Buon Amici - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Mike F           

We tried this on the last night of our holiday and wished we had done so earlier. It is up a big flight of steps so a bit of a pain with a pushchair, but well worth it for the food and the view. Prices were a little higher than in some places but the quality of the food was well worth the small difference.

Michaelos - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Mike F           

My fav restaurant on Zante. Not sure about Greek food, try the Meze for two, it's great.  If you  try  a dish and dont like it you dont pay, so be brave. Service is always great and you get the feeling you are visiting somebody's home. You can sit under the olive tree or the vines and at night they are lit up and it gives an atmosphere like no other place in Kalamaki. Well worth the walk out of town.

Olive Tree Restaurant - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Mike F           

Good food and prices, but we felt rushed to eat up and get out as quite a queue was forming at the bar. Nothing was said but you had somebody at your table every time you put your fork down.

Maybe we were there at the wrong time as others told us it was thier fav restaurant.

Pandesia - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Mike F           

Our walk into town became a bit of a pain everytime we walked past here. The chap on the door would want to know why we were not eating in his restaurant, he was never nasty but he was never friendly either.

We ate there once and had to wait 30 mins for our meal, that with a 2 year old needing entertaining meant we never went back. Food was OK.

Paolo - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Mike F           

Closest restaurant to where we stayed, so we used it a couple of times, food and service were both good. Complimentary brandy was a bonus.

Zepos Taverna - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Mike F           

Great location, good food, good service.

Bit of a walk with a pushchair from where we stayed at the other end of town, but we discovered it one day and decided to give it a go. Pleased we did as the food we had was pretty good and the service was friendly, but the bonus is sitting just off the beach watching the sun go down and the moon come out. A bit of a problem with flying pests so make sure you spray all over before you go out, or sit inside, but then you lose the best thing about this place.

Golden Sun Hotel - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Mike F           

just back from 2 weeks spent at the golden sun. we had our 24 month old with us, following the previous comment we took a travel cot with us, but we need not have bothered as a cot was provided at no additional cost. we were please to get a large double bed too, but had to spend 2 weeks 3 in a bed in the end.

hotel is great for young families as it is pretty quiet and very close to the beach, which is excellent. the is a kids pool but it was a  little too deep for our child to go in alone. there are also a few swings and slides, but again you need to sup**vise as they are not up to uk standards.

the main pool is quite quiet, and there is a relaxing atmosphere about the place. the rooms were what you would expect, although the bathrooms are small. you do get a bath and there is always plenty of hot water. the room was serviced every day and the whole place was clean and in a good state of repair from what we saw. the only slight problem we had was with tiny ants in the room, these we not too bad so long as you made sure there was nothing for them to eat around. if you forgot they soon told thier mates!

breakfast did become monotonous, but there was plenty of it and you could have as much as you liked.

the only extra we payed for was a safety deposit box which cost 30euro for 2 weeks. it costs 5euro for a taxi to anywhere in kalamaki and 8euro to laganas.

dont pay for a coach transfer from the airport as a taxi is only 10euro each way, it would have cost us 60 with thomas cook, from experiance we know they take you on a tour around other drop offs on the island so you dont feel so ripped off, so you pay a fortune for a journey you could walk quicker.

as for the jets coming past the windows, lets just say our 2 yr old could recognised 3 different airlines by the tiem we left.

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Mike F           

Got there early before the coaches. Got checked in first in line and then hung about under an air-con vent in the main building. Only go into the departure lounge when you really have to, as at bust times (Thurs and Sun) it is hell, hardly even standing room at times.

Try and go to the toiulet before you get there, or on the plane, both are preferable to the terminal. In fact behind a bush is preferable.