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Kat   (24 November 2002)         

i worked here over the summer. this is the kind of bar u want to go 2 if u want 2 chill out.george will be happy to put any music or anything on the tv u wish! i was really lucky to work in such a great place so if ur in kalimaki next year pop in 4 a chat with lots of red vodka! george if u see this give me a ring miss u loads x

Derek D  (27 July 2002)         

kat is one sexy beast man safe yeah

Andrew D  (30 September 2001)         

This is the most expensive bar I have been in outside of London ! The entertainment varies between Elvis (again!) and Karaoke with free shots. Don't go for a full evening unless you have a pocket full of drachma.

Dave E  (22 September 2001)         

Great people and great bar with live music, if you go to kalamaki go here, barmaid is a dream and george if you see this send your e mail adress again as I lost it AGAIN sorry!! 3 pics for you

Mark D  (24 August 2001)         

What is that woman on about? Of course she is going to hate it if she picks an apartment on the main high street! The bar was fantastic such friendly people once you get to know them! Great music, great place. Ask for a shot of red vodka you'll be left wanting more!

Susanne Z  (05 August 2001)         

We had our studio across the street from this noisy place and the music was too loud. Prices are twice as high as at other places!

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