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Lauran H  (07 November 2009)        10/10

hi guys just to say thanks for al the drunken nights in flame we had a brill time ,

hope to see you all next year

love lauran shannon and mia from ireland xxx

Annabel S  (08 September 2008)        10/10

Heya guys!!! we are definatley comin bk to alykanas next year now :), we decided this over florida!!!

so me, mum dad and my boyfriend hopefully will all be here .. i really cant wait to come bk, lokin 4ward to seing everyone, especially romeo!! .
should be a good holiday, and will def stay out later this year, as i'm not on my own so will be drinkin till late!!!. but hopefully no hangover this time lol .... ending up on iced coffee and water on the last night!!
see you all in july next year

Natalie G  (06 September 2008)        10/10

hey to all d flame crew!

twas a great week popping in n sayin hi!
all of u guys keep safe n keep doin wat ur doing d ladies obviously love it!
hopefully c*m back n c ya all agen next year!
loves loves xxx natalie 

Liam B  (26 August 2008)        10/10

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or8 people hope ur all missing me, remeber me liam well ya cnt forget lol well dunt miss mi too much tho cos am back for full season from may cnt wait. so any jobs at all giv me an email tht wud help me a lot thanxs.

cnt beleave av c*m bak after meeting the people i did such as chris wot a boy he is and nicos  d n a 1 for the roaaadd. and jaimie from flame another good man and other like romeo n harry n yannis u no who u all r. the gangs wt we had was the best me chris jhonny danni chloe jordan cnt forget the best 1 can a louren amazing girl al c her soon for sure. chris u get ur after shave hope so lol .
see you all soon for sure miss yaz xx

Chloe W  (31 July 2008)        9/10

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i've just got back from greece, the flame bar was a really good place to be, though i only really went there once.

harry, or romeo.. if you ever happen to read this, then heres my email, hopefully see you next year, it was great spending time with you.



Mary B  (31 July 2008)        10/10

Hi everyone , Its mary and Sarah sayin hello from Ireland. We were there last

week and Spend every night in Flame, It was so much fun- I wanna say a big hello to ROMEO of course and Giannis , Harry , Bobby, Dimitri, Tachos. and all the guys who were  all brilliant fun
And thank you for bringing me to the hospital on the last night when i broke my foot.
we miss ye, we hope to see you all in Flame soon
Talk to you soon

Katie A  (19 July 2008)        10/10

Heya, fort we wud add 2 the comments, just got back from zante and had such an amazing time loved it!!  every1 was so nice met so many lovely people! understand what you all mean by romeo and his 'crew' haha what a laugh! drunken nights with them in the club were so funny! Not forgettin michelle  shes just great! Hope 2 see every1 next year  Bille And Katie xxxx

Nia W  (15 July 2008)        10/10

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Romeo Romeo, where for art thow Romeo!!!

hahaha lmao fair play to the boy, he could definatly act
was so funy readin about him and harrys little double act.
Aww well, just got back from there any way, got the holiday blues comin back to the rain lol
The bar was good a place to chill, and obviously a good place for all you ladies to meet the legendary Romeo
You will be the girl he wants to marry, he fell in love with you the first time he laid eyes on you, he wants to be with you all the time, you cant dare look at another boy, becoz you two will marry and have his baby hahaha. Creased!
its all gravey baybee! Any way, romeo you told me to come on here so Hi  haha,
look what your doin to these poor girls who fell in love with you and miss you  aww!
Dont get to attached girls, you mean nothing to him, just play along  
May azwel join the crew and add the picture lol. might see you next year any way lmaoo!

Michelle D  (20 May 2008)        10/10

Jus got back from a week in Zante!! Was absolutely amazin....

so many awesome places to go...wish id have stayed longer!!
i actually pissed myself laughin readin about Harry n Romeo!! They r succchhh flirts....
Romeo even attempted beddin me n a mate on the beach....tht was most def his intention!!
Both of em r gorgeous but total whores haha....so jus be careful!
However the restaurant Harry works in was lovely....all the staff were nice, v friendly!
Would defo go back one day!! The bars are awesome.
x x x

Hannah W  (22 October 2007)        10/10

Flame bar was amazing!  Me & my family went there every night for a drink because they were so nice! The karoake is good to! Even though i didnt do it myself the women who did was really good at it!  Hopefully coming back in a couple of years! Missing it already!  Got to come back to see Romeo & Harry!  xxx

Abi E  (04 September 2007)        10/10

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Flame is wiked! It put the highlight in every night! The club was the best! x The dj is sexy!  Nd all the bar staff are lovely! Really friendly place! x

