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Gamikos K  (10 July 2005)         

is better now with the broandband connection... specialy for mp3.. thanks sakis

Kate W (27 September 2003)

is there any way of getting in touch with the workers at the aussi bar at the end of the strip?? Do they have a number or internet access??

Ann G (26 July 2003)

could you plase let me know if the new waterpark has opened or when it is going to? please thank you.

Billy W  (14 March 2003)         

Thanks Sakis (the owner) for the nice services!!!

Basil T  (02 September 2002)         

Nope, this isn't the place opposite Viva bar, you're thinking about the reptile bar that has free internet access. Cyberland is further down, get to the end where Banana bar and TheReptile place are and turn right, then just follow the road round and you'll see Cyberland on your right further round. Cyberland is nice clean and quiet, you can always get a computer, the connection speeds are good and the computers are well looked after. They also have MSN instant messenger installed too.

Angela N (20 August 2002)

Is this place opposite viva bar ??

Carl W  (30 July 2002)         

Loved playing pool in this place, also used Internet a couple of times. Sorry didn't get blokes name (great guy!!!)I'm the guy with the Panathanikos football shirt on, we played Pool a few times+had two children (Girls)with me and wife. If you are reading this my wife says thanks for putting 'Enrique' on for her. Carlos....

Richard T (04 July 2002)

I'm taking my digicam on holiday and I want to know if they have any usb ports? Thanks for any help. Richard.

Scott R  (09 July 2001)         

The people who run it are very friendly. As well as just PCs there is also a Playstation and a pool table to play on. Also the drinks are reasonably priced.

Akis   (04 June 2001)         

Cyberland cafe is an advanced internet cafe with all necessary facilities to meet the requirements of the customers. The computers are really fast and the staff is always able to help and answer any questions. As a recent graduate from Greenwich University and future postgraduate of Nottingham and my personal experience from internet cafes of London(easy jet)i am of the opinion that cyberland cafe provides the equipment which can enable every customer to use all recent innovations of computers systems. KE812

Suzanne H  (02 June 2001)         

We walked from Kalamaki several times to use this cybercafe, we could always get on a computer, my daughter played pool with my husband while I was surfing.

Vicky W  (25 April 2001)         

computers are very slow

Steph A  (05 March 2001)         

rebecca's equipment is excellent. Her connection speed is very good (depending on how many shes had!) and her price beats all others!!!!! (luv ya really! STEPHY)

Steph A  (05 March 2001)         

rebecca lloyd is everywhere!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca L  (08 January 2001)         

Its right nexy door to the tatoo place so while we were getting our piercings our mates went on the web,great and very convenient,they even sell ice cream there.the gye ther is nice too

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