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Annette P  (26 June 2006)         

Has reopened as Angels Bar. In there most nights, seemed to be busiest place, but we have always drunk here over the last few years. Service great, definatley recommened! 

Paul K  (03 May 2006)         

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy this place has reopened great stuff allways been an old favourite of mine this bar will enkoy a few chilled beers in here in june

Hannah S  (10 April 2006)         

hi, went to zante in summer 2004, we went to this bar every night and always had a great time. rach is cool and very bubbly. actually all of them are great. i loved it in this bar. want to go back soon. we went when the world cup was on and when they won it was just amazing. Rachel tought us the famous dance. hehe. would recommend any1 to go. love hana and hana xxx

Paul K  (13 November 2005)         

from what i hear this bar will be reopened next summer hope takis is back behind the bar great guy

Paul K  (25 July 2005)         

closed closed closed and rather gutted this was a great bar  used 2 drink here every year

Stephen C  (20 July 2005)         


Vanessa C  (03 April 2005)         

phone sorted, see you soon rachel say hello to yanni and tribe, xxx

Vanessa C (13 March 2005)

trying to phone zante since the codes changed has been impossible no one seems to have the right codes (BT usless). can any one out there help i need the code and to know what numbers to remove from the old phone numbers and is there a differant code for mobile numbers. please please help. i have been driven to writing to friends for help but i hope this will be much faster then the post, thank you, ness x

Rachel S  (02 August 2004)         

Hi guys, Jon, Vanessa, H and Alex sorry I didn't get to say goodbye please keep in touch,, but I know I'll see you next year for sure!!! lots of love x

Jon H  (28 July 2004)         

once again this bar never ceases to amaze me.takis was a hard act to follow but rachel has done an excellent job by turning it into her bar. thanks guys see ya next year.

Sarah T  (18 July 2004)         

karen charlotte and sarah would like to say that this bar made our holiday. we are now really missing our 5 o clock shany's, i'm sure that the twins are too. if you have any jobs goin, please let us no as we are desperate to come back. missing you already. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Paul S  (12 July 2004)         

well i love this bar fantastic rachel is a lovely girl keep up the good work

Chris   (11 July 2004)         

Not sure what happened last time, but there's nothing average about this bar! Ignore my previous comments!!!!!

Chris   (11 July 2004)         

This bar made our holiday! Thanks guys, hope to be back soon!

Jon H (04 July 2004)

can anyone give me a contact phone no. for tristanos/takis please. he has changed his mobile (again) and i can't get in touch with him

Andrea N  (02 October 2003)         

The Bestest Bar in Argassi by far. Cocktails were great - am missing my nightly "menage a trois" like mad !!!

Curly W  (05 August 2003)         


Paul S  (12 July 2003)         

fantastic bar the best cheap as hell and very friendly drink here by god drink here not as good aS THE OASIS BAR WITH KEN AND JUDE BUT THE NEXT BEST THING

Robert B  (21 June 2003)         

service, prices,drinks all good. the barman takis, serves you with a smile, and no matter how long into the night you stay, if you want a drink he will serve you, no problem!

J F  (26 March 2003)         

This was THE place.
Get smashed on cheap cocktails at tristans and then hop over the road to kiss to party the night away. Trisanos made nights at kiss well cheap, and hazy. Top Bar!

Paul S  (15 March 2003)         

drink in this bar tristianos is fantastic also plays those pirate films beer is great&cheap

Legs 1  (14 October 2002)         

Bargain priced cocktails, cheapest ones around and a good selection too. Good range of music and sexy barman. What more could a girl ask for?

Jon H  (10 October 2002)         

this must be the best bar on zante. takis is the best reason for anyone to visit this bar cos he is a top geezer

Dave P  (30 July 2002)         

Excellent cocktails at competitive prices.

Vinnie M  (22 October 2001)         

Must for cocktails!

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