Arkadianos Hotel - (Accommodation in Agios Sostis)

Angela & Karen  (22 October 2005)         

Firstly a big thank you to Antigoni for accomodating us. Christina gets prettier by the day and Daddy is getting stricter! Nelli is turning into a handsome young gentleman. Hope Tori finds his father in better health. Are you behaving yourself Kas (from your ggggirls!!!!!!! or is it ladies). Hope Eris has no more burns from the welding. Hope Hanni enjoyed her holiday in Holland and Bianca has found a man. Thank you to everyone for yet another successful holiday although there were a few hiccups, but do we ever complain.To Bekos (our personal chef) we miss your cooking and have awarded you the Best chef on the island. Even better than Leonis. You know how to make vegetarian moussaka!
And last but not least where would we be without Paris and Vangelis Love to you all.
PPS Laura not heard anything in the press about you yet. HOPE ALL IS GOING WELL

Arkadianos Hotel - (Accommodation in Agios Sostis)

Angela & Karen  (12 August 2006)         

Thank you all for yet another enjoyable holiday. Maria we hope the wedding goes well and look forward to seeing the pictures. Eri we hope you have stayed out of the pool !!!!!! Thanks to Maja for giving us our usual room and we hope you have a great trip, We will get the gossip in September! Christina we hope your exam results were what you expected. To Kas we never did get our pedalo but maybe in September. Vangelis who turn is it to buy the pork steak in Michaels next time. It must be your turn. We had a great time at Tori's barbecue and met some wonderful people there. See you all very soon
Love from the blondies and Claire

Arkadianos Hotel - (Accommodation in Agios Sostis)

Angela & Karen  (29 October 2006)         

Hi Gerry ,

We have it on good authority that the Arkadianos will only have Hungarian and Dutch tourists at this time we have been advised it's going all inclusive and bosses do not want Brits. We were advised this in early October by staff. So we'll all need to find somewhere else to go  and we do go 3 times a year! Hope this helps, Claire.

Arkadianos Hotel - (Accommodation in Agios Sostis)

Angela & Karen  (31 October 2006)         

Oh well Gerry, sorry about the giving you the wrong information but we were told in October by staff that it was likely to be no Brits at the Arkadianos next year! Looks like we won't have to be searching for new accomodation after all! My apologies,Claire x.

Arkadianos Hotel - (Accommodation in Agios Sostis)

Angela & Karen  (01 November 2006)         

hi  debbie   we have tried  hotels4 u  and med hotels   they do not have any information re the arkadianos  for 2007   thomas cook were the only british tour operator  to feature this accommodation  having been out many times  we at one point tried to book the next date when we were there  direct with arkadianos  only to be advised not possible unless booked thru thomas cook.    as  i am also in the business i can assure you we have tried many ways to book this  as i am never keen to do a package   i now must wait to see if we can  book direct for next year as in october they would not accept yet another booking!!! all inclusive is not suitable for all tourists as it limits where you can try local amenities which is much more fun  will be sad to see other restaurants etc in the area suffer  sure we can keep the resort alive as there are many other properties in the area where repeat customers can stay.

Aperitto - (Restaurants in Agios Sostis)

Angela & Karen          10/10

Just returned from yet another very enjoyable trip to Aghios Sostis. Stayed at the Panorama Inn for the first time and was not disappointed. The apartment was lovely as were the views and the owners Maria and Nikos could not have done any more for us. The Aperitto restaurant was very nice and very different for the area. Had quite a few very enjoyable nights there. The meals were lovely and we would recommend you give it a try. Denis and Danai are always very welcoming and have made it a very beautiful place to eat and drink and relax. We will certainly return to these apartments. Cant wait!

Angela Claire & Karen