Restaurants in Agios Sostis

Paul K          9/10

  Koukla was a briliant place to eat, the service was good and you had a wonderful sea view.... A restourant you should defenetly visit (GOOD SPAGHETTI).

Janneke V           

Hi everybody,

Koukla is one of the finest restaurants in Agios sostis. We always go there when we are on holiday. It is not very hard to find. When you walk on the boulevard to Panorama you go to the right. When you walk on from there you can go to the right or left up on the hill. When you walk upon the hill you will find Koukla. It has the most beautiful view, from there you can see the "Turtle" island. The food is great, not very expensive and great service. Last year we went there with 13 people, it is always a small fight when we are discussing where to eat. So at the end we always go to Koukla because they have something for everyone. It also has something for the children, like a swing. Hope you all are going to visit it sometime and see for yourself!!