Restaurants in Laganas

Janine H  (03 September 2005)         

The best restaurant we found. The waiters were really friendly. Food was excellent every time we ate there. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Sue C  (21 August 2005)         

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge hi nec and family. it was great to return to this great restaurant. food still the best in kalamaki and we should know as we try it all!! definitely the best kleftico and mamas aubergines were great too.

for those who haven't visited, take a stroll (or taxi ride) to syrtaki - as the hospitality shown by this family is worth the trip. we really miss them not being in kalamaki, hopefully some time soon they will return.
thanks for a lovely night - we will see you next year when we return with mick - good luck with the rest of the season. xxxxxxx ps hope eri liked the loch ness monster!!

Kim   (10 August 2005)         

Fantastic restaurant. I ate there almost every night during two holidays to Laganas in 2004. Highly recommended, especailly if you enjoy traditional Greek food. However, there are British choices.

Coming back out in September & hope the restaurant is still doing well.
Any comments from anyone from 2005 holidays welcome.   

Leon R  (15 October 2004)         

Best place to eat in Laganas, unfortunately we only found it the night before we left. However, this means we had plenty of experience in sampling other restaraunts and I can safely say this was the best food around, the fact that it was also probably the most reasonably priced was an added bonus. For anyone visiting who is not sure where it is, just follow the main strip, heading away from the beach and it is on the left almost opposite the Olympia Hotel.

Lindsay C  (06 October 2004)         

we hated it, all that lovely fresh cooked food, nice cold drinks, and a lovely family to run it all- it was so hard returning night after night for our evening meal...! we even made some friends- and got them to eat there.
you can eat there every night of your holiday and still not eat all on the menu, so i'll just have to go next year to try the things i didnt have time to taste.
the lamb kleftico just melts in the mouth, the mushroom saganaki is so nice my friend stole the recipe!
if you eat anywhere-eat here, its really nice.

Sue C  (03 October 2004)         

Glad to see people posting good reports now on here. Definitely our favourite place - family are wonderful. Anyone going please say hello to Nek Vikki and Eri from Sue Mick and Daniel and tell them we'll see them next year. (Tell Eri we've started to learn Greek so hopefully we won't need her lessons so much!!)

Vicky W  (01 October 2004)         

I have just got back from my holiday and was in this restaurant almost every night. I can't say a bad word about the place, nice food, great service and a lovely restaurant. Nek is very friendly and such a nice bloke. I miss going there already :o(

Margaret G  (29 September 2004)         

To all my wonderful good friends who run Syrtaki. You will be pleased to know that Margarita (the daisy) is returning on Thursday 7 October for two weeks with new husband Steve for the second time this year.
We will be eating at your fantastic restaurant with your lovely family and I will bring with me a gift to you. In May of this year you had only just opened and were literally in the first few days of your new premises. I hope you have enjoyed a very busy season and please don't close until we leave on 21 October. We want to eat your excellent Moussaka and Greek salad, Omelette, stuffed peppers and Lamb Kleftiko!! Wow!! My mouth is watering already. Table for two please Vicky and Nek. See you next week. Kisses, Margarita (the daisy)

Anna   (24 September 2004)         

Thisplace is fantastic we discovered it in our second week and were hooked we went every night after this, the food is brilliant and so reasonable e.g steak chips veg and rice =6euros, it is very clean, cosy and feindly, also you get a free cocktail or spirit after ur meal, I owuld strongly recommend this place to anyone as i have been to Lagnas twice and this is the best place I have been to eat.

Sue C  (22 September 2004)         

This taverna is owned by the family that used to have Lambros in Kalamaki. They have now moved opposite Olympia Hotel in Laganas and have the same menu as Lambros and the same good service. Its Neck, Vicky, their sister and momma and poppa not to mention Vickys daughter Eri. Lovely lovely family who deserve this restaurant to do well.

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