Arkadianos Hotel

Accommodation in Agios Sostis

Heather N  (15 August 2012)        7/10

everyone has there own opinion but me my partner and two 5yrs old come back on monday and i can not wait to got back at xmas time or next yr kids loved it staff great! food was ok could do more for kids but still best holiday ive had! even with earth quake i still love

Jacqueline D (07 July 2011)


Have just returned from this so called hotel. was on all inclusive holiday, WHAT A WAISTE OF MONEY. The food was dreadful, that is if you dont want sausage and beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dont go to the bar if you  like a G&T they dont do it. All drinks in plastic cups.
Having paid extra for a late departure I was phisically attacked by the manageress, who ripped my wriste band from my arm and screemed in greek at the bar staff for giving me and my daughter a coke and a lemonade.
The rooms were no better, wiring hanging from the walls, broken showers, balcony doors that wouldnt open unless you forced them, dead birds in the guttering, no staff on reception, no telephone the list goes on.
Shame really lovely resort. Very peaceful.

Ben M  (21 June 2009)        2/10

I stayed at this hotel the first week it was open for the season! We were 2 of the first 13 guests to stay there for the 2009 season!

It was something to be said about! Thank god myself and my mate are in the army! I stayed in better army training camps in the UK! But as it was the first week it was open you give and take abit, if I listed the complains I be writing this all night!
I have been informed recently that that the hotel has been upgrade with a lick of paint just hope there remember to take the lid of the paint!!!......
Sorry to say it but if I was to go back with my girlfriend I wouldn't be staying there! For a lads holidays Excellent place.

Mykaela P (30 May 2008)

Heya Zante

The hotel was good but could of done with a range of food.
I had a great time and hope to come back soon.

Alex B  (30 May 2008)        6/10

yh zante was good

stayed in the hotel
the all inclusive food menu was nailed to a limted option but aprt from that it was ok the wc kept getting flooded and th 2nd pool wasnt open
any my m8 below i agree with him i do miss them

Matt P (30 May 2008)

zante was just great 

joti  n   aeri    were so funny

Stephanie H (18 July 2007)

We  visited Maestros last week whilst  staying  in Tsilivi,

and were shocked to see what has happened, its all changed, and we think not for the better.!! The only people left, are Paris, who works from about 4pm, 'Micky mouse' Vangelis, who finishes at 4pm, and  Dimitri, who now works on the boats during the day, and then works in a Mexican resteraunt in Laganas in the evengs. Its all gone all inclusive to the Polish mostly, and they dont spend money like us brits used to. Erion is still at breezer bar (thanks for the drinks, sorry we didnt get back to see you again.)We didnt bother eating, as we assumed the menus would have changed as well.Apart from all that, the place still looks as beautiful as ever.! Oh yeah, and they now rip you off when you go to Cameo island, its 5 Euros to enter, but this includes a 'free drink' apart from when you ask for a particular beer that you have to pay for.

Neil C (07 July 2007)

visited last sunday,we were the only people eating out at the meastro,its all inclusive now so they all have to eat inside,no brits there now all east european,the only good thing was the shot man erion is still there although he only works till 11pm then goes to work on laganas strip at a club

Maria K (06 July 2007)

Some pictures in the BREEZER BAR !  hi click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

Karen G (30 June 2007)

hey there you are so lucky to be going back to zante this year i'm crossin my fingers but not sure if i'm gonna get over....

can u do me a favour and let me know who is still working at arkadianos and maestro's???? pretty please!!!!
 have a good hol

Karen B  (28 June 2007)        10/10

 well we are booked and on our way soon  we have booked alterrnative accommodation  and looking forward to seeing all the old faces from our local  arkadianos    we regret not being able to stay in our usual apartment  but must make do........angela  and  karen

Karen G (20 June 2007)

hoping to be back out there in sept fingers crossed!!!!!!

hope everyone is doing well and they have a fab season

Anne H  (03 May 2007)        10/10

  So gutted not going this year but other friends from Scotland are in 3 weeks you lucky peeps and what a shame will miss the liverpool final in the wild rose anyone remember 2 years ago when husband Darren jump in the pool when liverpool won.   My love to you all erion and friends  Anne and family.

Ashleigh H  (21 March 2007)        10/10

Not wrote on here in a while!

Jst wanted to say hello 2 laura, nelly, didi, demetri, castroti, erion, florion, troy, christina and chris!
missin ya all at the mo im at skol so i cant wait till the hols! i hope we go bck to zante i reli love it there!
hope i havent missed anyone out sri if i have! lve ya all!
lve ashleigh x x x x
oh n dad (dave), joanne n gemma probally say hi!

Suzanne B  (20 February 2007)        10/10

heylo everyone!!! am well c*min back maybe this year or next year lol, will b so ace. we love you alex!!!

it was so ace wen we where there n cant wait to see everyone again!!
love to  everyone n if u aint been yet go cos zante is great!!

From H  (28 November 2006)         

Erion, how are you?
Miss you!
Kiss from Holland

Susan C  (08 November 2006)         

Ha ha! Little digs?

All I was expressing was my opinion about the resort.
No need for name calling.....

Anne H  (07 November 2006)         

yes your right everyone is entitied to there opinion and so have i , and my opinion of you is that you're boring me now with you're little digs get a life and grow up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! silly b***h

Anne H  (03 November 2006)         

excellent place not average and not poor

Angela & Karen  (01 November 2006)         

hi  debbie   we have tried  hotels4 u  and med hotels   they do not have any information re the arkadianos  for 2007   thomas cook were the only british tour operator  to feature this accommodation  having been out many times  we at one point tried to book the next date when we were there  direct with arkadianos  only to be advised not possible unless booked thru thomas cook.    as  i am also in the business i can assure you we have tried many ways to book this  as i am never keen to do a package   i now must wait to see if we can  book direct for next year as in october they would not accept yet another booking!!! all inclusive is not suitable for all tourists as it limits where you can try local amenities which is much more fun  will be sad to see other restaurants etc in the area suffer  sure we can keep the resort alive as there are many other properties in the area where repeat customers can stay.

Anne H  (31 October 2006)         

Thats great news i was getting worried about next year.

Angela & Karen  (31 October 2006)         

Oh well Gerry, sorry about the giving you the wrong information but we were told in October by staff that it was likely to be no Brits at the Arkadianos next year! Looks like we won't have to be searching for new accomodation after all! My apologies,Claire x.

Debbie H  (31 October 2006)         

We are a travel agent in Aghios Sostis, the Best of Zante, and we feature this property in our web pages,   You have been misinformed that the Arkadianos Hotel is only available to other nationalities for next year as the majority of this hotel for next year as well will be with Brits.   One of the British companies who sell the hotel in the UK apart from us is Hotels4u through and Medhotels.  It is true that the hotel is all inclusive for 2007 but this is a good thing as it is much easier to budget when you have paid for all of your food and drinks!   We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Gerry M  (30 October 2006)         

Hi, thanks for the info.Spoke to a friend in Tsilivi who mentioned the all inclusive but not the bit about us English. Seems such a shame as we have been going there for eight yearsnow and have made some great friends.Looks like we will be doing the same as you and finding alternative accommodation. If you around that area in June we could allmeet up for a drink. gerry x

Angela & Karen  (29 October 2006)         

Hi Gerry ,

We have it on good authority that the Arkadianos will only have Hungarian and Dutch tourists at this time we have been advised it's going all inclusive and bosses do not want Brits. We were advised this in early October by staff. So we'll all need to find somewhere else to go  and we do go 3 times a year! Hope this helps, Claire.