Restaurants in Argassi

Johan M

This restaurant provided me with very nice seafood, friendship and good service.
Thanks to Peter, Ari, Artemis and Tomas , they made my week!
Having read about Peter being pushy and unpolite, well grow up!
Never been to Greece before? Most restaurants have people shouting in the streets, live with it or go home to your own pettiful country.
Peter is the nicest person , if you ld ever come and talk to him!
Love all the guys at this place!
And you don t have to suffer all the gas and diesel fumes from the mainstreet!
Love from Johan!

Dave R          5/10

Having read the reviews we decided to avoid the place but out of curiosity we gave it a go.  I have to say that although that yes, there are better places in Argassi - there are also a lot worse.  Service was good and the food perfectly eatable.  I don't know what the Greeks feel about the "enticer" but he was simply doing his job as far as I was concerned.  He was well aware that due to where the restaurant was situated that he only had one chance to attract customers and he made the most of it.   

Sam D          1/10

I've been 3 times to Argassi, the 1st time we went was in 2005 and it was called another name (Double is the 3rd one i know off), he was very persistent for us to go in and because of this we surrendered and went in because he does come across nice he has to, it wouldn't do him good to be arrogant and rude. The meal was disgusting, we all left more than half on our plates, we paid smiled and left NEVER too return. Anyone who enjoys a meal there are very easily pleased and don't mind what your eating (sorry but true). Each time we went by he would start with his marketing beckoning and was still shouting up the road at us too go in and eat in his terrible place, he then one night after he realised we weren't going back, he started to stare and call us names in Greek, i can't spell them but i know what they mean. How dare him be like that when he served us grade 0  food and we wouldn't go in again spending our hard earned money on his crap. He's a horrible little man, we avoid going passed him if we can, and when we do we look at each other talking and pretending we are that engrossed in our conversation we don't realise he's talking to us to go in and eat his crap lol got to give it to him really, after all, he's still open?? Must have plenty of money/savings coz it's never packed not even half packed, certainly not on the 2 weeks in August we go every year. My advice ~ do not go, people who gave high thumbs up on here must be him himself or his staff!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask the Greeks themselves and people who know of him.

Kevin M          2/10

The moustachioed man at the front of the restaurant does become a bit of a pest. We did try the restaurant and were not impressed with the service, price or the food. There are a lot of better places in Argassi.

Geraldine F          10/10

Great food as usual..The best Sea Bass in Argassi,,

I love Pete and all the staff.
Afraid we only got to eat the once this time round,,but will be back in September

Paul K          10/10

i do kinda have to agree with the comments sayin  peter has a buisness to run  which all tavernas do in argassi yes hes pushy  but as the comment below me states so are many others ave eaten here once and to be honest food was ok no problems at all i just think people go in his taverna after reading so many bad comments on here and just look for reasons to complain about him and his taverna  good service good food no problem with this place

Jade T          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

It is a great restuarant and I have eaten there many times and have great friends. Peter - The little guy as everyone calls him is really nice and friendly. He is only trying to make business at the end of the day and he is far from rude and he does not pressure you in to going in. Just be polite with him and he is fine!

All of the staff in the restuarant are great and the food is great too and they have a great choice and everything is home made and freshly cooked by Thomas. He is a very friendly and welcoming person and is happy to change the food if you are not happy. I have never had any complaints tho. Nassos and Aris the waiters are great and are very friendly and welcoming. I have known the staff in the restuarant since I first went there 7 years ago and both times that I have been back since they have recognised me as soon as I have walked in the restuarant.
I would recommend this restuarant to anyone. No one is rude, all of the staff are very friendly, accomodating and welcoming.

Les           10/10

We ate in here twice during our stay & enjoyed our meals both times. the food was not the best we have had but was nice enough & reasonably priced. The service was good & friendly. I don't really see why everyone seems to be bothered about Peter, Ok he's a bit pushy but so are a lot of others & I certainly didn't find him rude or offensive. He's trying to get you into his place & if you're Ok with him, just be polite & tell him not tonight I've never had any problems with him & he always recognises us & speaks even though we don't always eat there on our visits to Argassi

Give it a try you might have a pleasant surprise, there's certainly worse places to eat in town

Ray P          10/10

Come on Guys he aint that bad, I had read a lot of negative feedback prior to going and yes Peter is very pushy but I think its peoples attitudes toward him that makes him rude. I ate there once during my 2 weeks and he did constantly try and persuade us to come in to his restaurant but we Just humoured him and he was fine, after all he does have a business to run...oh and we bumped into him at 24/7(his son runs it) after his restaurant had closed for the night and you couldnt meet a nicer man.

Darren M          1/10

yet again after our third visit to this lovely resort spoiled by the rude and pressurising little man!!! ,had to walk pass him every nite started off pleasent then down right rude if you didnt go in !! so made us even more determined not to go in after our first year experience(when he was trading under a different name!! lol)

Ian F          1/10

The guy at front of house was the most annoying person as he accosted you and, given the opportunity, guided you into his establishment.

