Popeyes - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Steve U           

We have just returned from a fantastic week in Tsilivi and visited Popeye's on 3 occasions. The first time we just had a drink but the other two times we ate here and I would say that the place is well worth a visit. The staff were so friendly, even to our 6 year old daughters who enjoyed all the attention. I had the mixed grill and my wife had the fish and chips and one of our daughters had omelette and the other had a jacket potato. We even had room for pudding - Abbie having ice-cream and Kiera having strawberries with sugar. I myself had Popeye's special. The price wasn't too bad. We will definately go back here next time we are in Tsilivi.

Steve, Dawn, Abbie and Kiera.

September - (Best Time to Visit)

Steve U           

We went to Tsilivi from 24th Sept untill the 1st Oct and we had brilliant weather. Had a storm one day but it only lasted for 20 minutes or so then because of the heat it dried in like 5 minutes then was hot for like ever. The kids (6 year old twins) enjoyed every second of the holiday. They joined the kids club at Planos Bay Apartments so congratulations to Stacey, Emma, Hayley and Linzi from First Choice who did a wonderful job. Also to Michael and Dmitri, Planos Bay entertainers who did a wonderful job too.

The Upton's

Planos Aparthotel - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Steve U           

We stayed here for a week from 25th Sept to 2nd Oct 2006 and absolutely loved it. We thought the entertainment with Michael and Dmitri was excellent. Thanks guys! Also our girls loved the Bugs Bunny Club and had a great time in there. Emma, Stacey, Linzi, Mike and Hayley thank you so much for keeping the kids entertained throughout the week and for teaching them the party dances which we still do now we are home.

We are hoping to come back again next year for two weeks so hope to see you all again then. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Tsilivi Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Steve U           

I just have to agree with what everyone else has said. Tsilivi is a fab place to stay especially if you have a family as it is a great place for kids. We have 6 year old twin girls who enjoyed our week here. We also stayed at the Planos Bay Apts and can't think of a bad thing to say about it - although the pool could be a touch warmer! The entertainment team here were superb - thank you Micheal. Also the kid's club reps which our two took a shine too especially Stacey. The Planos is run by First Choice.

We were only 10 minutes walk away from the town but we always got a horse and carraige ride down and back to eat in the many restaurants, mainly Popeye's. We enjoyed our week so much we are going back next year for a fortnight to the same accomodation. Stacey etc - see you next year. If you are looking for a great holiday come to Tsilivi you won't regret it!!

First Choice - (Tour Operators in Zante)

Steve U  (15 October 2006)         

We flew to Zante with First Choice. Good flight out from East Midlands - in fact the plane was half empty going out so we were all told to stay in our allocated seats so as not to 'tip the plane over!' Upon landing at Zante on the half mile long runway we were nearly thrown through the windscreen when the pilot slammed the brakes on! LOL. The transfer to the accomodation was good as the coach drivers don't give a s..t and drive on anyside of the road they feel like. The accomodation was excellent and the tour that we went on (North of the Island) also v. good albeit a bit choppy on the sea in some places.

When we came back home we had to queue outside under shelters as the airport only holds about 20 people/families at a time. We weren't outside for long though because we were told the East Midlands queue always seems to be the quickest. After checking in we had to queue again for passport control but we were only in the departure lounge for 10 minutes before we boarded the First Choice plane home again. The cabin crew were spot on as usual (Incidentally why are male air stewards camp - is it a requirement of the job!) and made us feel welcome and safe on the flight. The kids club reps at the resort were also spot on, so much so that we are going back to Zante next year again with First Choice.

Eurobank ATM - (Other Things in Tsilivi)

Steve U           

We had no trouble with the cash machine under the escalator near Popeye's. We used it twice and were able to withdraw money out fine.


Blue Caves and Shipwreck Cruise - (Zante Excursions)

Steve U          10/10

Myself, my wife and our 6 year old twin girls booked this trip through the First Choice rep at the Planos Bay apartment complex in Tsilivi when we stayed there back in September 2006. We were supposed to go on the Thursday but our eldest daughter caught an ear infection so we couldn't go but it wasn't until we went to claim our money back that we were told the trip was cancelled that day due to bad weather, so we eventually went on the Friday.

We got a coach from Tsilivi to Zakynthos port and got on one of the biggest cruisers there. It was a good ride until we got out into sea a little bit and closer to the destination that it started to become a bit choppy and I myself actually felt sick but luckily I didn't throw up!    We never got to see the shipwreck close up as we were told that the water was too choppy for us to anchor there  so we looked and took pictures from the boat. We then went round to the blue sea and had the opportunity for a swim in the sea. The crew gave all the kids, not that were many, lifejackets to wear which we thought was cool. We jumped in the sea and were surprised how warm it was. (Could be that the hotel pool was freezing!!) I had to hold our youngest daughter in my arms as she was a bit scared what with the water being deep, but our eldest daughter was happlily swimming in it with her mummy although they never strayed far from the safety of the boat. We had about 20 minutes here then we all got back on the boat and sailed round to St Peter's Port where we stopped for a spot of lunch and an hour's play on the beach. Then back on the boat again and round to look at the caves before heading back to Zakynthos and subsequently our coach and accomodation.
It was a long day, 9:30 - 5:00, but we all enjoyed it and if we return to Zante again we would go back on this trip. Well reccommended!  

Giorgios Restaurant - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Steve U          2/10

We only ate here once because the place was packed. After getting a table straightaway it was dissapointing that it took ages to get served then when you finished your meal ages for a bill to arrive after asking for it. Okay the place is always busy which is a good sign but we like to eat more or less straightaway not half an hour after ordering. Especially with two young children that are hungry.

Golden Fish Menu - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Steve U          8/10

We had takeaway from here a couple of times during our weeks stay. Highly recommended and just a short walk from our complex at Planos Bay. Not too expensive neither so pretty cool. If you're going to Tsilivi pay this place a visit. You can eat-in or take away. Very good. 

May - (Best Time to Visit)

Steve U          8/10

Hi all,

My wife and I went to Greece for our honeymoon in 1995. Alright it wasn't Zante but we were in Halkidiki which is another island just round the coast. We went in last week in May first week in June and it was hot then. We are not very good tanners and both came back burnt but we enjoyed it. Have fun!!!