Restaurants in Laganas

Jade E  (01 June 2005)         

the chips came in a massive portion and they filled a hole !

Karen & Paul  (26 May 2004)         

Best Gyros Pitta we've ever had!

Katie J  (08 August 2003)         

Great!! Lovely food...try the double cheese burgers, they're to die for!! xxx

Nicole R  (18 July 2003)         

We ate there every day. It was great The food and service were both excellent

Toni C  (15 September 2002)         

Had the fried chicken on first night here and it was really good. Tried it again but the batter on the chicken was non existant second time around. Friendly staff and good place to eat but if ya chicken aint got the covering it still tasted nice but southern fried should be SOUTHERN FRIED.

Bob C  (17 September 2001)         

the best joint in town.

Chiz   (15 September 2001)         

Didn't actually try the food, but Costas worked there so It must have been good. Hey Costas, remember the mad Scots boys?

Karl V  (08 August 2001)         

The breakfast was awful, they stated English sausage they did not state taste like English sausage that had gone off. The eggs were not cooked properly and they only toast one side of the bread. Give it a miss and go to Hot Lips!!!!

Chris M  (20 July 2001)         

Big fat greasy staff, but the food was very cheap and tasty after a few pints anyway!

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