Bars in Argassi

Richard G           

Staff wanted to the end of the season. Phone Dennis after 8pm on 2695042362 or Richard on 6942786097

Kenneth S           

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This kiss is to Dora, Angela and Dennis!

WE (Kenneth & Gitta) had a marvelous time in Artemis.
And we are dreaming about what we are missing when were not there .
Here comes some pictures from the time we had with you lovely girls.
Have a great 3 working months and ask then Dennis to wait for next summer.
Maybe, just maybe we can come to visit you again!
Gitta & Kenneth

Dj P           

YEY Everyone, I'm coming back out there yet again (3rd time this year)

Hope all is well with the best bar in Argassi, Hi to Denis, Dora, Angela etc etc.
See you all on Monday !!


yeah i defo saw u when we were on holiday, saw u in factory with that lad from waves - is it jonny? and also saw u in Waves at the greek night and u got up to dance - like me and my mates.

are u back in the uk now? i miss it so much :( wanna go back to work next summer!
em x


hey monica,

which one are you in the pics?  i recognise you from when i was on holiday in June!
where u just on holiday or do you work there?

Monica A           

click to enlargeclick to enlarge hi to ashley that works in the day at artemis, monica here miss you so much xxx

Paul K           

Excellent all round bar. great live music. Only bar in argassi open 24/7

Will be back next year.

Dj P           

After is still there and going strong as is ETHNIC with the ever lovely Gina !!  See you all soon I hope!!

Raymond H           

click to enlargeHi Brian!
Just wanted to wish you all good... and that you enjoy beeing at Artemis as much as you did when Evelina & Bendik and Tove & Raymond was there in the summer of '04.
We have a GREAT wish to visit Argassi soon, hopefully next summer....

Are they still selling pancakes at After?

Darren C           

Nice friendly bar maids. Very cold beer and big screen for football! 

Only in a few times to watch the football but very nice bar.  

Georgie C           

If you need a bar thats open till about 7 in the morning this is the place to go! We found it as more of a last resort when everything closed but we were thankfull for it!! xxx

Irish T           

Hello 2 you all we have jobs going this season if any body is interested or you know any body please contact me a 

Hope to hear from you soon. 
Irish Tony
P.S. Hey 2 every 1 Wink

Irish T           

hi every 1 its ur fav crazy dancer//bar man?????? a wee note to aidy you dont no me but i worked last summer 05 why dont u come back this summer im sure we can do some thin with this bar a wee bit of a slow summer but still gud not as gud as i wud like it 2 be but still gud im sure dennis wuld like 2 hear from u so e mail me at hope 2 here from u soon

p.s to the girls who put that pic of me on the bar with the bikki on i will kill u all if u c*m bac this sumer haha   embarrassed

Adrian D           

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For those of you who remember this dopey nutter who spent 2 weeks not knowing me but in the bar drinking, then returning the following year after realising he was engaged to my sister !!! here are thier wedding picsclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Adrian D           

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more pics

Adrian D           

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Big clap and well done to all of you by the look of last years messages you had a fab summer and i only wish i could have been there !!
Unfortunatly I had a big loss in my life but i wont go into it anyway ,
if anyone wants to e-mail me my new e-mail is made and set up after the 2 monkey that hung every day in the bar for the 2004 season, Please I know dennis doesn't really read this unless you print it and give it to him i know because thats what i did for 2 years could somebody please pass my love to him
well goodluck for 2006 season Im sure you dont need it and you'll have a fabulous year,
hello's go out to all inc vikki, rachel, Dj pops, dennis, Katerina, Claire, Eilish, Danny, the 2 nutters from essex and sammy redlion all the crew of 2004 xx


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Big Shout Out to Dennis, Irish, Fran, Jo L & Jo R, Cheryl, Clare, Cat and the rest of the gang.... You kno who you are!!! ZANTE 2005  HEEEEE HAAAA

Greg P           

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A massive Hello to the boys here we are dancing on bar!!!! WHATS OCCURING?

