Blue Caves and Shipwreck Cruise - (Zante Excursions)

Emma M           

Wow, what a fantastic trip. We followed the advice of some of the other people on here, and Wendy, I hope you will do the same. The best trip is with the Potamis brothers as these people said. They are situated right at the north of the island. Basically you go as far north as you can, then go along a small road down to the bottom of the cliffs.
It costs 15 euros to do both the blue caves and the shipwreck, and was well worth it. Because the boat is small, it goes right into the blue caves, and the helpers on the boat how how blue the water is by putting their hands in. They are also quite happy to take photographs for you. The boat then goes all the way round the other side of the island to the shipwreck, where it drops you off, (you do have to walk to the shore through the sea), and leaves, to pick you up 40 mins later. The water was amazing....the clearest and bluest I have ever seen, but was absolutely freezing, but very refreshing.
I guess the snorkelling was quite good, although I didnt take my set, but it might be worth taking a pair of flip flops or something to wear as the beach and sea is pebbley.
You cannot go to Zante without doing this trip!

Dilemma Bar - (Bars in Alykanas)

Emma M           

The Dilemma bar was our 'after meal' last drink before returning to the beach studios. They often had sky sports on, and the cocktails were superb! Try the 'Sexy Greek' was gorgeous.
The staff are really friendly.
This is a great bar! 

Catacomves - (Bars in Alykanas)

Emma M           

We went here a couple of times during the evening, although we never had cocktails here, instead sticking to Mythos. The staff are very friendly. The balcony is very pleasant, and great for people watching. Would recomend it!

Iguana Bar - (Bars in Alykanas)

Emma M           

we only found this place on our last night, and only then as we walked past and noticed rugby was on the big screen. We settled down with our drinks, obvioulsy watching the match, only for the bar man to flick through the channels two or three times to see if anything more interesting was on!
Go to Dilemma....its much better!

Ionio Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Emma M           

Only spent one day here as it was quite a long drive from Alikanas, but we liked it. Got the impression that it was very much a 'locals' beach, but there were sunbeds and snack facilities available. The sand got really hot, and please note that there wasnt a sea breeze so it was really warm here. The perfect opportunity for a pcture postcard photo, and we would visit it again.

Alkionis - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Emma M           

Went here twice while we were there. The staff are very friendly and welcoming, and the food good. The wine was lovely, and it was well worth the two visits we made there.

Alykes Tourist Train - (Zante Excursions)

Emma M           

Wow this was fantastic and I can not recomend it enough. we dd the 5.45 train as we felt it would be cooler and we would appreciate it more, but be warned, you will need to book as it is very busy!
The train journey was fantastic and the museaum stop good. You then move on to a local church and have a brief history of it, and get to use some healing waters, (not sure if it works yet.....will let you know! ) You then go to a taverna, and taste some traditional greek food and wine, before heading back to Alikanas.
The one thing that struck me about Zante is how friendly the people are. Almost everyone we passed waved and smiled at us....fantastic. What a great way to see around Alikes and Alikanas.

Bochali View Point - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Emma M           

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Wow, what views! I think the photo says it all, but beware, the drinks are VERY expensive at the cafe!

Poseidon - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Emma M  (22 August 2005)         

Dennis, or whatever he was called on the door, really annoyed us. A couple of nights we crossed over just to avoid him badgering us.
We tried this restaurant once and it was enough. On a positive note, my starter of Briam was lovely. However I ordered pizza as my  main course and I think it was a frozen pizza. My boyfriend wasnt impressed with his meal either, and it was one of our most expensive meals of the holiday.
Avoid it, there are much better restaurants in Alikanas!

Neraida - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Emma M           

Nice setting. Crap food and very poor service. Went once, wont go back.

Taj Mahal and Golden Dragon - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Emma M           

Excellent food and great service. Parveez and the Indian woman make you feel very friendly and welcome.
Typical Indian and Chinese menu. Well worth a visit or 2!