Laganas Resort - (Resorts in Zante)


Hi All

Has anoyone got any information on the Rose Club Apartments as I off there in July, I would like to find out anything really especially details about location etc.
I last went to Laganas around 11 years ago and I loved it especially the lovely sea!! I do understand peoples comments on the beach it does look brown and flat but thats because its all wet (unless it has changed drastically).
Is the beach really overcroweded in July cause I am a bit worried now as that is one of the main parts of my holiday.
Lastly does anyone know of a restaurant called Jozefs as that was our favourite restaurant but I cant find it mentioned on the web anywhere so maybe it has closed down by now?

Rose Club Apartments - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Gooders G           

Yes they are, the only problem I found with the apartments was the behaviour of some of the t***s that have made nasty comments here, yes I remember them well the bunch of to**ers. I made sure my children annoyed them as much as possible in the day to try to compensate for them keeping us awake all night. The owners were really nice but were just sick of having their apartments wrecked by a bunch of jerks. The owner Bruno showed me their room when they left and I have never seen anything like it. Bruno only treated them the way he did because of the way they all swore and abused him every evening. The place is nice it's just the other guests you may have problems with.

Mr Dallas - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Gooders G           

Absolutely fantastic - village lamb superb as was the Zante lamb. Yes service is slightly slower than in other restaurants but that is because they cook everything totally fresh so it' way worth it.
The staff are all so friendly and they really make you feel that you are their most important customer.

If I go back to Laganas it will be the first place that I go to eat!

Blue Sea - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Gooders G           

Didn't really plan to go in here but the PR girl was nice and polite and didn't hassle us like so many others do, so we gave it a go. We actually went twice and on both occasions were not dissapointed and the children loved it too.
Had a lovely view over the sea and was lovely surroundings within the restaurant.

Hellenk Taste - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Gooders G  (21 September 2004)         

Went here twice and the staff are quite friendly only they do really hassle you when you walk past even if you ate there the night before, I found this really annoying.

The food was good but not the best we had sampled, although on the second visit I had to visit the little girls room, to get there you had to walk through the kitchen and once I had seen it, it made me feel sick and I decided at that point I would never go back. There was raw meat out just left uncovered and it all looked very very messy and unclean (I'm not saying that it was unclean it just looked it, enough to put me off anyway).
Oh and the Lamb Kleftiko was the fattiest lamb I had all holiday.

Would neither recommend it or say avoid it - try it if you like and make up your own mind!

Tweeties - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Gooders G  (21 September 2004)         

Yeuk - didn't try the breakfasts but the snacks in the day were crap!

Laganas Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Gooders G           

I agree with Rachel.

When you first see the beach it is dissapointing as it is narrow and not really very nice sand but the sea is absolutely gorgeous and I spent most of my two weeks floating on my lilo in the sea. Sheer bliss!