Katerina Apartments - (Accommodation in Vassilikos)

Sue S           

Very clean, maid service 3 times a week (change sheets and clean towells, etc). Our Reps Jenny and Gemma were brilliant.

Marina Pool Bar - (Bars in Vassilikos)

Sue S           

Yanni and Joanna doing a brilliant job and both work very hard. Food very good and also their cocktails. Very handy being next to the pool and sunbeds!

Gerakas Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Sue S           

Very nice beach, but no beach tavernas or toilet facilities. Its OK as long as you don't mind a very crowded beach and not bothered by screaming kids and this is in September!

Porto Zoro Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Sue S           

The beach was very nice but spoilt unfortunately by the bomp bomp music from the beach taverna blasting out. We walked up to the other end of the beach which was a bit quieter which also has a beach taverna minus the music!

Ionio Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Sue S           

We came onto the beach at the Ionian, then walked past Mare beach and then to the Banana Beach. All very nice, my favourite though was the Mare beach. We went in September and it was very quiet. Two sun-beds and umbrella 6 Euros. Unless you have tough feet I recommend you take or buy a pair of jellys as there is lot of shingle and stones to go over before you reach the sand when wanting a swim. Plenty of beach bars/tavernas. Toilet facilities are portaloos.

Glass Bottomed Boat Trip - (Zante Excursions)

Sue S           

You must only book for Mario's glass bottom boat. It was one of the highlights of our holiday. He takes your safety really seriously. We went in September 2004. Mario dives for starfish and seat erchins. On our stop to Turtle Island, one guy on our trip noticed two turtle hatchlings having trouble getting to the seashore. A Mother turtle had laid her eggs too far away from the shoreline, and the two baby turtles were both exhausted and would have died in the heat if he hadn't put them into the water himself. Mario said they stand more chance of survivial if put into the sea than left on land. It was very humbling to see such tiny creatures swim in such a huge sea. We wished them luck and then later on Mario spotted 2 adults, that was a wonderful experience as well If anyone can find a turtle Mario can. It was a really good trip. We stopped for two swims, and a lunch stop at another resort, and at turtle beach for an hour. We also visited some of the caves en route. A brilliant, educational and interesting day out which we thoroughly enjoyed and glad we didn't miss.

September - (Best Time to Visit)

Sue S           

Things much quieter in September. Bit breezy down on the beaches in the afternoon and can be cool in the evenings, but still hot during the day. We still saw a couple of turtles. Perfect time to go. Made no difference at the airport though, that's still a ruddy nightmare, but our flight left 20 minutes early so that was a real bonus!

Dioscuri Taverna - (Restaurants in Vassilikos)

Sue S  (20 September 2004)         

This Taverna has closed!

Vassilikos Region - (Resorts in Zante)

Sue S           

If you want a quiet holiday with no lager louts, yobbish behaviour, etc this resort is for you. Mainly for honeymooners, young couples with small children or the 45+ age group. No nightlife to speak of, apart from Yanni's coffee bar which gets a bit lively some nights. Some Tavernas have live music and most impromptu parties seem to happen after there's been a storm and all the tables and chairs are brought inside (well, it happened when we were there, what a laugh we had). I thoroughly enjoyed the slow pace of life there and the people couldn't be more friendly and helpful - 3 supermarkets, one with deli, one bakery and a fruit shop, lots of tavernas though and easy access to lots of beaches. I will definitely be returning.

Direct Greece - (Tour Operators in Zante)

Sue S  (28 September 2004)         

Direct Greece were brilliant. Our two reps at Vassilkos, Jenny and Gemma couldn't have been more helpful. Two really nice people helping to make your holiday memorable. They even ensured we got through check-in going back quickly as Zante airport gets extremely crowded and nightmarish. Oh, and thanks to Mick who took us and brought us back to the airport in the coach from our resort. Will definitely travel with Direct Greece again in the future.

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Sue S           

Tips for the airport from Hell. Best thing to do flying in is to walk straight past the one carousel - say hi, to your rep and tell him/her you are going outside for a while. Have a bottle of water with you, sit in the sun, if you smoke have a fag; if you need to tell someone back home you've arrived safely do it now. Then 15 minutes later fight your way through the crowds to get back in and look at the monitor, if there is still another flight or two in front of yours in arrivals, go outside again. With one carousel for all the incoming flights there isn't much point in getting stressed up about it and by standing near the carousel early you only add more bodies to the heaving mass of people waiting unnecessarily for their luggage. You'll get your luggage eventually. When you depart you will queue outside over a canopy (thank goodness). Our reps were wonderful and got us through check-in in no time. Then of course you have to sit and wait for about 2 and a half hours, if not longer. You must take lots of water and something to eat with you to the airport, as the food and drink is very expensive there. Hardly any seats so people sitting/lying on floor and standing up all the time, very crowded small departure lounge for the amount of people flying out. We were very lucky because our flight got an early slot so went 20 minutes early. Please DON'T go walkabouts and leave a piece of hand luggage on the chairs, its very unfair to do that when snr citizens or a pregnant lady may want to sit down. We saw 2 very selfish people who did this - I felt like throwing their hand luggage on the floor and taking their seats just to teach them a lesson, as they 'disappeared' for over an hour when someone else could have sat there.