Apollo - (Bars in Argassi)

Mel S           

we went in to this bar every night ... loved it. the barman, Dassis, was drop dead gorgeous, and they are all so friendly there ... i miss it!! :(   the only downside, in my opinion was the music and entertainment ... but if u like kareoke and that its great ... and also there was this singer guy, that wasnt good.... but other than that, overall ... it was brilliant!!


Captains Hotel - (Accommodation in Argassi)

Mel S           

me and my friend stayed at the captains, and we really liked it.  there is a massive hill to the main entrance, but we found a short-cut where you can go up some steps through the pool and past the commodor ... this was better we thought, coz it cut off the hill.

the food was ok ... salad was lush, but the mains were a bit random ... one night it was chips, potatoes, pasta and rice .... with some meat thing ... but not a huge range to be honest!!
the people were so nice ... we evertually broke the head receptionist in to a bit of a smile which is always a good thing!!

Adi is the best ... we miss him so much!! he really looked out for us ... so if ur a group of girls or woteva .. he's like your big brother who'll make sure your ok! Amy is an absloute legend ... shes so cool ... and a right laugh!! all the staff are fun, and make u feel really comfortable. we had to pay 5 euros a day for air conditioning...thats the only annoying thing .... but worth it, coz it was sooooo hot!!

there wasnt a huge amount of things to do ... there were a few bars and that ... but only a few that we thought were decent, we ended up going to the same bar every night ... we're not really in to clubbing and whatever, and i think this resort suited that ... there were loads of couples around ... i think its an ideal resort for couples ... but brilliant hotel!! x