, M  (12 November 2004)         

We visited Laganas late October so this was one of the few places still open and although it was quite quiet we still had a great time with timmy, or is it jimmy? and his chopper. One of our group is now scared for life, litrally after having a ride on timmys chopper and more one of us had a smooch with the man himself!!!!!!!!!!!!bleurgh!! Cant really remember the music but the drum kit provided us with hours of entertainment! Free drinks all round and dancing on the bar coyote style, what more can u ask for on a night out??!!!!

Paula   (23 May 2004)         

Rock club! Nah, not at all. Music was pure crap and the only rock they played was dire straits (one song). Drinks were over priced and the toilets were filthy. Didn't rate it at all. It had the potential to be good but the staff acted as though they couldn't care less. It obviously showed as every night we passed it and it was empty, while all the bars around it were rammed.

Sarah K  (29 July 2003)         

I worked at the rock club while i was in Laganas & I loved it! It has got a great atmsphere-maybe not the type u get in badboys, but it'd be boring if everywhere was the same! they have loads more drinks promos now as well as Elvis!The staff are bloody great (Chrissy, Kelly, Sam, Manos, Drake, Jimmy, Leon etc)
Give it a go-ya on holiday!!!

Roy B  (25 July 2003)         

Just writing to say how much of a wicked time i had in Laganas, so much in fact that i want to go back in the summer of 2004 when i finish uni, ive done barwork for 5 years and have pulled many pints aswell as customers, anybody out there looking for barstaff plz.......Pick me Nigel pick me!!!!!!,

Lesley K  (21 May 2003)         


hello to dennis and rachael {if you have returned)i the crazy bar dancer/karaoke queen. i threatened it wen was there end of october and now it official....

thats it!

i've had enough of bad weather, stressed out offices, boring pubs and same old faces .....

iiiiizzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaa c*mmin

i leaving london and coming out to zante in next week.

i am an advertising exec by day and karaoke presenter/singer by night. i thrive on less sleep than most humans and i am an eternal opptimist. ( i must be to just pack up my jobs and flat coz i fancy something different ).

i intend to stay for longer than just a summer but need to start at the beginning.

i've got 2 wks accommodation booked in lagana so lagana or argassi prob best area's.i can sell sand to arabs, pull a mean pint (inc guinness), change barrels & rotate stock, sing a full range of songs, create a party in a empty room, out talk a polititian, out smile a prom queen and out nice americans. surely someone needs my talents??
please mail me asap so i can calm down ........
just a bit!!
thanx alot
talk soon


phone no

+ 44 772 161 5521

Selina K  (16 April 2003)         

Hi there Jimmy,

Long time ago, I dont expect any answer, but I was wondering if you maybe need help in your club. I never heard from you, but maybe I was also just a tourist. I wanna work from may til october. About finances I make not worried, I am sure you know, and pay a normal salary. I shall also write Nastasia, I hope to hear something from you. If I come work with you, than I need also a place to stay. I want to arrange that with you and Nastasia. Well, maybe I dont get a answer again, but I shall also try to call you. With friendly regards,


Matt N  (26 September 2002)         

I dunno, maybe it's because we went at the wrong end of the season, but the place was empty, the music was cack, and the drinks were extortionate. In reply to the people asking what kind of music they play, imagine those "Best Rock Anthems Ever (Part XIV)" compilations that Time Life music flog on TV at 4am, and you're on the right track...

Basil T  (02 September 2002)         

I went in there three times and never heard any hard rock music, only soft rock. My friends went there one night and had a good mosh though. I missed it all. My mate almost fell in love with a Greek girl (he never spoke too) who always seemed to be there. Shame it's not a)Further down the main drag and... b)A bit smaller, it's far too big to create any sort of atmosphere. The waitress girly was quite friendly though.

Hexa B  (15 July 2002)         

This could be a really great place, but unfortunatly you need to be loaded to afford to drink here! we paid 13 euro's for three drinks (worked out to be around 8.50), would'nt mind but we only had two Amstels and one rum & coke, which only costs between 6-8 euros in most other places!

Selina   (03 November 2001)         

Artemis rock saloon is the best!

Katja H (29 September 2001)

I want to work in Laganas right now! can somebody give me some hints how to realise this??

Shab   (25 September 2001)         

Great music, great drinks nuff said

Louise W (02 September 2001)

My sister visited Zante last year and told me bout the rock club,myself and boyfriend are interested about working out there next year hopefully a rock club so uf anyone knows...or wants to offer us a job contact me(lou)at

Colin S (05 August 2001)

What bands do they play???

Colin S  (04 August 2001)         

I aint been to artemis cause i never knew bout it. Can some1 tell me what rock is played is it greek? or is it like Slipknot, Korn, Rage against the machine, hed pe disturbed ect, ect. And is there moshing in the place? cause i really needed a mosh & a head bang on holiday but i couldnt(the furthest the bars went would be Limp Bizkit Rollin')

Derm P  (30 July 2001)         

I don't know when other people where visiting this place, mayybe it's seasonal but there was nobody in the place on the two occasions we went. The music is excellent so it a shame that it is slightly off the main road and people don't seem to want to know. Great music people should give it a try!

Wesley E  (26 July 2001)         

The entertainment was wicked and and the dj, although he hates pantera was funny with his little drum things. An excellent bar.

Barry H (07 July 2001)

Does the Artemis Rock Club have an E-mail address?

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