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Lynn W          10/10

Thank you for a great holiday booked through Thomson, big thank you to Nicky our rep we saw him every day during our stay.  Lynn, Frank and Lisa White 

Anne R          10/10

We have booked five holidays throught Thomson, through our local Thomson shop. The staff in the shop are great, you tell them what you want and they find it for you.

We have had no problems with flying have only had a delay of half an hour once and that was with Cyprus Airways who waited for two people who were late.
Did have a delay going back this time from Zante as the plane leaving England had problems and they had to get another plane so it was late arriving but they kept us informed all the time. They gave us a free drink and roll, admittedly the rolls were not good but thats not their faults. They advised us to book our luggage through but not go through passport control so that we could stay outside and not have to go into the cramped  hot departure lounge. The plane arrived earlier than expected so they soon got us through boarding and on the plane.
The rep was in the Hotel every day if you needed him but did not bother you otherwise. We didn't attend the welcome meeting so he put the leaflets under our door.
You could say we have been lucky listening to some other peoples experiences we know but you get what you pay for and we cannot fault Thomson. Have booked with for next year.

Andy S          5/10

Thomson will be fine as long as they start to address the fine balancing act between making sure everyone has a great holiday and trying to extract every last Euro out of you in incredibly subtle ways. 

Dawn S           

Didnt even get outta UK due to a change in airport, with the company not willing to compensate in any way.  Would NEVER book with Thomson again.

Jo F           

found thomsons great will travel with them again lovely reps good flight. a bit conjested and no where to sit at airport but thats not their fault! good price good flight good rep. better than most tour operators. x  


moan moan moan......thomon rock! try going away with another tour operator and u will c real problems!

you guys dont know what problems are. thomson are popular for a reason
* not because some of you are to old to enjoy a p**s up on a boat..
* not because some of you decided to get in trouble with the police
* not because the reps couldnt be bothered with u moaning about nothing..u probs made them quit!
* and they cant predict the weather..
and if nobody likes zante airport or the way things are run..then do us all a favour n dont go back..ive been its so not a big deal
get out more!

Jade H           

THOMSON ARE CRAP! We will NEVER fly with them again! VERY UNHELPFUL!! Loved the holiday but the company were unhelpful when we needed them! One of our partys suitcase was broken, our rep at the time (Lisa) told us she would get us a form and they will give us a new one. but that night(our 2nd night) we went to a restuarant, had some trouble, the police were involved, we went back to the hotel, we fones the Thomson 24 hr helpline, and asked for a translator, they booked us one and stated we would have to pay for one, we then foned back asked them to cancel it and asked for a rep to come and see us in the morning, the next morning came, we were woken by a fone call saying lisa was no longer our rep but Tommy was (who got on the island the day after we did and was a freestlye rep!)  The lady on the fone said there was no rep avaliable that day as saturday night live was thet evening, we said ok but def need one in the morning, we told her it was important as we only had 48hrs to report anything, on thursday (5 days after incidont) Tommy finally come to see us, not about incident! he was coming to give ppl tickets, we asked him y no1 come to see us he said he wasnt told! We foned Thomson again, she said Computer had no record of us logging a Fone call!! Anyway, we asked tommy bout broken suitcase, he said Thomson were not going to take responisibilty of case as we had no way of proving it was them! W then had a family emergency which made us wasnt to leave a couple or hours early, Thomson would not transfer our flight and said they had no space for us to go early and would not give us telephone numbers of other operators!

Thomson Def ruined our holiday!

The Freestyle rep kept stating they were nothing like club 18-30 but yet sell a cruise where there was a 2 hr free bar, now what sort of company mix Booze and the Sun? Many people were coming back being sick and extremly de-hydrated! SORT IT OUT THOMSON!!

David P           

About the Airport.  How the hell are the reps meant to get a Greek person working for a different company to sit behind a desk to check people in if they don't want to do it!

Would you expect an Operator at an Airport in the UK to say to the checkin staff to 'Get behind your desk and check in'.  It doesn't happen and every is done in their own pace.  If you can't handle it, then don't go back abroad because it happens everywhere.

