Kozanos Hotel

Accommodation in Amoudi

Foufou S          7/10

I stayed at Kozanos 1 for a week with my 17 year old daughter. The view was stunning, the room was what I would expect for the price I was paying (except for the red ants in the beds), the pool was lovely but where was our host? There was no information about the place in English, no-one to welcome us except the woman who kept the supermarket when it opened and her English is very limited and we never found out what her relationship (if any) to the owner/manager of the accommodation was. There was no-one to talk to about booking a taxi, or good places to eat. A real pity and a contrast to the welcome we were given at Clear Horizon next door.

Diane L           

I have been absolutely let down by these people. I had booked direct with the apartments to go to Kosanos 2 for a week beginning 14th October.(see my other comment on Kosanos).
After requesting that I transfer a deposit of 70 euro into their bank account and at a charge by my bank of 12.50, I thought I was all booked to stay there.
However, on the Monday before we were due to go I had an email to say that they could no longer offer me accomodation as they had already closed for the season and later I was also told that they had not let me know earlier as the guys (I booked through) wife was pregnant & they had to go to Athens. If I had not emeiled on the Friday before we were due to go, I wonder if they would have told me & maybe I wouldn't have found out until I got there. I'll give them some credit, they did arrange for us to stay at the Plessas Palace in Alikanas and arranged for a taxi to pick us up at the airport. However, I was really worried as I had read some bad comments about the Plessas Palace on holidays uncovered. It was not as bad as the comments but I did not find the staff very friendly and it was very basic. The cleaning left something to be desired. I would not have chosen to stay there and would have prefered to pick my own accomodation. Needless to say I won't book with Kosanos 2 (or Plessas Palace) if we decide to go back to Zante next year. I was really dissapointed.
Just to say that we did walk into Amoudi on Tthursday and it was all closed down, nowhere open to even get a drink.

Diane L           

We stayed at Kosanos 2 in October 2001 and 2002 and we liked it.
Tasia & Spuros were great fun. We had no problems with the apartment at all. Yes, you do get a bit of noise from Camelot bar, but you get that anywhere you go.
I have just booked direct to stay at Kosanos 2 this October.
Having read the comment from someone who stayed there last month, all I can say is that either the standards have dropped or you were just too fussy. Greek accomodation is always very basic.
I think you mentioned a tour operator, who did you go with? I could not find it in any brochure.
I will write another review after our stay in October.

Sophie D           

Visited Amoudi between 12 and 26 June 2005, staying in the Kozanos Hotel across from the Camelot bar.

Rooms are basic and you don't get much to self-cater with: take a kettle, and a bottle opener if you're going to need one!
Get all the mosquito repellent you can get your hands on - they are really evil.  I had one very illusive one terrorising me for 2 days.  Now whenever I hear anything that sounds like NEEEEEE I get very frightened!
We had to tell the rep that we wanted our bins emptying, as nothing was done for the first 4 days.  Similarly towards the end of the holiday: the bins were overflowing by the time we left (which isn't very nice when you consider what goes in the one in the bathroom).

Caroline E           

We spent two weeks staying at Kozanos II from 8th Sept 2002 and had a fantastic time. The rooms were basic but the view from our balcony was beautiful. Everybody in Amoudi was so friendly and helpful and Tassia who ran the hotel was brilliant - we both had the English breakfasts most days and loved them. I highly advise the pizza's, omlettes and home made chips.I would definately go back.

Ruth C           

Tassia makes a great omelette and good snacks. They have Satellite tv there and one of the better selections of postcards. The pool is nice, kept very clean. The only thing Id say is dont have the English breakfast there, its defintely not Tassia's forte but she does the other stuff really well and is lovely and friendly.

Peter E           

Had a wonderful time for 7 days at Kozanos 2. Rooms adequate, typical Greek standard so if you're expecting anything above 2* here - Book the Ritz. All restaurants in area excellent - Did as many as I could and extremely cheap. Camelot bar nice setting, pity about the arrogant and egotistical owner, thinks the women love him. Put me off my crisps looking at him dancing by himself trying to impress the women. (Complete with pot belly). His wife is wonderful though, very polite indeed. All in all a wonderful 7 days and would go back there any time.

Charles D           

Late May 02. Rooms OK but sparsley furnished, Selection of Crockery/ Cooking utensils laughable (They obviously want you to eat at the snack bar). Plumbing no surprises. Beware if traveling with an infant, they do not have any cots, you will be given a camp bed to put between the 2 single beds. Swimming Pool clean and kept that way. Can't comment on the food from the snack bar but others seemed to like it. The Camelot bar on the other side of the road can get a bit noisy but closing the windows keeps most of it out(and the mosquitos who particularly like the tast of our daughters blood, be warned take sprays and those plug in jobbies). We liked Amoudi very much but if we were to return, would probably opt to stay at different apartments.

Pam V           

Very good value. Chips were real potatoes, deep fat fried! we saw Dassia peel the potatoes! We stayed in room here,JMC, which was very good.The rep Jo is a scream, Geordie extrovert! Try the Greek salad too, & omelettes to die for.