Hannah K           

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Hannah K           

hiya denis richard hope all is well heres jus a few pics of the great nite we had great season love hannah XxX

Kieran K           

Hi Richard.
Sorry I didn't see you before you went. It was nice working with you. Enjoy your winter. Good luck with everything next year. Hope it works out for you. I might be back for a holiday next year. I'll drop in to see you. (if there's any cricket on)
p.s. come on Chelsea

Carys W           

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Artemis was the best!! thanx to tony 'mr dj'!  the pictures of u dancing on the bar in ladies underwear r hilarious!!  thanx 4 all the free shots even if they did nearly kill me! (1 too many!!Pissed) all thats left to say is "can't take my eyes off you.." !!

Carys, Eleri, Tamsin & Katie    
    x   x    x  x

Rob G           

looking to find dean from manchester worked pr jungle bar 2004 set himself on fire the night greece won euro cup anyone have a phone number for him. contact

Irish T           

Hi every one who was in zante over summer 2005 its your crazy irish bar man tony, Just want to say a big thank you for comming into our bar you all made are summer. hope you all come back next year. WAT ABOUT YA FRAN AND KEV HOPE EVERY THING IS OK. MISS YOU ALL.

P.S. Dennis you are mad thank you.Wink

Gemma C           

hey everyone, we might be comin over in a few days (12th oct) for late holiday, we were just wondering what it is like over there in October? would people recommend it??

Gemma & Emma

p.s. we were over bout a month ago and Artemis rocks!!!!!!!


hey ash nd peeps hope evrythings ok there miss yas lots hope u nd dorjan still ok luv yas lots hunni jamie-lee xxxxx

Monica A           

hi fran, im fine, at college which is good, missing ashley like mad though! how are you?

Fran H           

hi monica and ashley,

ashley hope your enjoying work, i'm so jealous wish i was still there say hi to everyone for me, tell tony wat about ya !!
alrite monica hows life back home ?
miss you both fran xx

Rachel S           

Please give my love to Dennis.

Life in the UK is really good ( I never thought I would hear myself say it!) I am moving to Dudley to be with my Man at the end of the month and we are buying a house. Scarey! My mum has just been over and I hope she has propped the bar up in the true family fashion. Although I doubt if it will be as mad as the fab 50th birthday party you threw for her in June. I hope the season has treated you well and I wish you every success for the future.
Much Love
Rachel x

Fran H           

Hey everybody, i've just left Artemis this week for anyone that remebered me i worked there from 26th June till 29th Aug, Fran the blonde one ?? this is the best bar go check out tony the mad irish bloke and dennis the best boss and kat !! xx


thankyou everyone at Artemis.. especially Tony and Dennis.. you made our holiday!... thankyou so much to tony for playing metallica and the chili's for me on my last night.. i cannot believe you didn't play them before... anyways hopefuly i'l see yous next year!.. thanks for a great holiday!

Scottish L           

hey fran, tony and cat. loved this place. the ppl were well nice and tony an fran always sorted us out with the free shots lol. loved the music tony played for us lol. missin every1 loadsCry

mite see yas all nxt yrTongue xxx

Rob G           

geordie girls yes i worked there last year do u have e-mail

Anna S           

Artemis is the best bar in Argassi by far.

Thanks to Tony for playing the 'Killers' on demand for me!
Anna x

Geordie G           

rob did u work on the door @ kiss bar last yr?(2004)?

Rob G           

hi pops rob hear used to work at kiss bar lastyear20004 do u have anyones email addresses take care mate

Dj P           

What's going on????  Ratings were down to only 8 out of 10 so I thought I'd try and bump it back up.  This bar is the ONLY PLACE to go.  Especially when everywhere else has closed !! I worked there last year so I should know..........  a BIG HI to Dennis, Vikki and Co.

If poss I'll be visiting in Sept .. if only to fill up Dennis's hard drive..  at least I hope so job permitting.
Hope you're all ok.

Robert G           

is paul kelly the one who worked in the admiral if yes say hello from robg x kiss bar 2004

Rob K           

most gorgeous babe in all of zakynthos (you know who you are)...

great sounds from tony tunes...
fantastic atmosphere...
get yer a**e there - and you'll find yourself amongst friends...
three cheers for dennis for running the best bar in zakynthos...
and for any artemis folk reading this - much love from rob & jas.


good place to go wen all bars in argassi are shut as u can stay here till all hours of the morning! be entertained by tony the dj with his crazy dancing! and dennis will sort u out with some free shots now and again! staff from the bars that have closed go down here and have a laugh so if ur up for a late nite then go down to artemis and carry on the party x

