Zakfari Jeep Safari - (Zante Excursions)

Ross T  (18 September 2002)         

Hello, Ross from Carnoustie here from "James's fan-belt day". The trip was absolutely fantastic!! Paul was our driver and he is brilliant, he really gets to know everyone on the jeep!! All his stories and jokes teach you about the island's history but still make you laugh!! I still smell a bit though after the swimming stop and Gavin's ass is still a bit sore after cannonballing from the ledge Paul climbed to!! If you're going to Zante soon make sure you do the safari, you see the whole island in one day and get to know all the history!! Best part of the holiday!!!

Chicago Bar - (Bars in Laganas)

Ross T           

Fairly nice place showing all the main football games and some films. The barbecue smelt fantastic but we didn't partake!! Food was OK, but I was a bit surprised when my chili fries arrived...with chili con carne on top!! Hmmm! Still, very friendly place!

Oor Wullies - (Bars in Laganas)

Ross T  (18 September 2002)         

Its good to hear some familiar Scottish accents when on holiday, even if they are mostly Weedgies!! Excellent atmosphere for the Scotland vs Faeroes game and there's nowt better than a pint o Tennents in a world full of Amstel!! The parrot was cool and the DJ was fairly willing to play anything he had, although he'd never heard of Idlewild or "Into the Valley" by the Skids!! Still, great atmos especially before 12 on the roof-top bit!