Restaurants in Laganas

Alenka R (06 October 2002)

Helo! :) Does in this restaurant works Andreas?? Tnx

Alenka R  (06 October 2002)         

I love this restaurant!! And boy, who worked them!! :)) If i was going to Laganas i would visit this restaurant!! And boy - naturally!! :) Ok, by by!! Alenka from SLOVENIA

Wendy F  (22 June 2002)         

We went at least four times to this place during our holiday. The food is very good value for money and the service is excellent. "Harrys, Locmbros and George etc.if you can see this" Sophie say's "hello" and we will visit next year!

Katja H  (25 September 2001)         

Harris: you definately don't look 55. Say hi to everyone there and give my love to you know who. By the way next yaer I am back to work in Laganas. It is to cold here in Holland. Love Katja ( hakzekatja@hotmail.com )

Heloise T  (25 August 2001)         

Harris, you gave us enough leaflets to cover a wall but we still love you. We ate there once and it was nice. The staff were sweet and friendly.

Louise B  (22 August 2001)         

This Restuarant was the worst place that we visited on the island.The food was very poor and as a result i spent all day Saturday in bed with sickness, something that you don't want on holiday.If i was going back to Laganas i would not visit this resuarant!!

Louise K  (16 February 2001)         

Fantastic service and excellent food. Wide variety of Greek dishes plus fantastic pizzas. Watch out for Harris on the door !!

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