ISIS Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Charlie D  (28 September 2003)         

me an ma mate scott come here most days to chill an sort the head out you know wot a mean! grub is excellent and very cheap.thanks to bob,kirsty,richard,nikki and of course ci ci the parrot,we had a cool hol we'll be back next year.(sorry bob an rich but the hunks part is for me an scott,but i suppose you already knew that ha ha)cheers

Drunk Corner - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Charlie D           

Bar is a good setup withe loadsa footie!! am just peed off coz thats where i watched beyern munich beat my beloved celtic in the champions league. god damn it!!!!!!

June - (Best Time to Visit)

Charlie D           

hi to kirtyb me and my mate are headin back down on 2nd june.u wont have any problems findin good clubs n bars in laganas cos its packed with them. our favourite 1 is cocktails an dreams an you have rescues and zeros accross the road.