Bars in Alykanas

Sharon S  (17 June 2006)         

we were here July 2005, Cheryl and Dennis were great!! Cheryl's cocktails were brill!! were coming again on the 12th of July this year really hope Cheryl and Dennis are still there, got Gabriella making the Queen cd for you already!! Sharon Frank Gabriella and Benito ! x x x

Cathy W  (15 December 2005)         

Hi, read comments, and although we've been to Alykanas three times, where is this bar?  Sounds so great feel we ought to seek it out next visit.


Kev J  (06 December 2005)         

hi dennis and cheryl
absolutely top music played there. drank and talked all night about rock music with dennis and found myself reminiscing about all the great bands from the 7os.
cheryls quiz is a must. cant wait to be back again
cheers for the best times
kev and sue.

Kerri A  (02 October 2005)         

Cracking bar.  Both Cheryl and Dennis were brilliant and very welcoming.  Good music played too.  Definitly the best bar in Alykanas.

Steve B  (25 July 2005)         

Best bar in town by far, due to Cheryl and Denis. Big bonus is the fact thay don't play the usual crap music that every other bar in the place plays, its Rock, Rock and then even more Rock. Highlight of the stay was playing pool at three O'clock in the morning, drinking cocktails, and Made in Japan (Deep Purple) blastin out on the sound system, SUPERB. Keep on Rockin Denis and Cheryl. Cheers for a great holiday.

Steve, Gerry, Steve and Phil

George L  (18 July 2005)         

hope 2c lucy and rebbeca again ?? this year 2005

Kev & Nat  (30 June 2005)         

all i can say about this bar is it played the best music in alikanas. top sounds.

Angie K  (26 June 2005)         

Cheryl and Denis are the new hosts at the Zanzibar and we had a great time here. If you want a warm welcome and some wicked cocktails then pop in to see Cheryl and Denis. The quiz night on a Friday are a great laugh and a good way to get to know everyone. The kids are very welcome and our little girl really enjoyed the smoothy cocktail that Cheryl made especially for her. Try the jellybean cocktail my favourite. You can also enjoy a free game of pool while enjoying an ice cold beer. Pop in and see Denis and Cheryl and if you do say Hi from us we will be back soon, Angie , Lee and Summer

Tracy H  (26 April 2005)         

hi to all the people that work there.but there was one person that made it is julie. hi its candice and i cant wait to see you soon. thanks for calling me (guclamu). cant wait to see you soon julie .plz make sure julie sees this.

  luv ya loads candicexxxxxxx 
i cant say i like girls.

Katie G  (19 January 2005)         

Ignore the comment belong saying Zanzibar is average-i forgot to tick the excellent box!! Zanzibar is legend!

Katie x

Katie G  (19 January 2005)         


Who's Wayne? Whats happened to Yannis, Sakis, Nikos and Lucy?!

Katie xxx

Samantha G  (26 September 2004)         

had some really fun nights here, drinks are good and elvis is a must on fridays! friendly atmosphere and its suitable for kids.

Helen C  (15 September 2004)         

Hey wayne and everybody! hope your all ok. its sue, kate lucy and Helen here. we got back a couple of days ago after bein delayed! we came back on the sunday but just missed you! im really missin the place and the sun!hopin to come back asap! all is ok here, although lucy ended up in hospital for her back! long story. no doubt see you next year, take care Xx

Louise G  (14 September 2004)         

hello to sakis, wayne and julie!!!! i miss you all loads!!! its lou from falme bar.... crackin drinks at this bar!!! if you get this email in time say hello to carly for me!! any way keep in touch with me!! my email is xxx

Tracy H  (24 August 2004)         

Had some fun nights here, usually when we were tipsy! Great atmosphere for the kids which is a must. Up to date music, great drinks and very cool when you need it to be. Wayne, Julie and their son Alex were wonderful hosts and made the holiday for our children that little bit more special. Alex, Candice says 'hi'. Thanks a lot for your hospitality. We will definately be seeing you for the sixth time soon! All our love, Tracy, Mark, Candice, Shona and Nats.

Ross S  (16 August 2004)         

Enjoyed the evenings we spent here, Wayne's a top guy, really friendly and a great teacher for how to make cocktails! The bar is clean and well presented with a fun atmosphere. Thanks also to Anton for the music and the footy. Maybe see you sometime in Brooks Wayne? Hope to see you all again soon and thanks for everything.

Rick B  (12 July 2004)         

No phone at the Zanziba but e mail here and someone (probably us)will answer your enquiry. Julie's dad from Z.

Lynnette L  (01 July 2004)         

BEST cocktails in the resort - I know, cos I tried many! Wayne is really friendly, and great with the kids.

Jess B (14 June 2004)

The phone number 4 Zanzibar

Colleen B  (29 May 2004)         

This is the place to be in ! Its very trendy now that Wayne is Managing the place, the furniture has changed in one area making it look really comfatable and sofisicated. Lisa and Julie are very gregarious too making you feel really welcome. Hope you have a Successful season you deserve it.

Nat W  (06 May 2004)         

By far the best bar in town!!! Everyone is really friendly!! See you all this summer!!! Miss yanni's cocktails and chats with Lucy!!! What a "Cracker" is she! If you need anything ask Lucy... shes always at the bar after 10 ish or before!!! My husband was really ill last year and she was really helpful!!! We'll buy you a few drinks babe this summer! August 15th!!!!!!!! Love ya!

Katie A  (16 April 2004)         

Zanziba is the only bar to go to Alikanas! The staff are lovely and made our holiday!

Hey darlins! Nikos, Yannis, Lucy, Sakis! How are you all? Its Katie (Bunny to Yannis)!! Hope everythings ok there? Things in London are pretty good but we can't wait to come and see you all in July. Hope u lot arent working too hard!! See you all in July! Nikos-i'll try and call u soon. Got a new number so sorry if you haven't been able to get thru! xxxx

Jodie   (12 February 2004)         

yiannis we miss u! and your cousin, its jodie from september 2002, the one with a big family, i hope you havent forgot me i miss your smily face although it here with me all the time on a picture, i hope to see you next year lv u lots n wont eva 4get u! xXx

M F  (07 January 2004)         

was ok here not the best bar in town, very quiet at times, if u want somewhere livelir go to cuba bar

Sarah S  (29 September 2003)         

we really had a good time at zanziba,yannis we miss you a lot.see you next year. love sarah x

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