Tzante Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Claire S           

brilliant holiday. can't wait to see everyone at the reunion!!!!! thanks to everyone for making it such an amazing holiday, wigan girls, all you london boys (still out there i beleive lucky gits lol), tony, tim, pete si, carl, flynn and of course ollie and good old duncan. would recomend ita smudged to anyone and love to go back again next summer. and for those of you that missed me when i stumbled back my last morning, missed me with a smudged alfie tattoo and stickers everywhere. add me guys x
claire and price

Pop Star - (Bars in Laganas)

Claire S  (03 September 2006)         

loved pop star. Not always very buy but right next door to my hotel so brilliant place to start out. chris the pr guy really sorted me out on my last night. remember me covered in stickers, giving you my flip flops? wanna keep in touch e-mail

Bar crawl with your reps - (Zante Excursions)

Claire S           

going club 18-30 deffinetly do the bar crawls. most nights start out with a mini one but the big ones are brilliant!!!! such a good atmosphere, guns full of drinks, such a laugh. The bars get busy but that's not a problem if you want a few more in a bar it's easy enough to catch up with everyone else a bit later. Recomend doing it just for the atmosphere.