Sally Y

Can U Help? I stayed at an apartment in Amoudi, last summer unfortunately i have forgotten the name of the apartments - i remember it was next door to the Kozanos II. I had an absolutel wonderful relaxing holiday and would love to return. Although I know some of the other apartments are as nice the owners of these apartments were amazingly friendly and helpful. If anyone could tell me any information - the name to begin with would be good but of anyone has the names of the owners and a telephone number i would be extremely grateful if you would email them to me at sally@yearby.fsnet.co.uk thanks loads sally

Diane F           

Tassia's breakfast is lovely and great value. Snacks available all day I highly recomend the pizzas and salads.

Diane F           

We booked a late deal with JMC, and were delighted with Kozanos ll and Amoudi. Tassia serves a wonderful breakfast and Pizzas that are divine. Friendly, peaceful and relaxing resort.

Raymond F           

Kosanos II is a really peacefull place to unwind the pace of life changes to a moderate stroll type of feeling. Dassia whom you will find behind the bar is very helpful and always has an english/greek greek/english phrase book handy. We have been to K II twice and would recomend it to anyone. Book any tours with Dee down at Dinossis they are cheaper and all the guides are english. Eat at the Clear Horizion Andy and his family will make you very welcome and the prices are very good as is the food they also do a takeaway service. The view from the resturant is the best in Amoudi. If you walk down past the Blue dolphin toward the Achillion take the road to the right there is a bar about 1km along the road which has a play area for children. It would be wise to carry a torch as there are no street lights on this road. My family and I have only one bad thing to tell about Zante and it must be the one thing that would put us off going back again its the Airport. Anything I write would be an understatement

Nicky H           

We stayed in Kozanos 2 which was excellent for us as a family with two kids. The accomodation and pool were brilliant, the greek couple that ran the place were very hospitable and friendly. Only complaint would be JMC, the rep was useless and nowhere to be seen. We were sold a horrendous boat trip at an extortionate price called 'smugglers'. We were packed onto a boat with about 200 other people and taken out on quite rough sea, many people were sick and when we arrived at the ship shreck we were told we couldn't get off the boat as planned, drinks and food on board were very expensive! Previously we hired a boat at half the price locally and had a great day out. Do go to to this resort, its fantastic. DONT book any JMC activities or rely on them to sort out any difficulties (especially late checkouts - they will ignore you and expect you to stay up unitl 3am with small children)

Lynsey R           

Having just returned from Amoudi (my first holiday in 17 years), I must share with you how blown away I was with the whole Zakinthos experience. My friend and I wanted a quiet week away, Amoudi was just that. We stayed at the Kosanos II Apartments. The standard was basic but scrupulously clean. A small complex with six 2 bed. apts. and 9 studio apts. a bar providing snack meals and a lovely pool. We chose to eat at Clear Horizon, just a couple of minutes walk. Excellent food, fantastic service, very easy on the pocket. Our evenings always ended in Camelot Bar. Owned by Sakis (Dennis) and his wife this was the most happening place in the whole village. The hospitality was like nothing I have ever known. (I have worked and travelled abroad on business during the past 17 years). Nothing was too much trouble, we would help ourselves to drinks if Sakis was busy.... everything based on trust. One night we ended up running the bar!! If you go to Amoudi you can't miss it and I would recommend a visit. Sakis also has apartments which are beautiful, balconies front and back, a play area for the kids and use of the pool at any of the other complexes in Amoudi. He can be contacted by fax 0695 62560 sorry I don't know the intrnational dialing code. Or by post Sakis Gusetis, Villa Amoudi, Ano Gerakario, Zante. By the way a Saturday night BBQ is a must at Camelot, worth every penny, great food brilliant entertainment (but then we were up for it). Hopefully you can tell how taken I am with this beautiful island, I can't wait to go back!!!!!!!

Becky R           

We stayed at Kozanos II in June 2001. The apartments are basic but decent enough. If you want a pleasant view choose one of the other apartment blocks in the village - we were looking out on two huge satellite dishes! However, Amoudi is lovely perfect for a quiet break - the food at the Achillon restaurant is marvellous!

David S           

This was not the apartments we had chosen. JMC put us here on our arrivel, its a good job the local Greek people were so friendly they managed to sort us out and made our stay most plesent. As for JMC they had better get there act together or the will lose out to other companys.

Robert C           

Kosanos 2 is now up and running, with an excellent pool/bar area. Don't go to Amoudi if you like clubbing because it is VERY quiet, although most of the more lively towns are a short taxi ride away. A few bars and restarants. Can recommend Camelot as a friendly bar with a good atmosphere (all the people on Zante are friendly!) Don't go to the Blue Dolphin unless you want to wait 10 minutes for a cocktail. A great place for a quiet, relaxing holiday.

Karen T

There is a lovely pool at the Achillion and also at the Clear Horizon open to any one who fancies a dip........

Karen T           

It is the most beautiful place ever, best people in the world, especially down at the Achillion. In fact it was that good we're moving !!!! Just don't bother with the last resort, cause it really is .HONEST.......

Racheal M           

Amoudi is quiet, there are 3 or 4 bars, all of them serve very good food and are reasonably priced especially Annie's. You won't find any clubs there.

Jess M

What's Amoudi like? Is it quiet/noisy? Are there lots of different places to eat?

Gary B           

nice and relaxing hope steve and kim had a good one

Gary B           

heyit was peacefull , annis bar especially good , good prices and good people. anyone that has been there will recocnise, snow tomorrow, or im knackererd, but nice time thanks

Liz K

Oh yes, and what are the self-catering facilities like - and are there shops to buy food to cook / prepare.