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Ian F (29 May 2007)

Closed now

Ian F  (03 June 2005)         

Covsistently good food at a bargain price - and the friendliest staff in Laganas

Eleanor &  (07 November 2004)         

we ate there a couple of times and the food was good and the service excellent- really friendly people who explained dishes on the menu. well worth a visit

Simon J  (10 September 2004)         

We ate here once on a recomendation from a friend, was quite cheap and meal was fine , but there are better oin laganas. Try if your passing by.

Mike T  (17 August 2004)         

Ate here a few times and the staffs were always very friendly and the portions were bigger than in a lot of places you may visit! I recommend trying the set greek meal for 2. for 13, you can't go wrong!!!

Paul M  (12 July 2004)         

Lovely food - Good service
We have eaten here many times over the years and have never
been disappointed with the quality of food or service.
Definately recommended

Julie B  (29 June 2004)         

The staff here are very friendly and the food is great and reasonably priced, I think the older English woman who does the PR is really nice and not pushy

Lisa D  (28 June 2004)         

We had a lovely meal here, the staff were very helpful, and the mushrooms ala creme were beautiful even my 21mth old liked them (and shes a fussy eater). Good range of childrens meals. best to go before 9pm as they have a specials board where some of the meals off of the menu are 1/2 price and they finish at 9pm.

Carole H  (26 June 2004)         

We went to Casa Grecque a couple of times and it was lovely. The staff were very friendly and the prices weren't bad either. The PR Pat was lovely, very helpful with my sunburn! Highly recommended.

Richard D  (22 June 2004)         

We really loved this place and ate here every night once we had found it. The english lady on the door is very friendly and helpful. It is a very big and varied menu. All our meals were top notch and we saw the same people eating there night after night which says it all really. Recomend it.

Lisa H  (22 June 2004)         

We really enjoyed the food here. We had a couple of dull meals elsewhere before we found this place.After that we did not go anywhere else and saw the same couples eating there each time. That says it all really.

Mick   (02 June 2004)         

I agree with the previous comment - the rating system is well out of order - This is the busiest and best taverna on the Kalamaki Road - we ate here for 5 of our seven nights and loved it. The sea bass - yummy, also enjoyed the lasagne, pizza and most of all the brilliant Crepes! Not to be missed. Mick and Lynn

Ian F  (24 April 2004)         

The rating system is out of order,,,take my word for it - Casa Grecque is right up there beside ACropolis, Dallas and Ambelos. Should all be 10 out of 10

Pat   (20 March 2004)         

Hello everyone who has contributed to this site, especially all those of you who were so nice about me, really thank you. I was delighted to read just how many customers were really satisfied with everything at Casa Greque and am delighted that I will be back working there at the entrance in May. Can hardly wait. Of course the restaurant could not please everyone all the time but for the most part last season saw many, many regular and happy customers and, judging from the comments made, I'll be seeing many of you again this season. Having read the number of excellent comments on this site I cannot understand why Casa Greque's rating is only 5 out of 10. I loved the food here and was lucky enough to eat for free every night for six months. I was never disappointed and am so glad they want me back this year so I can do it all again. Nicos the owner and the chef did his training in a French kitchen when he lived in Canada. Both he and his wife Nika are Zakynthian and work every hour God sends and really try to provide good value for money and to keep their prices down. They really deserve to be successful. Hope we can get it back to its original 10/10 this year. Happy holidays and happy eating! Pat.

Gillian B  (23 October 2003)         

This was once of our favourite places to eat in laganas, the food and service were top notch.

Paul H  (14 October 2003)         

we ate at casa grecque several times the food was excellent the staff friendly and helpful pat was vey helpful so relaxed we would recommend this resteraunt to any body 10/10 we'll be going back next year

Jo &  (13 October 2003)         

Hello Casa Greque!! As promised we are adding our recommendstions for your wonderful restaraunt. We usually prefer to try different places while we are away but once we had found this place we were not going anywhere else. Best food - best atmosphere anywhere in Laganas. Favourites were the Stifado, Kleftico and the ribs. Thank you all - see you next year.

Liz & Rob  (09 October 2003)         

We have been back home for a fortnight and I promised Pat, the lady outside Casa Greque that I'd put a comment on here. Sorry Pat, our computer was down and we have only just got it running again. So here goes........ THIS PLACE IS THE BEST. We tried other 10/10's and would never go back to Georgio's or the Acropolis. Rude staff at Georgios and cold food and slow service at Acroplis. Casa Greque, however not only provided the best food and best service for really reasonable prices they made us feel so welcome. We ate everything from pasta and pizza to steaks and seafood. Everything was top notch. See you guys again next year. Keep up the good work.

Jim &  (07 October 2003)         

Found this to be a marvellous place to eat. It had everything and would recommend it to everyone. Try the Greek meal for two, and, oh yes the Surf n'turf. I especially loved the Chicken Valentino and the Surloin a la Cream. Yummy. Going back to Zante in May and this will be our first port of call. The service is unobtrusive and helpful certainly our nicest experience of eating our during our two week stay.

Tim A  (05 October 2003)         

We really loved this restaurant and went every night once we had found it. Only wish that had been sooner. Friendly, happy atmosphere and wonderful food. Excellent.

Stacey M  (05 October 2003)         

Thoroughly recommend this restaurant to everyone - and did while we were in Zante. Best meals and best value!

Val & Tony  (02 October 2003)         

Brillant holiday in Laganas despite 1 day of rain. Eating at Casa Greque was the highlight of our holiday. No way it can rate only 2/10. In their comments book that we signed on our last night there were remarks from other people giving it 'out of 10 - 10+' another saying 12/10 and one 100/100. We agree with all of them. Marvellous Surf n'Turf - Seafood a la creme - everything. Go there!

Jenny   (29 September 2003)         

We really loved this restaurant and ate here every night bar one when we went to Sarakina. Everything about it was delightful. The lady outside was so friendly and helpful, she helped us make choices regarding our meals and we were not disappointed once. Cheerful, friendly staff, professional service. AND great prices. NOT TO BE MISSED!

Nicky   (25 September 2003)         

I was astounded to see this restaurant only rates 2/10! It was wonderful - ate here the whole week - we really enjoyed the chef specials too - very cheap, really excellent value. Service was excellent and friendy. I'd recommend this place to anyone - in fact did to everyone around the pool.

Jan L  (25 September 2003)         

We loved this restaurant, very friendly and welcoming and it was the best food we'd found anywhere - we had a lot of good meals in Laganas but this was superb.

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