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Tony B  (23 June 2008)        10/10

Add your commen  The best  restaurant in zakynthos!

The food is fantastic greek dish,english dish,italian dish, DIONYSOS also has the best staff ever running it most are family and they all care ! Spiros is the manager,assisted by Nikos and their father who started the restaurant many years ago
You can't go wrong here
Great FOOD!

Max   (03 July 2007)        10/10

hi to anyone going to laganas you just have to eat at this taverna... the food is especialy good at realy great prices.. so even at the end of your holz you can still enjoy a good night out with not much euros to spare hehe... the service was absolutley fab and even have the ocasional bit of greek dancing going on wich is great entertainment while you tuck into the best musaka in zante.. they have a wide range of  food available so even if you fancy mexican,greek,curry or just plain english theve got it all.. ENGOY  GUYS and please dont forget to leave feedback once your home this place deserves it xxxx

Sophie H  (27 July 2005)         

It is the best food i have ever tasted abroad,and at very reasonable prices just opposite relax kareoke bar.The staff are so friendly. we went there every night for two weeks overs the past 3 years and they got to know us and give us free keyrings.You also get watermelon after your meals and service is very quick and gives enough time to enjoy your night

Colin C  (05 October 2004)         

On our 2nd night in Laganas we tried this place. Now then, as I was in Greece, I wanted to try something different. I had fried squid for my starter, grilled swoedfish fillet for my main course and for my dessert, I had cheesecake, which was absolutley scrumptious. We both had 3 courses and two drinks. The total price of this in English money (after I had checked my bank statement) was 19.

Now I'm pretty sure that you'd have to search high and low to find somewhere here in England where you could pay that kind of price and expect to get the same quality of food and service as we got at Dionysos.

Next June my partne and I are getting married on Zakynthos Island and we will have 14+ guests. So we are going to take time out to go here to eat as a group.

Roll on Summer 2005!!!1


Miles S  (20 July 2004)         

The kleftiko here is incredibly good!!!

Samantha K  (20 July 2004)         

We were very happy to find this taverna, which is one of the few places with a REAL Greek atmosphere! We liked the food very much, but above all we liked the service of the family who owns this taverna. They make you really feel welcome here. There's also a large playground for children. We loved eating in the beautiful garden.
From the restaurant you have a view in the kitchen, which is CLEAN and very good organized!
Certainly a place to return many times!!!

Decorus   (03 August 2003)         

A nice place, not the best place for a quiet meal if the bar across the road is doing kareoke, which it usually is!

Service was good, as was the food!

Matt N  (26 September 2002)         

Food was v. good, very reasonably priced, service was pretty good & Metaxas on the house to round it off! Thumbs up for this one!

Elaine E  (01 July 2002)         

Large portions of well cooked tucker...the pancakes for pudding (2 pancakes full of bananas & chocolate ) are out of this world, first time ever that i was unable to finish a pud...

Sofie   (15 September 2001)         

One of the waitresses was soooo cute...And the food was very good and it's a cozy restaurant...I liked it very much!!!

Paul G  (11 July 2001)         

The meals are very good, with very good prices and big portions.

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