Restaurants in Laganas

Paul K  (01 August 2007)        5/10

This was, i think the most crapy place I have eaten this whole holiday. The man standing in front of the restourant  kind of pushes you in to the restourant but is friendly.

I would not recomend this place to you.

Shannon Keily    age 13

Kirsty F (27 July 2007)

went to vezal two nights of our holiday and we had a good time each night!! people are friendly although one bloke didnt really know what he was doing!! See you all again soon!!

Kine S  (09 December 2006)         

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Hello everyone at Vezal!

The season is over and you all deserve some time off now  . We hope you had a GOOD season.
We want to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
See you next year (we will come after our wedding, 07.07.07) .
Miss you  
Love from Elias, Roger and Kine.

Benedikte A  (28 September 2006)         

me and my mom was in zante for one week, and when we discovered Vezal, we(certainly I) didn`t want to go any other place!!  EXSEPSIONELLY staff,and lovely family,(kids and "Jack Nicholsen" with wife) As many others at this page,I would be grateful to get the adress so I can send them pictures and hello!! If anybody are going there,please say HERREGUD to the charming Flammi from me

Joralf S  (19 August 2006)         

It was a very nice place and the people who were working there and the owners

was the best people you ever can meet. We are comming back next year to the
best place in Laganas.
     Turid & Joralf from Norway

Bob, J  (06 August 2006)         

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeThanks for everything! we miss you, yiannus thanks for the metaxa. you are the best doctor of the world!! we love you! vezal is super!!

Kine S  (28 June 2006)         

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And some more...

Kine S  (28 June 2006)         

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Here are the pictures we promised

Kine S  (28 June 2006)         

We miss you!

Thank´s again for perfect food and excellent service the 3 weeks we stayed in Laganas june 2006 (and the 2 weeks in september 2004)
Good luck for the rest of the season  See you next year
Kine and Roger

Esther   (10 May 2006)         

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oh my god damn i miss them guys, especially flamur :(

i had soa great time..
but im still looking for their number, i called it (on their card) but...
they say its not in use :|
i need it!!!
who can hlep me?!

John S  (18 September 2005)         

our only low point of a fantastic two weeks. poor service, average food,  charged for unwanted bread and overcharged for our meal and drinks

Caz L (20 July 2005)

Could you please send me the address od Vezal Bar as i would love to send some pics i have of the place and its waiters!! had great time here with my friends will definatley be returning!! Panos the P.R for the place is great!!!

Katarina K (08 July 2005)

I need a telephone number to vezal restaurant .

Tracey R  (20 June 2005)         

The only good thing about this restaurant was seeing the turtles poke their heads out of the water! We have been to plenty of Greek Islands but the food here was tough & waiter staff too busy trying to get people in to eat than pay attention to clients they already have. I love tzaziki but the garlic was too much! 

Melanie W  (29 March 2005)         

I worked in zante for 3 years and think the food is truely fantastic there, the service is quite slow but at the end of the day, your on holiday your not in a rush to go anywhere.
The staff are very friendly, the place is kept very clean, and you have a lovely view of the ocean.
I cant understand why it has such a low rating as its a lovely place.

George T  (28 November 2004)         

Vezal Bar and Restaurant Laganas Beach.

My wife and I have had the pleasure to visit Laganas over 15 times, each occasion for 2 weeks, during the past 10 years. Over this time we have built up a list of “must go” restaurants which we visit on a rota basis.

These restaurants are; on the beach . . . Greek Islands Restaurant - with waiter dancing; and the Vezal Bar and Restaurant - fantastic value on traditional Greek Dancing Nights; off the main street, the Acropolis Restaurant - quiet and romantic, and finally, on the main street, the Odyssey Restaurant - good value for money.

We were really surprised to see negative comments on the Vezal Bar and Restaurant; but if you take time to analyse the described situation, you will understand why the party of 30 expecting special treatment on a night when professional Greek Dancing is taking place for the entertainment of 200 other paying customers.

Expectation exceeded credibility – maybe the birthday party customers should have chosen a time when a professional function was not in progress.

In support of the Vezal Bar and Restaurant, we have found that it has the widest range of menu greater than any of the other restaurants listed above. We eat there at least 4 times during our regular 2 weekly holidays, and have never had any cause for complaint, so the plight of the 30 birthday partygoers must surely be an exception.

We will still be eating at the Vezal on our next 2005 visit to Laganas, and we would encourage anyone reading this note to consider that we are using our real names to endorse this information, and not hiding behind a pseudonym. George and Stella Tomlinson, Derby, England.

Kate T  (29 August 2004)         

Hello! Me and my boyfriend went to Laganas at the end of June this yr for 2 weeks and I have to say that Vezal restaurant was fantastic in every way! We made friends with all of the lovely waiters / waitresses and they were all so friendly and would always look after you. We ate there every single night and have no complaints about anything!
The lovely waiter who kept saying "cheers babes" and "ta" was hilarious and would always come over to us and make sure he said hello.

On our last night :-( :-( we ate there and it was actually a greek night which was really good! At the end of the night everyone was going and the staff told us to stay there (as we were flying home very early in the morning and we were out our apartment by then) and they closed everywhere up while we were still sitting there.
We made great mates with all the staff, especially our fave Amgelo!
He was a lovely genuine guy who also works on the beach during the day and we are keeping in touch with him on his mobile now we are back in cr*py england!

