Tabiyia - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Sheelagh D  (12 August 2009)        10/10

Yianni, you have a new bar.  Coming out to Kalamaki at the end of August - can't wait to see you all.  Best wishes to your Dad.  Remember no blue drinks please!!!  See you all soon, Martin, Sheelagh, Josh and Eve

Tabiyia - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Sheelagh D  (25 February 2010)        10/10

Hi Yiannis and Tabitha

Thanks for a fab time when we were out last year - GUESS WHAT - we're coming back.  Cant wait to see you - love to your family. xx
Fantastic bar - fab cocktails - great people. 
See you soon and lots of love,
Sheelagh, Martin and Josh

Buon Amici - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Sheelagh D          10/10

Just had another fantastic holiday in Kalamaki - Buon Amici is, as usual, the most fantastic restaurant.  Had excellent service and food quality is outstanding.  Dont be put off by comments on quality and price.  We have been every year to Kalamaki since 2003 and have not had one poor quality or overly expensive meal.  Remember you only get what you're paying for!!!!

Buon Amici cannot be beaten for hospitaliy and friendliness - everyone has to try this restaurant - ITS SUPERB!
Just the view from the rooftop restaurant is worth it.  Best wishes to Nick, Liza, Nikos and all at Buon Amici - cant wait to come back.
Sheelagh, Martin and Josh xxx