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Getting to Laganas:

Laganas is the party capital of Zante and tends to attract holidaymakers in large groups. It's only 7 km from the Airport and takes about 10 minutes in a taxi or car. If you're in a group of 12 or more your cheapest option is to pre-book a private mini bus transfer, otherwise you might as well share taxis from outside the Airport. An 8 seater mini bus costs more than two taxis so there's no point unless you want to stay together for the journey. If you're a solo traveller then you can save some money by taking a shared shuttle bus transfer. It takes longer than a private transfer as you'll be waiting for other passengers and dropping off at more locations, but as there is no public transport at the Airport it's the cheapest option.

Private Taxi Transfer from the Airport to Laganas

Distance: 7.1 km   Duration 10 min
Transport MethodTaxi Fare for 4 Passengers
OFFICIAL TAXI (from taxi rank outside airport)17.00 euros
SHUTTLEDIRECT (Standard Taxi)20.20 euros
WELCOMEPICKUPS (Standard Taxi)21.00 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (Standard Taxi)
15 euros extra charge for 2 drop offs in same resort
21.34 euros
HOPPA (Standard Taxi)23.54 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (Standard Taxi)24.00 euros
15 euros extra charge for 2 drop offs in same resort
25.10 euros
HOLIDAYTAXIS (Standard Taxi)36.28 euros
TRAVEL REPUBLIC (Standard Taxi)41.00 euros
HOPPA (Wheelchair Adapted)47.59 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (Mercedes Benz Taxi)52.00 euros

Shared Shuttle Bus Transfer from the Airport to Laganas

Distance: 7.1 km   Duration 35 min
Transport AgentPrice for 4 Passengers
HOPPA37.80 euros

Private Mini Bus / Private Coach Transfer from the Airport to Laganas

Distance: 7.1 km   Duration 15 min
Transport MethodPrice
ZANTETAXI4U (8 Seater)50.00 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (8 Seater)52.72 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (12 Seater)60.00 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (Premium 8 Seater)60.25 euros
HOPPA (Premium 7 Seater)67.06 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (16 Seater)70.00 euros
HOLIDAYTAXIS (8 Seater)71.25 euros
HOPPA (Premium 12 Seater)83.91 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (22 Seater)90.30 euros
HOPPA (16 Seater)98.60 euros
HOLIDAYTAXIS (16 Seater)100.40 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (49 Seater)120.50 euros

KTEL Bus from the Airport to Laganas via Zante Town

Transport MethodPrice
KTEL BUS1.80 euros

Laganas Summary:

The largest resort on the island, Laganas is very popular with visitors from the UK. It's the only Club 18-30 resort on Zakynthos, but the resort has a lot to offer everyone, with over 100 bars and a choice of Italian, Indian and Chinese food. Make sure you check the location of your accommodation. The resort is very spread out, with some apartments well over a mile from the beach. If you like an early night then make sure you're not above a bar or in one of the hotels on the main street in the centre of town. The beach areas either side of the town centre are the best place to stay. The lack of water sports is a problem for some, but there are free buses running down to St Nickolaos beach everyday. It is definitely not traditionally Greek, but you don't have to travel far to be in traditional greek villages.

Laganas Aerial 360 Video

Reasons to Visit:

• Biggest & busiest resort on Zakynthos

• Excellent nightlife

• Good beach - although very busy

• Good selection of bars & restaurants

• Something for everyone

• Still has a soul despite all the development

Reasons to Stay Away:

• Biggest & busiest resort on Zakynthos

• Beach extremely busy in peak season

• No watersports except turtle spotting

Beaches near Laganas:

A small family friendly place with a sandy beach and shallow water also offering boat trips to Marathonisi Island and the Keri Caves
Kalamaki Beach  (209 Comments)
Kalamaki BeachProbably the best place to actually see a turtle. Just wade about in the shallow water and if they are about you will soon spot one.
Laganas Beach  (162 Comments)
Laganas BeachIt's as busy as you'd expect from a Club 18-30 resort, but keep walking and you'll find a long stretch of beach where development has been prevented by the Marine Park.
Porto Koukla BeachOften discovered by accident, this is a haven of peace and tranquillity despite being within walking distance of Laganas!
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Popular Hotels:

Perkes Hotel  (789 Comments)
Perkes HotelThe Perkes Hotel is just 500 metres from the beautiful, sandy beach in the bay of Laganas. The location is superb with the centre of Laganas and its friendly nightlife and lively bars just a 15 minute walk away.
Alexander Hotel  (728 Comments)
Alexander HotelThis is a terrific complex with 175 clean and comfortable guestrooms equipped with modern amenities, close to the resort centre and from the nightlife of Laganas.
Margarita Hotel  (554 Comments)
Mon Repos  (407 Comments)
Tzante Hotel  (340 Comments)
Centrally located in the lively Laganas Town, Hotel Tzante is 100 yards from a sandy beach. It boasts a pool bar and an outdoor free form pool.
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