We refused each time as we resented the pressure.
Finally on the evening of 13th August we again refused and were told and I quote ' you never eat here, dont come back to Greece'. Well, what an insult. I shall come back as I love Greece and its Islands and its people but needless to say nowhere near Doubles!! Take my humble advice and cross to the opposite side of the road, but you may still not be spared.
The rating relates to attitude as we did not eat there.

Rachel S          1/10

All I can say was this restuarant was the worst I have ever been in on holiday.

He was also very rude when you wouldn't go in and eat! The best part about it was he started to ignore you after a while if you didn't eat there!! 
We made the mistake of actually trying it.  I should of guessed from the lack of customers that it was going to be poor.
Shame really as his son's restuarant was superb!
Good luck to anybody that gets dragged into there.

Elaine M          10/10

click to enlargeGreat food and staff, always go back 

Paul S

This place is awesome, the staff are quality, we took loads of pictures with them and i can remember them all, really sound people. I bought Peter a pen that said his name on it and everything lol, i wonder if hes still got it.  

Paul K          10/10

we salute peter and his restaurant lol  about time he had sum good comments on here tried here 2 years back food was no diffrent to anywere else i ate certainy never suffered food poisoning or anythink but sum people just jump on the bandwagon and let other people decide for them not eat here  food  ok service ok no probs from me

Elaine M          10/10

 Great place to eat, no complaints, Peter and his family are very nice people, if you dont want to eat there just say no and he accepts. I cant beleive people are rating Peters without even eatin in the place now thats what I call sheer ignorance. Going back in June 08 for the 3rd time to Argassi and I will be eatin in Peters thats for sure. I am not the type of person to eat in the same place every nite either, like to try lots of places but Peters deffo 1 of the best and for the people recommending where to get the best burgers ???????? lads stick to macdonalds...may I suggest a "happy meal".  and for the people who feel haressed by Peter lighten up your on your holidays!!! In peters I have sampled sea bass, steak, stifado, kleftiko and all were great.

So just ignore small minded people who give it a bad rating some of them havnt even eaten there...................say no more
Go in have a meal and enjoy we did
Elaine and Ger Ireland

Anne G          10/10

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louie and lauren

just thought id send you this
place was fab

Simon P          10/10

Excellent food and service as usual from Peter and his staff.

This year it has been 10 years since I first started to visit Zakynthos and have always eaten at Peter's Restaurants and have NEVER had a bad meal from them at all.

Michelle L          8/10

We were warned about peter and his antics before we visited argassi, so spent the first part of our holiday avoiding him.  And as described in most posts he went from asking politely, to being abit more insistent to downright ignoring us.  Untill one night we got caught in a thunderstorm and doubles was the nearest haven.  

The staff were excellent and probably the most helpful of our whole holiday,  they offered us towels and even offered to lend my husband a jacket to keep warm.  We had garlic bread with cheese to start with, and on our 10th night of eating out actually got proper fresh bread, not half of a sesame seed burger bun.  We both chose lamb kleftiko and it was delicious.  I'm not sure what there english type meals would be like but the greek food was delicious.  We even had home made nut cake for dessert and have been dreaming about it since. 
If it hadn't been for the rain we probably wouldn't have gone in,  i must admit peter doesn't do himself any favours because untill that night i thought he was very rude, but he's a perfect gentleman when he's got you sat at a table.  I'd definately try again.

Joanne L          3/10

I have just come back from a two week holiday on the 21st Oct and got manhandled into the restaraunt by Peter, so he is still there, he stands in the middle of the road, we were on a quad and he still stopped us.  He is very rude when you say you don,t want to go in, makes you promise you will go in next night, then you don,t he shows he,s not happy.  We did go in and my boyfriend had beef stiffado, which he liked, I got chicken rissotto, which was like eating luke warm sweet rice pudding with chicken.  If you want to avoid being pestered, there is a back pathway and it is a godsend.  You can still get to the main places but you can avoid Double.  It comes out near Ledgends and Red Lion which I have to say are the best for burgers and pizzas.

Helen B          1/10

The guy at this restaurant was the most rude person in the whole of Argassi, after we did not go in for a few nights we was shouting at us every night when we walked past. One restaurant I would never visit even if it was the only place open

Gary B          1/10

i didnt even bother going ere as was warned about the place it didnt look inviting anyway i got the perfect solution for every 1 if peter comes out to annoy u just say half board and he doesnt come anywhere near u i found it very annoying but after a while he got the message

Wayne C          10/10

Ate here 3 times and enjoyed the food. It's nothing special but then again neither are any of the restaurants in Argassi. Double and Carissimo were the best ones we ate in though.

Seth H          2/10

 fillet steak? i've had thicker credit cards! went in on our third night and he won't leave you alone after that. he'll probably have a trawler net next year, and another name change to avoid the bad reviews. 

Simon P

Spoke to a friend of mine from Zakynthos yesterday and he said that Peter is no longer at his restaurant.
He said the reason was that Peter's daughter has just given birth to her second child and he wants to spend time with her.Also he feels he is "getting to old" to be working at his restaurant now
I know people have some negative opinions of Peter but he is a very good friend of mine,he has been a familiar sight in Argassi for the last 10 years that I have been visiting Zakynthos and I wish him well with whatever he is doing.
Peter...we will miss you

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