Down Under - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Sami W  (12 June 2003)         

hello how are you lot its sami i came here with my mum, martine, and her mum bernie, alot has change since we were last here, me and martine are no longer best friends, her mum dont like me and to be ohnest the feelings mutual.
but i wished i hadnt fallen out with my best friend, but life goes on i have still got other friends and i still have my other best mate. im moving too i think its best to get away from them all!
mum says hi george, nick, brent, carl , everyone else love sami.

Antonis Pool Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

?????? ?           

hi i met jianni, yianni, and when we met we hit it off straight away,
it was love and still is, we kept intouch for ages and now he hasnt txt becuase i got someone else, but i still really like him i keep txtn him but he wont reply and he wont answer the phone can someone help me plz