Commodore Hotel - (Accommodation in Argassi)

Amy S

Is anybody going to be out in zante between the 23rd august and first few days in september?... and for anyone whos been out there this year is cody still in the hotel commodore?

Commodore Hotel - (Accommodation in Argassi)

Amy S          10/10

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omg could this place get any better? haha! i went last year at exactly the same tym as this year and it was  brilliant. argassi is lyk a magnet and people jus keep coming back to it! it was a lot quieter in argassi compared to last year i dont know why maybe it was due to the floods in the north of england stopping people from taking their holidays or something but all the same it was still brilliant!...

for the first week (which was the last week in august) it got up to 50 degrees!! absolutely boiling it was hard to sunbathe lol!!..! but then after that first week the temperature decreased to around late thirties which was nice but felt colder at night coz of what we had bin used to the week before ! haha

the commodore is such a friendly hotel with great staff especially good ol cody who we also see last year ..! and blady aka mr bean..! hehe what a ledgend.. the rooms are basic but are nice enough jus for sleeping and relaxing.
the hill leading up to the hotel is not even a big deal like some people say it is its jus a slope that gradually gets higher but i suppose it depends on whether or not you have asthma or something..
the best bars in argassi are definatly the factory with coscos and the other man i dont know his name but he used to make this funny noise which u cud hear from down the road! people who have bin there will know exactly what im talking about lol ! hehe they were so funny ..! watch out for coscos hes a bit p**vy lol ..!
the australian bar "rossi's place" was great especially with kenny bless him hes luvly ..!
the beer academy was good enough to start off the night in they do a good "sex on the beach" cocktail lol..!
the good thing about the commodore is that you can use the other two hotels in the complex which are the admiral and the captains hotel. they are just as nice as the commodore and if you go half borad or all inclusive dinner is served at the captains and the food is gorjus ..! at first i thought ooh s**t im guna starve for 2 weeks coz im a really fussy eater but i was fine ..!
anyway im sooooo depressed to be back lol..! i loved it out there soo much and definately will be returning if not next year the year after..!  argassi is a place u cannot hate as it suits pretty much everyone (familys, couples, groups of friends etc) the weather was brilliant while i was out there not sure if its raining out there at the moment though coz it was supposed to rain on my last day but never did and i now realise i should have sunbathed that extra bit coz the weather here is absolutely s**te in england lol ..
anyone whos going out there soon is luckiest person eva lol..! cor this review is about 10 pages long so i betta round it off now ... bye bye! xxx

Rossis Place - (Bars in Argassi)

Amy S  (24 July 2008)        10/10

Ellooo everyone at Rossis Place..!

Been back a week now and im missing zante soooo much.. Knew i should of stayed out there and worked haha..!
The aussie bar we went in a few times and it was really friendly n that they always say hello even if your not going in there lol and they've got the best PR - Stu the Essex boy hehe  ((the one in the picture))
They officially do the best cocktails and its all down to the barman i fink his names Matt sorry if im wrong lol..!
Hopefully im coming back out here if not September then next year,, yes i know it will be like the 800th time but who cares i love it here!!
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See ya soon I hope!!
xXx xXx

The Factory - (Bars in Argassi)

Amy S (22 October 2008)

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Is that Kostas who worked in the Factory Club..?
The one in the picture..?