Camilla P           


Rob G           


Rob G

does any body now dean from manchesters number back home i am trying to contact him.he worked in the jungle bar as a pr he set his head on fire and crashed his bike last year contact me at thanks hope u all have a great sesson take care rob x kiss bar

Cathy A           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge hi guys just a quick note to say thanx for makin my holiday complete. You were really great and I can't wait to come back. Many thanks to vikki, katerina, tony who I presume is still asleep and the lovely if not lecherous dennis. By the way great cocktails and music shame bout the kroakie night but can't have everything perfect I guess. Sorry bout the miserable person who came with me but we all learn from our mistakes. Hope u guys have a great summer and I love you all. 

Hanna J           

came to argassi the first week in june and wish i was still there! great place, lovely people. and then there's artemis. had some brilliant times dancing the night away with marco and katarina - guys, you're great! vicky - fab cocktails, and that voice too! dennis - top bloke, made us feel so welcome. but a special mention for tony, you sexy irish charmer, i love you! you made my holiday one to remember. will never forget those white socks... can almost forgive you for the man utd shirt!!! wish i could've stayed with you all summer but we have to go back to reality eventually! maybe we'll meet again, and you can show me some more of those moves! missing you every day. x

Billy L           

well well well my little argassi ragers. as we all know the artemis is the place to be when you knock off work and you just want to get maggot and do stripteases on the bar while dennis pours lighter fluid around your feet and lights it up and melts your boxer shorts onto your feet. love it. this joint is tops. dennis is a champ, danny is the coolest dude ive ever met, even though he wore tight leather pants and starry shorts, and adrian daniels, strange to hear your name in full. miss all you crazy buggers. us aussie blokes are just living it up back home. wish we were back in zante for a bit. if gina reads this i love ya. coolest chick in the world. go and get pissed and do stupid s**t. we will be nack soon to run a muck. till then keep on truckin everyone. have a good one cobbers.

Sammy R           

yassou to all!!!!

Papa... denis i miss you so much need to come & have a fix of ursus soon!!! Gina next door is a star & i cant wait to sink some whiskey over a chicken pitta miss those !!!
to all that visit this year artemis is the argassi central!! - a home to all the workers of resort well those that know how to party & have a blast!! making shapes on the dance floor & bar!!! aidie & danny brothers of mine will be sorely missed as if anything can come & take there place they were fab!!! miss there cuddles heaps!!! just visit & be welcomed by the argassi family...have a ball & enjoy it this place rocks!!!!

Adrian D           

  wow what a wonderful bar !! and i should know !! god its only a week into may and im having argassi withdrawel symptoms i couldnt think of a better place to be on the island than in this bar with thepeople i call my family denis (papa), gina from next door (mama), sammy and grace (sisters) and not forgetting daniel (the big bro) and all the reps and workers who visited all day every day you guys have all played such a big part of my life and touched my hearts in so many ways i can only thank rachel for convincing me to stay 2 years ago and denis for being my dad that i always needed, i hope to make it over there for a short break and i wish you all the very best, thankyou so much to all the customers that have visite and made my time so spiecal im shocked at how many times my name is on this thing !! for anyone who wants to contact my e-mail is and make sure you visit this year where vikki will make you more than welcome xxxx
thanx for being part of my life artemis

Lynn M           

We loved Artemis, were there late sept when everything was winding down and it was a great place to spend the afternoon/evenings. Dan & Adie were fab and looked after our every need ( what a sandwich !). Real friendly place, would go back in a minute.

Paul K           

very good bar like it loads never actually seen this bar close lol if u wanna drink till dawn this is the place to come

Camilla P           

hi... i miss you so much... hope to se you tis summer... ;)

John S           

hello everyone at artemis bar
we were out there last year and made really good friends with adie, but does anyone know if he will be back this year

Greg P           

hello there guys!! hi adie mate how are you its greg the libra rep! hope eveything ok with u guys.
Adie thanks for the lifts home when i was wrecked due to your very strong cocktails on your little scooter.
hi dan and the gang. Hope to see you in summer for some more drunkeness.
all the best guys
Greg (spikey hair gareth gates wannabe)

Rob.g G           

hi adie u big stud it ur ex rob from kiss bar ha ha how are u keeping ok i hope i am coming out for a holiday see u then keep ur pant on in the bog haha

