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Getting to Alykanas:

Alykanas and Alykes are the only main resorts on Zante that have a significant transfer distance. Alykanas is approximately 17 km and 26 minutes away from the Airport and the taxi fare is 28 euros. A shared shuttle bus service costs from 12 euros each so it's only worth it if you're a solo travel. If you're looking to save some money then sharing a taxi with another couple is the best option. Official taxis are licensed to carry 4 passengers and their luggage. If you take the free transfer coach with your tour operator you should go direct to the resort because of the distance, but you can still end up waiting a long time for another flight to arrive at the Airport so they can fill the coach.

Private Taxi Transfer from the Airport to Alykanas

Distance: 17.6 km   Duration 27 min
Transport MethodTaxi Fare for 4 Passengers
OFFICIAL TAXI (from taxi rank outside airport)28.00 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (Standard Taxi)35.00 euros
WELCOMEPICKUPS (Standard Taxi)37.00 euros
SHUTTLEDIRECT (Standard Taxi)38.04 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (Standard Taxi)
15 euros extra charge for 2 drop offs in same resort
40.17 euros
15 euros extra charge for 2 drop offs in same resort
46.44 euros
HOPPA (Standard Taxi)50.20 euros
HOLIDAYTAXIS (Standard Taxi)51.61 euros
TRAVEL REPUBLIC (Standard Taxi)55.00 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (Mercedes Benz Taxi)76.00 euros
HOPPA (Wheelchair Adapted)85.00 euros

Shared Shuttle Bus Transfer from the Airport to Alykanas

Distance: 17.6 km   Duration 65 min
Transport AgentPrice for 4 Passengers
HOPPA53.35 euros

Private Mini Bus / Private Coach Transfer from the Airport to Alykanas

Distance: 17.6 km   Duration 40 min
Transport MethodPrice
SUNTRANSFERS (8 Seater)62.76 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (Premium 8 Seater)72.80 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (8 Seater)80.00 euros
HOLIDAYTAXIS (8 Seater)89.30 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (12 Seater)90.00 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (22 Seater)99.23 euros
ZANTETAXI4U (16 Seater)100.00 euros
HOLIDAYTAXIS (16 Seater)118.85 euros
HOPPA (16 Seater)126.94 euros
SUNTRANSFERS (49 Seater)128.03 euros
HOPPA (Premium 12 Seater)149.93 euros

KTEL Bus from the Airport to Alykanas via Zante Town

Transport MethodPrice
KTEL BUS1.80 euros

Alykanas Summary:

Alykes and Alykanes are less developed than the resorts in the south, but they too have grown-up recently and this year you will you find karaoke bars for the first time which you will either love or hate. It's still much quieter than resorts like Tsilivi and Laganas, and will probably suit more people now than previously. Horse and carriages have replaced taxis and will provide free transport to local restaurants. The beaches are excellent, long and sandy and very safe for children. It is still a very relaxing and friendly place but if peace and quiet is your priority then why not look at Amoudi a couple of kms south of Alykanas. No British tour operator covers this resort and there have been few changes in recent years. If you get up early you can even have the beach completely to yourself.

Alykanas Aerial 360 Video

Reasons to Visit:

• Great beaches - Not crowded & very safe for kids

• Village atmosphere with traditional tavernas & friendly bars

• Boat excursions & hire

• Good watersports - Paragliding & Jetskis

• Good for couples and families

• Good location for exploring the north side of Zakynthos

Reasons to Stay Away:

• Too quiet for some

• Very British

• A bit remote from the other resorts

Beaches near Alykanas:

Alykanas Beach  (150 Comments)
Alykanas BeachA big sandy beach which rarely gets crowded despite new tourist developments nearby. Plenty of tourist facilities nearby without feeling overly commercialised.
Alykes Beach  (54 Comments)
Alykes BeachFairly narrow in places, but quite a long beach so it only gets crowded close to the resort centre.
Amoudi Beach  (11 Comments)
Amoudi BeachA very quiet area with small sandy beaches. Easy to get to if you are staying nearby in Alykes or Alykanas.
Old Alykanas Beach  (12 Comments)
Old Alykanas BeachA beautiful series of small beaches and all within easy walking distance of the nearby resort of Alykanas.
Psarou Beach - Amoudi  (3 Comments)
Psarou BeachNo big hotels in this area. A series of small beaches which are usually very quiet except in July or August
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Alykanas Beach Village  (548 Comments)
Alykanas Beach Hotel  (479 Comments)
Elpida Hotel  (187 Comments)
Elpida Hotel
Whitehouse Studios  (136 Comments)
Dannys Kali Pigi Hotel  (129 Comments)
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Alykanas Taxis

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