Bar crawl with your reps - (Zante Excursions)

Nicky O           

This was a absolute excellent place to go. Jailbreak was class if u can drink alot 2hrs free bar!! Caberet night with the reps entertaining you is great. Pub Crawls are a laugh. Thomson/Freestyle reps...Nathan, Lisa, Louise and Mobbsy are class. They help whenever and wherever they can. Just enjoy yourselves. Im sure to return in 2007!!

Alkyonis Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Nicky O           

Apartments are fine. Breakfast is toast, peaches, boiled eggs, cereals and biscuits if ur up for it. Sakis the barman is class, Tom is shy. Tommy the rep is funny as out but his pal Nathan who was repping the hotel while we were there is the best. There is a pool in the hotel even though ur told there isn't. Rooms are clean. Go to toad in the hole just doors away for any meal and u'll be happy. mmm chicken wraps....

Make sure u hit...cherry bay, cocktails and dreams, plus bar and xparadiso for a good time.
Beach is nice and water is lovely to wake u up when ur suffering a hangover.
Be polite to the greeks and they'll treat u good and look after u whether u eat/drink with them or not.
Have fun everyone

Cocktails and Dreams - (Bars in Laganas)

Nicky O           

We hit Cocktails and Dreams almost every night. Made friends with the bar staff and the bouncers. Even though we did see them hitting a guy once we thought it was a 1 off...nope we were wrong. They turned on a friend of r's and smacked his head off the bar. I had a right go at my friend the bouncer and he apologised for the misunderstanding. That wasn't enough tho so we didn't return for a few days. The music and everything is great tho and as long as ur a group of girls or a group of non-violent or rowdy lads u'll b fine.

Plus Club - (Bars in Laganas)

Nicky O           

Hmmm....Chris....everybody loves him. He's gorgeous so if ya hitting Laganas in 2007 like i hope to fingers crossed he's there.

No-one mentions George. He's Zante's very own Donny Osmond lookalike. He loves bein told that to even tho he hasn't a clue who Donny is. He's very funny doin his impression.

All the Barmen are class and if u r a friendly bunch like us they treat ya to a few shots...and a few more...and a few more.

Everyone must hit Plus Bar in Laganas, ur hol wont b the same otherwise. Enjoy x