Castaways - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Seth H  (10 September 2007)        10/10

 castaways was the best restaurant in the centre of argassi by a country mile. staff could not be more friendly and the food was top notch. only downer was that we never ate there until halfway through our second week(and spent the rest of the time recommending it to eveyone we met). one tip would be to starve yourself all day as the portions are so generous they've almost got snow on the top! best food, best wine( chablis under 25e a bottle), best people. try the pastichatha, it's first class. cheers.   

Erato - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Seth H          1/10

never again. my partner was verbally abused and given the thousand yard stare after a polite and deliberately quiet complaint. could fill ten pages on our 15 minutes in here, but i'd rather spend my time writing good things on argassi's excellent bars and restaurants.

Afrodite - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Seth H  (10 September 2007)        5/10

bekri meze wasn't the mae west.decent location, staff were ok. went here first night and never returned. 

24-7 - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Seth H          10/10

 a good bunch, nice cold beer and really handy for a gyro wrap on the way back from the beach. friendliest locals on the island. cheers for the photo on the fireblade!

Double - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Seth H          2/10

 fillet steak? i've had thicker credit cards! went in on our third night and he won't leave you alone after that. he'll probably have a trawler net next year, and another name change to avoid the bad reviews. 

Legends Bar - (Bars in Argassi)

Seth H          8/10

 massive menu, good air con and the chef  is a top bloke. costa does himself no favours though, not the friendliest bloke you'll meet.

Peppermint - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Seth H          10/10

 probably just shades it for best restaurant in zante, mainly beacause of the setting. fillet beef tagliatelle was superb, as were the prawns. surprised to see our rep working there, but that proves what a gift a bit of  local knowledge can be.  

Premier - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Seth H  (10 September 2007)        10/10

 top marks for friendliness, especially ZEN. dennis was also good craic, even though he lies about his age ha ha. chateaubriand for two was well worth 30 yo yos and the desserts are spot on. great smell of mint from the wall. we loved this place and the staff  know how to have a laugh. don't walk past it. 

Red Lion - (Bars in Argassi)

Seth H  (10 September 2007)        10/10

Ken & Jude are top notch and we'll miss the red lion. would have had only half as good a time in zante without them. thanks for everything guys, keep up the great work.