Tour Operators in Zante

Sarah M  (24 June 2008)        1/10

What a rip off!!
145 euros for their barcrawls which only have 2 free bars all week so you're paying for the rest of your drinks. It's not 20euros a night like they claim cos they only do 5 nights not 7 so its more like 40euros.
The drinks are watered down & washed with all sorts of detergents to get you wasted quicker (was told this by all the workers)

And they dont bother acknowledging you unless you sign up to their barcrawls!!!

I advise you go & do your own barcrawls, loadsa places do cheaper & even free drinks!! Can get mashed on 30eauros a night at most!!!

Hollie B  (08 September 2006)         

Mmmm 2wentys rep Lee is hot.. go with 2wentys and theres plenty to look at!  xxx

Martin M  (12 May 2001)         

i am looking for some info about the karakas studios-anything will be appreciated. Thanks Martin

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