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Pete S  (31 May 2004)         

hey sakki, paula and crew. it's pete here, i did a few shifts for with max at the end of 2002. do you remember tania? we got married and have a son called ben. i wonna come and do some gigs at your bar this year. i got no way of contacting you, so i'll just turn up. hope ypu are all well. to anyone who might read this.... a good friendly bar with good music, beer prices and cool staff. my time there was a laugh a minute. just round the corner from main strip, sit outside with a drink, nice and mellow. see you soon guys. cockney pete and

Louise H  (21 May 2004)         

now then phil...hope its going ok ya working there.. it was good meeting you all...hope ya have a good season and remember to much work and no play makes one very boring man...tee he..
louise x
p.s laura says hi.

Bekki S  (14 January 2003)         

hi to anyone who knows me.......i worked there summer 2002,had a ball most of the season........everyone i worked with were great except Mario.......he was the bigest "MALAKA" on the Island!...(Peach'ka)....Big hello to the scouse lads....Liam,Dobbo, were a laugh! see you all again maybe in summer back there in from Bekki xxx

Bekki S  (14 January 2003)         

hi to anyone who knows me.....this is bekki,i worked there in 2002, summer just gone,had a ball half the season but was s**te the other half! loved working with the staff,i knew them from working in laganas in 2000 except for mario.....he was the biggest "malaka" on the island! a big hello to the scouse lads.....liam,dobbo etc....had a ball with you guys! us girls are back there for may & june,prob work at g spot then we are off to malia in crete for the rest of the season.....cant wait!! take care,might see you again in summer 2003!

John D  (14 October 2002)         

alrite its Dobbo, from the scouse lads who took over zante during are stay on the island. Remember me, shy boy, tom, chris, cunningham and of course liam (beckys bezy mate). we stayed in cactus across the way. Chiellos was the place to start the nite and to finish! with cheap drinks, great service, and open all hours cant go wrong. Hello to BECKY fellow scouser, Paula n the ickle doggy, MARIOOOOOOOOOOOOO, hannah and sophia. PISHCA!!!!! all the best, hope c u lot in future! never forget time in zante

Sophia B  (24 September 2002)         

Hello everyone! This is Hanna and Sophia.. the 2 swedish birds that worked at Chiellos. Well, we're back in Sweden now.. but we'll go to London soon, to work there during the winter. Then we'll be back in Lagana next summer! Hope to see ya all again!! All our love to Paula, Sakiz, Panos, Bekki, Max, Spiro(S), Mario and Craig!! PUSS PUSS! (visa pattarna.. tss*)

Calle B  (10 September 2002)         

Chiellos rockade! Sofia och Hanna, om ni läser detta så ska ni veta att det e en av bögarna från Göteborg som skriver (Calle som fick choklad på kuken). Ha det bra!

Kieron D  (20 August 2002)         

we liked, we f**king liked it. forget the f**king drinkds paula was safe and the swedish bird was f**king phenimenal. oh and the drinks were quality too, priced and taste.

Sean   (19 August 2002)         

great place. paula was lovely. but the swedish barmaid was the most fantastic looking bird i have ever seen. also drinks were quality and well priced.

Daniel D  (19 August 2002)         

all i have to say is that the swede behind the bar is a gift from the heavens, she was well and truly fit

Nicholas Y  (01 August 2002)         

the place where u can wait for the sun with a nice girl dancing soul music.... say hello to Costa

Kate H  (17 June 2002)         

This bar was great!! The staff are fantastic - Becky, Paula, Sakki, Tim and Craig. They all made my boyfriend and I very welcome and have become life long friends. It's down a side street so we never would have found it if it wasn't for the Airtours bar crawl but it is well worth the visit and if you want a good time in a nice atmosphere then this is the place to be.

Kristi A  (13 June 2002)         

Just wanna say we enjoyed a great few nights here. Even though the stay was short we really loved you all there. Just wanna say Hi to Paula, who made us feel VERY wlcome and was a complete darlin', u too Becs...we will be back in Sept so we'll see you then!- if you cant remember us, we were the only two up for a laugh on the Airtours bar crawl in May! LOL xxx

Michael   (08 October 2001)         

we went looking for this place, only to find it was closed and all boarded up, I guess the police got fed up whith then and closed them down (comment further down).

Vicky L  (12 September 2001)         

Good laugh in there! Met the best girls you ever cud av met on holiday!

Lors   (08 September 2001)         

This place was CRAP!We got there at 6:30 and there was about 4 people in there, with some weird greek asleep in the corner!It wasn't lively at all-what a disappointment"

Chas R  (24 August 2001)         

went here nearly every night,becky the girl behind the bar got to know us really well and made us up cocktails(well strong)as soon as we got in.many a night?morning we were still sitting outside at 8 am just chilling out. and who was the nutty b*****d we met one night who climbed up the canopy of the shop opposite to nick the blow up doll from the apartments above,haven't laughed so much in ages because they were out on balcony and he didn't see them until he stood up. they told him to f**k off,what a surprise

Heloise T  (19 August 2001)         

Isabelle and Ella have just returned from three weeks in Laganas and we wanna say that this bar is wicked!! Its THE place to be after 5am and THE place to track down all the sexy workers and any other tasty men you've lost track of on the strip! If anyone heads there give George our love, he is a BABE xx

Rosco   (14 August 2001)         

Cool place to go, especially after hitting the clubs - it's great for chilling out, especially about 5-6am when the workers all head there.

Shaggy   (18 July 2001)         

The place to go to get pissed before you go out (ask Greg for a creamy one!) and THE place to go when everywhere else shuts. Chiellos Bar simply only shuts when the last person leave. Even when the police go past they only switch the lights off!! If your not sure where it is head away from the beach, past Rescues on the right until you reach Cozy Corner. Then turn right and carry on to the bottom of the short road past Globe Bar and turn right. Follow the road round and Chiellos is on the right. Enjoy!

Siobhan   (06 July 2001)         

writing on behave of kate coz shes absolutely f**ked. had many a memorable evening in chiellos. hello to paula and greg! kate sez cheers for fixing her top! see you later babes! take care!

Marie J  (21 June 2001)         

Me and the girls were at Laganas May this year, we had a fantastic time. Chiellos is the best bar to go, before and after you hit the main strip. Sounds and drinks are gr8. I just hope the staff at Chiellos are reading this, cause i want to say hello to Greg, and send him a big X. P.s next time i want a massage. Love you all. ???? Wales

Chas R  (06 June 2001)         

Spent a few hours here last year,got apartments nearer this year,watch out for those ditches.12th July we will be back.Place to go in the early hours.

Superted   (27 May 2001)         

Great place to start & finish, George & Greg r wonderful and make fab cocktails.

Rebecca L  (23 January 2001)         

Hi Emma I went there last year and chiellos is a great bar,especially when theyre open after the clubs close.This is where all the workers go(and they are very sexy).I didnt leave from ther untill 7 in the morning once. Its not on the main strip but its only about 100m away,so dont worry about being too pissed to get there coz its not far. If you want to know anything else let me know.

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