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John H  (14 August 2006)         

The Butterfly Indian/Chinese restaurant is by far the best in LaganasExcellent PR girl out front and very friendly staff to take your orders etc. The price was good, not expensive! I went there 3 times in 2 weeks and on my 2nd visit they already remembered what I wanted from the 1st time and I was treated to free beer on the 3rd visit.     Oi-oi!

Zoe W  (30 June 2006)         

Absolutely lovely meal and good service!

Hollie R  (27 October 2005)         

The best indian ever love hollie

Bev C  (08 November 2004)         

I cant really say anything but mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Im sure that speaks for itself!

Jade E  (11 September 2004)         

i came bak from zante on the 9th of september n i loved it
we went 2 the butterflies on our 9th day and it was amazing! the spar ribs were lovely if i went bak 2 zante that wud be the 2nd place i wud go 2 4 a meal
if any peopl wud like 2 ask me about lagana please contact me on rockchick568@hotmail.com and i will replie instantly

Vicky   (20 July 2004)         

great resturant!!! could eat indian and chinese at same timE! huge portions for money, def worth it. PR is great girl too!! shes madness!

G   (28 March 2004)         

I love Chinese & went here several times. Service was good & the waiters were always friendly.

Lou E  (24 August 2003)         

we ate here once we got stuck outside it was a bit dark,but other than that it was okay.the food was lovely aswell.worth a visit.

Simon R  (12 August 2003)         

Fantastic Meals
Friendly staff
We even went back on our last night it was so nice.

Sam B  (16 July 2003)         

compliment first...food was o.k (have had better).
now lets get started...tosser who was supposed to be a waiter spent more time waving at pink fat english birds than waiting on tables. he thought it was quite reasonable to hand our son (who's arm was in pot,and is 9 years old)a red hot bowl of soup sat on a plate to him about two feet away and above the table.i was not impressed but bit my tongue. then after each course, as soon as one of us finished he was over like a shot and more or less snatched the plate from under your nose. my son went to ask the waiter where the toilet was, in response he was told "wait a minute" not in a nice manner, then knocked over.myself as a mum was pretty pissed off by that.
by the way if any of the staff are reading this.thanks for the lovely chinese dragon ashtray that fell into my handbag (as revenge), must say it looks lovely on my table at home.
and yes, it was us that ripped off and took the pretty chinese boy picture from the toilet door (more revenge).
if anyone goes to this resturant, please please slap the b*****d waiter for me...

Gem   (23 June 2003)         

My boyfriend and i have just got back from zante and ate here 3 times. Chinese is the best but we also tried indian and the chicken korma (mild) was medium - hot. But the chinese is well worth a visit!

Jennie K  (17 July 2002)         

Had Chinese 5 times here during our stay, and it was delicious. The staff were attentive and cheerful, although i asked 4 vodka and coke once and they only brought out coke, also i ordered 2 chicken satays and they only brought out 1, so when it arrived everyone else in my party had finished eating !

Bods   (10 October 2001)         

We tried this place having been enticed in by the smell whilst walking past. We tried the Indian and thought that the food was bland at the very least. I had a chicken curry dish in a buttery sauce - it just tasted like a buttery soup...very watery and not much taste. Partner had the chicken bhuna which was OK but not the same as one back home...we would never go back again. Considering that the place was almost empty [good sign not to enter really] the staff were not very attentive. We also think it a bit strange to put Chinese with Indian but there are a few restaurants the same in the resort. We were away for 2 weeks and this was the only poor meal that we had. Give it a miss and if you do want to sample Chinese whilst away, try the Bee Garden which is further down the road towards the beach.

Colin G  (11 September 2001)         

A good selection of Chinese and Indian food at reasonable prices but don't be in a hurry. The food is delicious and well worth the wait.

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