The manager is a crazy little sweet man!!! Always knows how to get customers in there but always nice about it and loves dancing on the beach!

All in all we had a fantastic holiday from start to finish and we even sent the restaurant pics of them all (that we took before we left) and a big thank you card when we got back...rang Amgela to see if they'd received it and they were so grateful and happy!!


Kate and Anthony, wigan, England xxxx

Sarah M  (22 July 2004)         

I came here one evening with my boyfriend for just having a drink (we already had dinner somewhere else and wanted to see what kind of place this was). We were not amused at all when we overheard how the barwoman was talking very rude in Greek to a foreign girl, who obviously did not understand a word. We found this behaviour so disgusting, that we decided not to come back in this place any more!

Mandy   (20 July 2004)         

This was our 2nd year in Zante and the manager remembered us! We were realy looked after and the food was very good. The Steak Greece is fab. The service is very good and the staff are very friendly particularly Yannis the head waiter and his 'Ta Love'! I would highly recommend this place to all.

Steven O  (19 July 2004)         

Our party of 30 adults and children decided to dine there towards the end of a lovely holiday as it was one of our party`s birthday. Little Tatoo as we called him would accost us every night as we walked by telling us how good the food and entertainment was. So after he offered our party free wine with our meal we decided to try it. BIG MISTAKE. To be honest the food was`nt to bad but you could`nt see what you were eating because it was dark and they wouldnt put the lights on. Every person got charged 1 euro for bread that nobody ordered and ate because it was stale, the next suprise was the free wine, 2 tiny pitchers of retsina (vinegar) between 18 adults that no one could drink. As we ordered our food each family wrote down what they had ordered and it`s cost so we knew exactly what the bill should be, one table was overcharged 24 euros and our table overcharged 17 euros and that was above the 10% tax added for live music charged on both food and drink. I always say that you get ripped at least once on holiday and for our party this was it. So be warned keep away from Vezal and the poison dwarf and enjoy laganas.

Coco Y  (15 July 2004)         

We and our friends had very bad experiences with this so-called restaurant. One day the food was good, but two days later it was very bad. So bad, that a friend of mine got food-poisening! From a relative, who knows the restaurant very well, I heard some very sad stories about Vezal. The kitchen is very small and their way of working is not clean at all. And if you want to try this shot Tentoura that they offer you when they present you the bill: better don't try it! There's a good chance that another customer already tasted from the glass! The bread that you don't eat, they offer to other customers. No wonder my friend got sick there!
The service is very quick. So quick, that you sometimes don't have the time to finish your starter. When you have complaints about that, the owner, Akis, gets angry at you instead of changing this way of working! In spite of the fact that the other waiters do their best, we didn't like this at all.
One more tip: they present you bread without asking if you want it and later you pay for it. But: if you don't order it, you don't have to pay.

Briony J  (23 September 2003)         

My friend and I returned yesterday from 2 weeks in Laganas and ate at the Vezal practically every evening ... twice we tried other places and were bitterly disappointed and once I wasn't well enough to go out. We tried a good variety of the dishes both starters and main courses .... favourites being taramasalata (apologies for spelling if wrong) .... and devilled pork steak, and swordfish from the grill.

The staff could not have been more welcoming and we'd like to say thanks particularly to Akis, Yannis, Phillipos, Aggelos, Maria and everybody else for helping to make our first visit to Zakynthos truly memorable.

We didn't just like the Vezal ...... we LOVED it. Thank you everyone. OH! And if you're a cat lover you will adore this restaurant!!!!

Briony and Graham.

Remy R  (18 September 2003)         

Gooeeeddd ETen !! =D...

heej allemaal ik ga hier ff een heel lulverhaal ophange nie da jullie daar iets om geven maar ik doe ut lekker puh tog =P...
haaahaaa die mannetje is egt grappig!!! die met die rare tande ja!!... en die ober daar: Filipos (volgens mij) MMMM heerlijk =D...

nog ff reclame voor het appartement ernaast =D... mooi!!! en leuke mense, haha mijn zusje had daar een speciale beschermengel NINJAAAhhh.... ennummmm niet dat je di leest ofzo, en al zou je het al lezen kan je het niet lezen want je kent geen nederlands ik weet het.... maarrr George ik mis je (naja een beetje dan) ik weet niet waarom je op het laatst zo raar deed majaaa ik hoop dat je nog een leuk leve krijgt (sTandAARt =S)...en je kon goed zoenen =D.... w8 da zeg ik ff in het engels voor het geval dat: U R a GooD KiSSer =D...

majaa het ging hier over vezal... een tip eve voor de mensen die er nog heen gaan: je moet er niet íedere avond gaan eten want de krijg je de wijn niet gratis, je moet steeds een paar dagen er tussen laten want dan proberen ze je weer binnen te praten en dan zeggen ze dat je de wijn gratis krijgt...

maar ik ben er weg van...





Nienke   (08 August 2003)         

THE BEST PLACE TO BE ON YOUR HOLIDAY!We've been at Vezal almost every day of our vacation and it's the best!We'd like to say hi to Aggelos who surprised us at our last night there. My very best compliments to the staff.....hope to see you next year!

Kerrylyn J  (21 July 2003)         


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