Becci G           

 Flight out was good, not hassle. transfer to Argassi was very quick and efficient.

 Flight home,  where to start.. Well transfer was good.  Arrived at airport,  (13.20)stood outside ( under cover) waiting to check in as there was no room in the actual airport.  They were only letting 10 people in at a time.  To make matters worse all baggage had to be scanned. only 2 scanners available!!.  Then the major problem started.  We had been waiting to check in for over 2 hours!Angry  When we finally made it to the front of the queue.  We then and only then found out why it had taken so long.  Orignally we had 2 ladies checking us in.  However halkf way through.  One of them decided she didn't want to do this anymore and got up and walked away .  Also there was a flight to Zurich checking in at the same time.  The only problem with this was that they were given priority over us, however there flight was not due to take off until 17.25 we due to take off at 15.45.  The thompson reps didn't do anything to rectify this matter. They just kept saying there was nothing they could do.    We finally went through passport control at 15.50.  within 10 mins we were called to board!! however there were still people checking in.
upon boarding the flight the crew asked what was the problem. so we explained.  She replied by saying that they had arrived 30mins EARLY!! and that nothing had been communicated to them regarding the problems checking in. .  Flight itself home was good.

Satnam C           

Alexis and andi rock!!!!!!!!!! they are so hot (and cool) and made us smile so much that we looked like the joker! they went out their way for us and others and deserve to be the directors of the company!!!!!!!!!!!  Love ya dudes Bob and Satnam

Kelly B           

Sorry never updated ratings ... try these instead

Kelly B           

Thomson are great ... sorry can't remember the reps name from Argassi Katerina Palace ... all I know is he's 'MR ARGASSI' ....  welcome meeting was great & he was really honest, basically advising not to do the turtle spotting trip as there were only 2 left at the last update.

Along the street other "reps" were trying to sell the same trip, guaranteeing, you would see turtles.
Also the rep left us alone & was no hassle at all.
We use Thomson whenever we book package now & generally via the web last minute & haven't had a bad holiday yet ... twice a year for the last 3 years - thank-you Thomson & Team

Gary B           

took the turtle island excursion .The weather was foul with thunder and lightening before we even reached the boat .No problem said the rep it will clear up .Yeah right  ended up no with no lunch kids screaming as the boat was tossed and thrown about and 2 hours lost on the itinery.Thomsons respnse to everyone ???? ok we will refund 8 euros for lunch .top class multi national firm who harped on about health and safety then . fail to admit any mistake was made running the trip.

Jeanette H           

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Thomson Superfamily Team - Hotel Exotica, August 2005

Jeanette H           

 A big thank you to the Thomson team at the Hotel Exotica.  We stayed there for the 3rd time in 4 years from 15th - 29th August and had a wonderful time.

Well done to the kiddie reps, Tommy Tomato, Loudmouth Lynne, Loopy Lorna, Magical Michaela, Raspberry Rachel and Lipstick Linda who all did a brilliant job in the kids club.  Amy and Ellie loved them all.
Thanks to Tracey and Hayley who are always on hand with a friendly face and a smile to help with any problems or queries.
Ryan the Entertainer was absolutely fantastic with adults and children alike, keeping everyone entertained day and night with his boundless energy.  Great guy who is destined for stardom!! Stole the show with his solo singing at Saturday Night Live.
Was also great to see Kristina again, who we met at the Exotica in 2002 and now coordinates the kiddie reps in Greece and the Canary Islands. Lovely girl who was a favourite with all the kiddies.  
Well done worked so hard to make our holiday a memorable one!!
See you again next year!
Jeanette, Nigel, Amy and Eleanor xx

Declan G           

Good service all round, nice to see the check in at the airport has been organised a lot better since our last visit. Minimal delays both ways for the flight ( 20 -30 mins ).

Stayed at the Exotica, nice grounds and pool area, rooms OK although not very clean.

