Palm Tree Bar - (Bars in Alykes)

Caroline   (29 July 2006)         

omg i love this place so much  , ive been c*ming to zante for 3 years now and stay in the palm tree apartments  n  i always have a brill time . diane n spikey - i love u 2 so much , u made me laugh so much n i miss your t shirts spikey :p  me n kealey are gunna try n get a flight out by ourselves lol n me n her are gunna be working there in the near future woooo! n wel advertise the bar again with our t shirts next year hehe love u all  x caroline x go here , its great

Whitehouse Studios - (Accommodation in Alykanas)


   im sorry laura , i thought holidays were all about having fun and a laugh ( let yourself go!) and if you want somewhere quiet , try somewhere that bans under 18s. do you expect kids to be quiet on holiday . I DONT THINK SO! MOST people come on holiday to have a laugh and chill out but i suppose some miserable people arent like that, thats what holidays are for , maybe next time don't go on holiday , that will save you moaning about something which is perfectly normal to do on holiday

Millennium Pool Bar - (Bars in Alykanas)

Caroline   (31 August 2007)        10/10


Dont know whether you will remember me but i  was in zante  for a week starting from the 16th august , short southener with long dark hair , used to hang about with lee and ged ? always looked like she had a hangover .black shorts red bikini? lol! Just had to say that this place did pretty decent bacon sarnies , people were really friendly- Joe  is a TOP lad and missing all the guys like crazy. Thanks for making my last night amazing and definately coming back next year so you aint seen the last of me and some crazy nights in flame !
my msn is so when ya get a chance add me
x-x Caz x-x

Flame Bar - (Bars in Alykanas)

Caroline (31 August 2007)

click to enlargehey guys

was in zante in july and mid august and i must say flame is the place to be - plays quality tunes thanks to the boys . you gotta remember me - the short brunnette that hung out with lee ,ged and carley to name a few,and that always wore shorts and danced her a**e off lol!  you have to love jamie ! his signature dance is the funnniest thing - gets me everytime ! and joe who djs in there from millenium - wicked guy! even if he did put the cha cha slide on repeat ! lol  he knows what i mean  and romeo is definately a flirt by the sounds of it lol !
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i'll be back in october hopefully so youve been warned!
miss everyone loads!
btw my msn is daydreama@hotmail  so add me
x-x-x caz x-x-x

Jungle Bar - (Bars in Alykes)


haha loove this place - lukes a proper sound  guy - check out his tattoos   thanks for all those lifts u gave me, should have taken the pizza it was yummy ! lol see ya soon hopefully

love caz ...x

Heatwave Bar - (Bars in Alykes)


I miss my corin! shes sucha lovely girl cant wait to see u and yanni  in october for the 3RD time  miss zante already !

much love!
Caz     x-x-x

Jammin Bar - (Bars in Alykanas)


Is johnny not working here anymore ? last time i was there he quit and was gunna work at the tour thing next to greedy greek ? Anyone know?

and btw "ive never been so annoyed by a bit of plastic in all my life"
haaa! that puzzle really got on my nerves ... i had to have help in the end! lol
Only came in here a few times but its really friendly and plays good tunes :]
much loove
x-x Caz x-x

Iguana Bar - (Bars in Alykanas)


Black sambucca shots  

Yamas Baby!!