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Sue S  (28 September 2004)         

Direct Greece were brilliant. Our two reps at Vassilkos, Jenny and Gemma couldn't have been more helpful. Two really nice people helping to make your holiday memorable. They even ensured we got through check-in going back quickly as Zante airport gets extremely crowded and nightmarish. Oh, and thanks to Mick who took us and brought us back to the airport in the coach from our resort. Will definitely travel with Direct Greece again in the future.

Simon W  (16 June 2004)         

Dear Diane,

I'm so glad you liked Villa Thea! It is certainly basic, but it's clean and comfortable. We're looking forward to going there in July/August this year - it'll be something like our eight time. I used to be the Timsway rep for Thea (which means "view"), as well as several other properties in Old Alikanas. I've been going to Alikes/Alikanas since 1980 and this small hamlet of Xohoriati reminds me of what it used to be like then. What were small fishing ports for Katastari have become huge resorts and people who were farmers and fishermen have become quite wealthy entrepreneurs, and, although I'm not always happy with what they've developed, I'm very pleased that they are much better off than they were then. But the various Marinos families in Xohoriati have somehow manged to achieve the fine balance of providing service without ripping you off. It's still a peaceful haven where people will drop off a couple of courgettes, tomatoes or eggs on your doorstep. Then, there is the mini market - "The Xohoriati International Supermarket", with Denis and Adnrika, which provides a service above and beyond the normal call - could you go to Sainsbury's and ask them to pop down to the cash & carry for your particular brand of cigarettes? All in all, it's still a little bit of paradise.

Janice M (31 January 2004)

Lucky me thanks to Direct Greece I have won a holiday. We have selected the Adriana studios in Vassilikos. Does anyone have information about the studios or the resort?
Thank you in advance.

Les W (28 September 2003)

I would like to know if you find us accomodation for 9 persons either 3 apartments or 2 villas in tsilivi for 5.09.04 for 2 weeks fairly central location

Diane A  (02 September 2003)         

We travelled with Direct Greece in July this year. We stayed at villa Thea in Old Alykanas. Direct Greece is a superb company we were met at the airport with a drink & then had a taxi transfer to our accomodation. Although the Villa was very basic it was in a great location, very peaceful with fantastic views. We have travelled with Direct Greece for the last 3 years, they are a small company and very helpful and we would certainly travel with them again. The only downside is that we had to fly with Mytravel! in our opinion they are the worst airline we have ever flown with!!!!

Diane A (11 June 2003)

Hi Simon

Thanks for your reply, really looking forward to holiday now not long to go. This area sounds lovely and hopefully this beach will be a bit quieter then the main beach.

Simon W  (21 May 2003)         

Diane -
Villa Thea is only about seventy five yards from the beach which is sandy and slopes very gently into a lovely clear sea where small fish nibble your toes! There are sun loungers and umbrellas along the stretch of sand to the right for which a few euros are collected daily by a complicated consortium of the local land owners. There's a narrower strip to the left which has no beach furniture.

Diane A (23 January 2003)

I am so pleased to have found this Web-site, I have been looking for info on villa Thea for ages! It sounds just perfect for us quiet & peaceful, the location sounds fantastic. I would like to know if it is right on the beach as the brochure says & do we have direct acess, also is it a lovely sandy beach? We have travelled with Direct Greece for the last 2 years and we are very impressed with them, we've never been to Zante not sure what to expect but can't wait until July 6th to find out.

Simon W  (19 November 2002)         

As ever, this was an excellent holiday. Hillary is a very good rep - Dennis and Andrika still provide a superb service at the mini market - Villa Thea is just a very good, but basic, accommodation. The owner, Andreas Marinos, has upgraded the bathroom but he still needs to sort out the damp and the electrics. The huge terrace, overlooking the valley and the beach, makes up for everything!

Maureen A  (23 October 2002)         

Lovely resort old Alikanas. What a pity hot water wasn't available without a struggle.

Kim C (08 August 2002)


Kirsty M  (03 August 2002)         

Although didn't travel with Direct Greece I found their Reps to be really helpfull. On way home out flight was delayed and so we were transported to resort for the afternoon. Our reps from Manos were nowhere to be seen so luckily Ange from Direct Greece kept us informed of everything

Tess (29 January 2002)

How do I get in touch with Direct Greece - telephone no. or website please. Reply to

Jane   (11 September 2001)         

Just back from Zakynthos with Direct Greece. The reps (Hilary and Jenny) were excellent, the accomodation (Aklithea) was wonderfully situated and there was always someone available if we needed help.

Jane   (01 August 2001)         

We also stayed in Villa Thea. Excellent but basic. Direct Greece have been helpful both times we have used them. I like being able to phone them and ask people who have actually stayed in the resorts and know the accomodation.

Susie W  (28 July 2001)         

Villa Thea is beautifully situated in the old part of Alikanas away from the main resort - it has a huge terrace overlooking the sea and although the inside of the building is beginning to show its age, it's still excellent value for money. This year's rep, Hillary, is very good indeed and the service at the mini market next door to the Direct Greece office is so helpful.

Chloe P  (28 July 2001)         

I loved the little hamlet of Xohoriati in old Alikanas, I've never met such friendly and generous people - I was never short of eggs, courgettes, tomatoes, spring onions, apricots and lemons - the villagers just handed them to us as they passed the terrace of our villa on the way back from their fields. Hillary is one of the best reps I've ever come across and Denis and Andrika at the Mini Market are so kind and helpful - it's like having two extra reps! Just watch out for Denis's sense of humour! A really first rate holiday!

Simon W  (10 June 2001)         

Villa Thea is still good value for money because of its privacy, its location, the wonderful huge terrace and its view, but the owner, Andreas Marinos, has really got to spend some money to bring the accommodation into the end of the twentieth century, leave aside the twenty first! This year's Direct Greece rep, Hillary, is terrific and Denis and Adrika at the mini market provide a marvellous service.

Anita G  (28 May 2001)         

we stayed in the Villa Thea just below shoestrings twice now. it really spoils you for when you have to stay in the appartments that other tour operators have,(even though so of these are really nice). We have also stayed in the Kalithea appartments near by and thes were just as good. we would go back to either at a drop of a hat. Oh yeh we will be there for 3 weeks in july!

Simon W  (24 May 2001)         

A really good tour operator that knows and understands Zakynthos well. Nothing flash - just good, basic accommodation in the more traditional, peaceful resorts such as old Alikanas and Vasilikos.

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