Chris C           

This is just a big praise for Yvonne and Linzi I think, two Scottish reps who were eating in Mermaids in Kalamaki on Thursday night. Basically there was a rumour about an airport strike, I asked them if they knew anything, and even though they were eating their meal they broke off to find out the number of a certain travel agent I was booked with and also the airport number(even though I was with the other company and not Thomson).  A lot of reps wouldn`t have given too hoots (and certainly whoever was meant to be answering the emergency phone in-site for `x` didn`t lol). I hope this comment gets noticed, the girls were a credit to Thomson helping tourists faced with a real problem (we thought)

Amy & Eleanor           

We went to the Hotel Exotica in August and had a brilliant time. We made lots of new friends, the hotel was really good and the staff looked after you well. The entertainment at the hotel was out of this world - Joff the entertainer was FANTASTIC and the reps in the kids club were REALLY GREAT! The best bits of the holiday were making new friends, playing football & rounders and we enjoyed the Thursday night talent show and the reps shows. We went on three trips - Saturday Night Live was the BEST EVER - we clapped so much that our hands hurt and my sister lost her voice cheering so much! THANKYOU Thomson for a brilliant holiday & SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

Lisa L           

Just a few comments about the trips. First we did the sat night live. This was a really good night, the food wasn't brill but it was nice. The show was fantastic all the reps put in so much effort. By the end of the evening my brain was buzzing and my hands were sore from clapping so much. We also did the simply Zante tour. Our guide was really nice she knew so much about the island and was very informative, unfortunatly i can't remember her name. The only bad thing about this tour was the resturant we stopped at for lunch was a rip off big time, it wasn't until after i realised and i was really peeved so it maybe an idea to pack yourselves up. The trip wasn't cheap for the 4 of us (2ad 2 kids) but it was a very good way to see alot of the island and the views were exellent.

Lisa L           

Our first time with Thomson and we will be going with them again. Tracey and jodie were at the hotel on a daily basis always ready with information and just for a general chit chat, The kids reps were lovely too lots of effort was put in for the kids. As for Joff the entertainer words cannot describe him, he's the best.

Clare & Clive           

Went to Hotel Eleana. Hotel was great. Didn't get to see much of the holiday rep - Roxy. Spoke so fast at the induction you could hardly get much info out of it. Avoid the excursions - rip off prices. We went to the Saturday Night Live and got crammed into a restaurant with 8 to a table. We complained and managed to get a table for 2 in the "public" section and got chatting to a lovely couple - gave them our free red wine. We paid 39 euros for this - poor choice of food, being rushed and an unconvincing show of covers when most of the reps were not singing - just used the costumes and mimed. Was not happy with wasting our money on this.

Jeanette H           

Fantastic Holiday! Kiddie Reps were superb! (thanks - Gemma, Carla, Natalie, Lynn, Lisa & Tracy).Joff the Entertainer was brilliant. Hotel and staff were great - again! This was our 2nd visit to Kalamaki and the Hotel Exotica and we had such a great time that we've already booked to go back same time, same place, next year. Went on three excursions with Thomson - the BEST was Saturday Night Live. The turtle cruise and the water park were both good value for money. Well Done Thomson and thanx for a FANTASTIC holiday.

Carlo A           

Would just like to say that matt was an excellent rep at the venus, we actually took the time to come to the welcome meeting, were of course we had the opportunity to speak too matt and get to know him. unlike some who cant be bothered and expect the rep to get the opportunity to speak to all 300+ customers at the hotel. We did some excursions, the best had to be saturday night live!!
weve been with thomson for years and its definatley the best!

Matthew B           

Thomson are still the best holiday company to go with, but why have they started charging 3 for the use of headsets on their flights? I think it's terrible - surely you already pay them enough for your holiday!!
Just like to add that Matt who is the Thomson rep at the Venus was not helpful. In fact the first time he spoke to us was at the airport.....on our return flight home!


Very well organised, fights, transfers, etc ran like clockwork.
Reps helpful and pleasant.
No problems.

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