Lucy H

where do you look for the pics

Rob K           

adie can u give me e-mail for grace rob


alright guys how are you all this is nathan from the chinese from around the corner hope you all are ok may be coming back but brian if your there dont expect me to strip off to tom jones leave your hat on you have no chance can i say hi to kelly and jen i was so upset when you left didnt want you to go hope we can stay in touch my e.mail is so i hope i will speak to you all soon see ya

Jennie L           

hi everyone at artemis, thanks for the comment brian we miss u all and will be seeing u all very soon as we have booked to come back with some new faces at the end of july, make sure there is space on the bar for us to dance, see you all soon! luv ya adie!!! take care luv kel n jen x x x

Nathan G           

hi every one i nathan i worked at the appllo last year just like to say happy new year to every one and see you a soon.Me and lush Lisa are still together and i am in love by the way we got engaded over christmas speak to all soon nathan&lisa

Adie D           

hi guys only me wanna thank everyone staff and customers for everything this year it was a great summer and i have really enjoyed myself again, hope all is well for anyone still stuck on the island (Grace, god i hope you got home baby x x) well all my love is with you guys oh yeah and a big thankyou to dennis i love you papa x x x x x x x x x x take care guys see you again i hope x x x x x x x x

Emma T           

hey i miss you all tis emma. me n jen plan on visitin nxt year tho ur probably all home now after the season. miss ya.

Dan N           

Hello to all me muckers still on planet Zak. Thanks to everyone, but especially Dennis for a wonderful summer of typical Zakynthian madness. Thanks also to all the staff, customers and sandwiches at the Artemis in 2004. It wouldn't have been half as good without you. Love to all the workers still at it, Dan

Alan &           

yassou all the gang back there and the ones back here in the uk we are sitting remincing about our holiday in argassi.. were coming back next summer for another wicked time miss you all guys loads the memories will keep us going till next summer... keep in touch love alaways alan & sara x

Dj R           

dennis its t**t the dj who worked for u and the wreck hope your well and the old mythos is kool ,,


Hello to all my summer co-workers -Claire , Adie, Dan, Kerry, Elaine, Brian, Katerina and Denis , back in the dreary cold emerald isle , and missing you all lots,.. Have had some great experiences over the summer and met some amazing, weird and wonderful people. This is the best bar in Argassi, keep in touch you guys xxx always Eyelash

Jimmy B           

Adie, just wanted to say a big cheers to you and all the staff at Artemis for keeping us entertained & drunk for the week. The shirt wasn't that bad.... honest!!!! Jim, Barry & Julian.


the bar with atmosphere! have not laughed and drunk so much in years.
with adie's humour, katarina's bum and dennis' ability to consume
vast quantities of alcohol you are guaranteed a good night!
's**te night' and karaoke with 'michigan keown' are not to be missed!

Adie D           

hi craig, its adie here i work at the bar and have about 10 pics of the lads naked at different ocations including the one on the van any excuse for them guys to get there kits off and they will so give me an e-mail on and i will make sure you get the one you want

Emma & Sandra           

Brian its ME Emma who wants a job at artemis!! Sandra is my mate who was out with me this year!!

Brian d           

Sorry Craig I never got od pic of Neil & co down the main street. The best I did was to catch them on the bar in Artemis hiding thier (small) modesty with a (small) Amstel bottle!! See the pics on this website and you'll see what I mean ! Emma & Sandra who are you? . .

Emma & Sandra           

That would be Brian (dj Pops) he takes all the photos and then posts the ones on here that arent too lets say rude shall we!! ha ha

Craig R

please can some1 give me the name or link to the man who's got the photo's of neil surfin down the main street after the greece semi final match naked,

Brian d           

Hya Emma I thought you'd forgotten about us !! . . email me on if you want any info etc. etc. Hope you are well and that you eventually got your clothes dry !!!


Hi Brian!! its emma here dont know if you remember me but i was the girl who dennis offered a job to at 6:00 in the morning you spent all night trying to convince me to stay! and i still didnt but good news i will be back in April and hopefully staying til the end of the season so i'll probably see you then! Emma xx

Brian d           

To all the customers at the Artemis Bar over the last couple of months a HUGE thank you and a note to let you know that I wil be uploading some GREAT photographs over the next couple of days.

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