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Cathrine S (30 June 2002)

Hey Max and Thomas (+the rest of the guys 'n girls at Wok Kitchen)! First of all: Thanks for great service and food at your restaurant during our stay in Laganas! Sitting here in cold Norway now deeply missing Laganas AND Wok Kitchen of course.... After a few glasses of wine, we suddenly had an urge to give you guys a call! So we need to know your phonenumber!!! Thanks Linn and Cathrine PS: It was nice (yet really weird) bumping into you in London, Max.....

Mimmi H (25 September 2001)

I´d like to hear from someone who were in Laganas this summer. I was there 21-28 of august. I´d love to hear from someone who might have had as much fun as I had!!

Mimmi H  (25 September 2001)         

hello. I can say that I really don´t agree with you. First of all, the food was great, Me and my friends ate a really tasty nudle dish with chicken and vegetables. It was not just good, it was great! The price wasn´t maby that good. it was a little bit more expensive than in the other restaurants, but that doesn´t matter. It was worth it. I can´t understand how u can think the service was bad. It was the best I have ever had. A huge thanks to Max and Peter from sweden. U are the best!! They werent not just good servers, they were great friends too, a big kiss from the two girls with long blond hair (mimmi) and josefine.

Bridget J  (25 August 2001)         

Our holiday rep actually recommended this. The first time we went it was lovely - good, tasty food - even if the last persons dish arrived after we had finished ours. The second time we ordered the same food but got different dishes altogether and again, one of our groups food was missing. The service was pretty poor too. Don't believe the hype!!

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