Gerakas Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Neil C          7/10

This is a beautiful beach which is totally unspoiled. I visited here on the 15th of July 2008. There is a car park at the top of the road before you go onto the beach. In this car park is the Turtle sanctuary. It costs 2 euros to park in the car park and you can go into the sanctuary building and sponsor a turtle. One thing I found incredibly disturbing was that there was an English Setter dog tied to a tree in the car park . This dog had no food , water or shade and the poor animal was in quite a distressed state. I went and got the dog some water and food which it desperately needed.I later phoned the Zante Animal Welfare Fund who told me they would go and look to the dog. I find it hard to believe that in one part of the car park there are people asking for money to save the turtles but they cannot give another animal a drink of water.Hopefully this has now been rectified. 

I would suggest using this car park at the cost of 2 euros as the money does go to a worthwhile cause . Perhaps a little of it could have stretched to a bit of food and water for this poor dog. 

Louros Beach Hotel - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Neil C          8/10

Just got back from a week stay on the 18th of July. Lovely hotel which has a gorgeous pool area a cracking good pool bar which serves very good and very reasonable food. The Hotel itself is kept in very good order and the staff are very helpful. In my opinion there are only a couple of things which spoil it . Firstly - the breakfast. I know its a Continental breakfast but there must be some way of having a variation on a theme . Even a change of Cereal would be nice. Secondly - the proximity of the hotel to the airport. Its all very nice  being on the transfer bus for 5 minutes but it can be annoying at times when the planes are landing and taking off and you can nearly shake hands with the pilot !. These things  apart I would definately recommend this hotel as it is not only close to the resort centre but is also only 2 minutes away from the beach.

Spaghetomania - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Neil C  (19 July 2008)        9/10

Just got back from a week's stay in Kalamaki and my wife and I used this restaurant 3 nights out of 7. The service is very good , the prices fairly reasonable and the food is superb. I had the spaghetti bolagnaise one night and it was the best I have ever had.

Doctors Surgery - (Doctors/Chemists in Zante)

Neil C          2/10

Whilst on holiday in Kalamki in July my wife had to go to the Pharmacy to get some medication for Hay Fever. The woman who works behind the counter must be the most sour, unco-operative person on the Island. The price she charged us for a packet of tablets was 15 euros. At those prices she should be laughing her head off and not be so miserable. Mind you the tablets did the trick.