Cant wait to see you again next year! x x x

Caroline (31 August 2007)

click to enlargehey guys

was in zante in july and mid august and i must say flame is the place to be - plays quality tunes thanks to the boys . you gotta remember me - the short brunnette that hung out with lee ,ged and carley to name a few,and that always wore shorts and danced her a**e off lol!  you have to love jamie ! his signature dance is the funnniest thing - gets me everytime ! and joe who djs in there from millenium - wicked guy! even if he did put the cha cha slide on repeat ! lol  he knows what i mean  and romeo is definately a flirt by the sounds of it lol !
click to enlarge
i'll be back in october hopefully so youve been warned!
miss everyone loads!
btw my msn is daydreama@hotmail .co.uk  so add me
x-x-x caz x-x-x

Jordan B (18 August 2007)

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hey everyone
zante reli is like such a luvly place... ive been going dere for d past 9 years sometimes 2wice per yr!!
after goin for dat long you do get to know all the locals and dey're all luvly!!
don't et romeo n arri trick u into finkin ur special cas u aint... dey play d same game wid everyone.. but if ur up for a bit of holiday fun den go for it... but make sure you play the game bk...we did!! love them to bits though...
jamie d bar man in flame is luvly and since hes frm d same area as us love him even more!!
also yannis n tacos are lovely and will be seein them soon
of course we'l b comin bk nxt yr 2 c every1 athough romeo won't be there.. but mite come in october so i will see you then!!
heres some photos aswel!!!
love everyone xxxxx
jordan and chloe

Rhian W  (09 August 2007)        10/10

ellooo every1 at the Flame bar, dont know if u remember me but i was in zante late july this year for my birthday with my mate jessica we enjoyed staying in alikanas and thought the flame bar was wicked. Every1 was sooo nice and the drinks were gr8!!! we will b coming back next year cant wait so make sure you get the drinks ready! we met so many nice people out there and we miss you all sooo much  we also come across the famous Romeo and Harry they were a gr8 laugh and yes like every other girl they did charm us, there such lil flirts!!  but girls you've got to stop getting upset and heartbroken there just playing the game soo play the game back your on holiday 2 have fun!!

love you all and miss you all xXx Rhian xXx
if anyone wants 2 add me go for it!!!

Hannah W  (19 July 2007)        10/10

Does Anybody Know The Address For The Flame Bar In Alakanas?

If You Do Can You Email It To Me Please. ThankYou x

Aine L  (18 June 2007)        10/10

Well im back from alkanas 1 day nd im already dpressed its raining here!! It was a savage holiday specially the night we decided to go to the flame bar for karaoke!! It was hilarious nd da cocktails were unreal specially jurasic park!!Romeo was such a flirt its was gas specially to ciara my sister ull member her well!! And ur frnd harry lovely too!! I have a ton of pics nd dey will be up soon enough hugs nd kisses!!p.s. it was so gud we r goin back next year wit a few frnds so see ye all!!xo

Jen S  (20 May 2007)        10/10

Flame is definately one of the friendliest bars in the town thanks to the super staff that aim to make your time there a happy one.  Theres always a cheeky chappy outside the bar called Romeo who tries to pursuade people to drink there,  he lives true to his name, so young girls be aware! He and his pal harry are utterley charming and if you want a laugh and some fun, they are only to happy to oblige. 

Joe T  (06 January 2007)         

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hi dave and sarah,click to enlarge

Joe T  (06 January 2007)         

hi dave and sara.

   we were at the flame bar last september and loved every minite of the two weeks .you were both great and charlie and vicky were wonderful.i could not praise you enough and would reccomend the flame bar to anyone.
  all our love joe the shirt,margaret and colin your resident singer,

Fiona S  (18 October 2006)         

Really enjoyed going in Flame Bar for a drink or two during the night!

Check out the comments for Romeo...and he told us he werent a flirt!!
Once again we'll see ya next year, cant wait!
Love Sam and Carly xx 

Carol H  (18 October 2006)         

Hi Dave & Sara,

Just to let you know we're coming out again next August so get the drinks ready.  Hope you have got rid of Bryan Adams' 'Heaven'. See you then
Carol & Shinz

Mandy M  (17 October 2006)         

Hi Hannah, you are welcome to the pic, dont be too upset Romeo has lots of girlfriends all summer, and has done for all the years we have known him. My daughter is in love with his mate Harry who works at La Caretta, shes seen him every year for the past 4 or 5 years, 2 or 3 times a year, and she always comes home heart broken, especially when she reads all the comments other girls leave about him.

Romeo and Harry charm all the girls on holiday, and you are all special to them for the time you are there.
Take care
Mandy x

Martin D  (16 October 2006)         

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Sara M  (15 October 2006)         

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more pics of jolitiescat FLAME 2006

Sara M  (15 October 2006)         

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Dave & Sara May Signing off for 2006 Had a BLAST in FLAME this summer, thanks to you all for joining in! here are somclick to enlargee pics of you silly bunch oh goodness me not enjoying yourselves are you!!!

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